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Summary: FFA #123, #449, #467, #231, #427, #418, #317, #316 07/16/06 #1752 added

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFA(Recent Donor)NotAGoauldFR1594,617067,6629 Dec 0416 Jul 06Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

For Want of a Shovel (Xander/ Teal'c)

For Want of a Shovel
By NotAGoauld

Disclaimer: Soo not mine. I wish they were but if wishes were fishes… Well I’d spend a lot of time in the emergency room and they still wouldn’t be mine.

Rating: FRT for threats of violence.

Spoilers: Post Chosen

Pairing: Xander Harris / Teal’c FFA Paring: # 1752

Summery: Xander shows Faith she is family and Teal’c how much she is loved.

AN: Ok this was supposed to be Teal’c and Xander but Faith snuck in there. It’s actually a scene from a follow up story to a ficlet I wrote for the FFA pairing Faith / Teal’c. As Buffy would say RL has sucked beyond the telling of it, not that ya’ll would want to hear it any way. Anyhoo… on with the story.


“Faaaiith.” Buffy’s voice sing songed out as Faith stood ready to leave with her date.

“Phone.” Buffy said with a big grin as she handed over the phone.

“Faith… put him on the phone.” Xander said without letting Faith even get the chance to say hello.

“Xander.” Faith said in a whispered growl. “It’s our first date. And you don’t even like me.”

“Hey! Who said I don’t like you? I never said that! And even if I didn’t like you, which I do by the way. You’re family. You don’t have to like family to love them. Besides it’s a tradition in this family. Nice Dodge by the way. If you don’t put him on the phone I’ll just have to get Willow to bring me there.”

“Xan…Family?” Faith said as her voice broke.

“Yes Family Faith. You’re my family until you die, I die or the world ends. And that sounded a whole lot better in my head. Now quit stalling and put him on!”

“Ok.” Faith Said after giggling soggily. “Is speaker phone O.K.?”

“Even better!”

“He wants to talk to you.” Faith said looking over at Teal’c as she pressed the speaker phone button and hung up the phone.

“Go ahead Xan.”

Teal’c raised an eyebrow slightly and made a small bow as he turned to the phone on the table.

“Hello is this the guy that’s going out with Faith tonight?”

“I am here.”

“Here it is dude. I may not know what you look like or where you live but if you hurt Faith in any way. Emotionally, physically or spiritually there will be no where you can hide from me. I will hunt you down and bludgeon you to death with a shovel.”

“I understand.” Teal’c said seriously. “I will endeavor not to earn the punishment I would deserve if I did any of those things.”

“Uuhh well good I’m glad we got that settled. Faith see you in a couple of weeks. And Buffy be good. Night Ya’ll.” Xander said as he hung. He heard the responses to his goodnight.” From ‘Nite Xan from Faith to hey from Buffy.

“See you later Faith.” Buffy said as she closed the door.

Teal’c turned to Faith and said, “I like your Xan. He has a proper respect for women.”

Faith’s smile lit up the night as if it were day and said. “He does doesn’t he”

Teal’c smiled back and said “Indeed.”.

The End

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