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Suiting Up

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Summary: YAHF: Metroid meets the Hellmouth.

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AN: Okay, it’s been the better part of a year since I touched this story and, I am sorry to say, it’s time to start wrapping this one up. Well, I’d be sorry to say that if I had any clue just how I was going to pull that off – oh well, here’s hoping that this jump-starts it.

Also, I know at the end of the last chapter (or one of the last ones), I said that this would not be a Xander/Sasami story – that has changed, a little, but she’ll at least grow up first, if I do that. Now, on with the fic.

(Six months later)

“Stop fidgeting, Sasami,” her mother admonished her without moving her lips as the troops of the graduating class all assumed ranks before them.

Sasami resisted the urge to glare at her mother as she searched the growing crowd of men and women for the familiar, yet absent, face of her friend and bodyguard, Xander. She had, at his request, remained hands-off in his training in that no letters or such had been allowed, and while one part of her mind understood that, most of it did not, and she wanted to see him again!

Finally, in the last squad to enter the field, she saw his face at the front of the trainee squad – he looked harder now, more disciplined, and with the way he looked in that uniform, she could understand why she heard both Kiyone and Mihoshi gasp just behind her and her mother, feeling the blonde’s hands tighten a little on her seat back. Dark gray pants, black shoes, a matching gray uniform jacket with only a few accent points on the cuffs and neck, all topped off with beret, a new thing that had only been implemented several months before by her mother and aunt and against her father’s wishes, and under that uniform…

Sasami blushed and discretely wiped the corners of her mouth as the Colonel in charge of the military training base took the podium and started the graduation speech. Sure, it was boring, but the fact that she could hear Tsunami in the back of her mind snickering at her reactions was not helping Sasami any, ‘Would you stop that?’

‘Why should I? Are you finally growing up and seeing males?’

If it were possible, Sasami would have glared the Tree Goddess into oblivion, ‘He’s my best friend, besides Ryo-ohki!’

Tsunami gave her a mentally arched eyebrow, ‘So?’

Sasami growled a little, which got her a stern look from both her mother and her aunt, ‘So what? He’s Xander, my friend, nothing more.’

‘You say that now,’ Tsunami said with a mysterious tone in her voice, ‘but that may not always be the case.’ With that, the Tree Goddess slipped back into Sasami’s subconscious.

Xander was right, Sasami realized – cryptic speak was annoying.

Behind Sasami, Mihoshi had her eyes locked on Xander’s form and wondered exactly how much muscle he had put on while in basic training – he looked… well, not as good as Sasami’s cooking, as that was a technical impossibility, but he came close. Still, he looked good, and she hoped that as soon as the graduation ceremony was over, they could get back to the Royal Palace on Jurai – things there were starting to get out of hand.

“Psst, partner,” Kiyone whispered to her, “wipe the drool.”

Mihoshi glared at her GP partner but quickly did check to see if there was drool – Kiyone, as of late, had become insufferable without Xander around to battle wits against. Honestly, could Kiyone have been any more obvious about her feelings for Xander? Well, yeah, she could, but Ryo-ohki refused to wear the sign around her neck. Still, Mihoshi had to admit, on some level it was cute… but if Kiyone thought that she’d get first crack at Xander before Mihoshi did, the teal-haired woman had another thing coming.

Kiyone, from her position on Sasami’s other side, grinned at Mihoshi, who was glaring at her – yes, indeed, it was as fun to tease her about Xander as it was to tease Xander about… well, Xander was really easy to tease about a lot of things. Still, though, at least with Xander, when she teased him, he teased back and they could go on and on for hours before, finally, generally Sasami broke them up, telling them to get a room. More than once she had tried to take him up on that, but every time he had turned this cute color of red and stammered out some excuse or another, which had lead to either Mihoshi or Sasami coming to his aid, occasionally both. Still, why couldn’t the Colonel just shut up and graduate the cadets? It was hot up on the stage…

Misaki smiled a little as the Colonel continued to drone on about the duty of the cadets, how they would be asked to lay down their lives, if necessary, in service of the Jurian Empire. Honestly, were they paying him by the word? It was hot on the stage, for Tsunami’s sake! She just wanted to get back into the climate controlled ship and back to here grandbabies in the making.

