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Blonde Ambition

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Summary: Slytherins, Darla thinks, make the best vampires. (character