“Stop smirking, sister,” Funhao said with a light nudge, “you are scaring the troopers.”

“I just want to get back to the Palace. Ryoko and Ayeka could give birth any time now.”

Funhao rolled her eyes at her sister’s antics, “They’re only 4 months pregnant, Misaki – trust me, we have time, or don’t you remember your own pregnancies?”

Misaki smiled, “Oh, yes, I do! All of those wonderful things to eat and drink. Asuza was so attentive to my needs.”

‘More like fearful for his life,’ Funhao mentally amended as she only smiled at her sister. Honestly, how Asuza and she had survived her sister’s pregnant tantrums, she wasn’t sure, especially with the way she could hurl crockery at nearly supersonic speeds. If Ayeka and Ryoko were anywhere near that bad, maybe it was time for an extended vacation…

(Royal Palace)

Tenchi wanted to cry as he watched his wives glare daggers and hurl energy bolts at each other one second before, inexplicably, they started crying and hugging each other. He wasn’t sure who was going to crack first – him or the royal treasury.

He jerked up as he felt a shiver of cold shoot down his spine – someone was going to run… how could he join them?

(Graduation Ceremony)

‘Well, at least this time I don’t have to destroy the school,’ Xander idly thought as the newly-minted soldiers milled around with their families or friends even as he casually made his way towards the stage. Still, he had to admit, it felt good to have ‘the easy part’, as his drill instructors had put it so blithely, over, especially with the way this uniform fir him now.

He smiled as he saw both Kiyone and Mihoshi going back at forth at each other over something and the Queens both tolerating the Colonel as he tried to pawn off more of his people into positions of responsibility within the Royal Guard, but all of that paled to the blue-topped blur he saw screaming at him, “Oh hell.”

“Xander!” Sasami slammed into his chest and knocked him back several steps as his arms went around her and hugged her close.

“Gah! Sasami Strength!” Xander’s eyes crossed and he saw spots as Sasami hugged him – Jesus, like mother, like daughter. If she continued to get this strong as she got older, he was going to have to be careful.

Sasami pulled away, blushing a rosy read, “Sorry, Xander.”

Misaki smiled as she saw the interplay between her daughter and Xander, but then noticed some of the looks and the size of the crowd that was building, “Children, let us go inside.” Sasami nodded and dragged Xander inside of the building physically, Mihoshi and Kiyone not far behind the pair, and when they were inside Misaki turned to her sister Empress, “Well?”

Funhao smiled a little, “Oh, I’ll admit that it is cute, but do you think that Alexander realizes?”

Misaki snorted, “Of course not. He’s male.” She then stopped and looked at the Colonel, “That will be all, Colonel.” The man, who looked insulted, said nothing as he quickly left, “Now, Funhao, what do we do about this?”

“If it weren’t for the fact that his honor wouldn’t let him, I’d say tag him with a tracking device, sister,” Funhao said with a well-hidden smirk. “The poor boy would most likely run away, if not for Sasami’s having asked him to be her bodyguard.”

Misaki snorted as they made their way towards the building the quartet had gone into, “He’s not Tenchi, sister, and he won’t run away that easily. Now, I wonder just how deep these feelings go with both Galaxy Police officers…”

Funhao sighed, knowing that Misaki’s mind was already starting to plan a royal wedding of some kind. This was going to be expensive.

Inside of the building, Xander felt a shiver go up and down his spine even as both Mihoshi and Kiyone hugged him senseless – it wasn’t apocalypse time, was it?

AN: Yes, I know, I’m taking cues from Cyclone – sue me, his writing is infecting me. Well, finally got back around to this one (thanks Paradigm, for the prods and near-pleading), and hope to finish it relatively soon. What do you think? As my link to the Xanderzone website is currently not working, the rest of this fic can be found on both Twisting the Hellmouth and Fanfiction . net. Reviews, please.
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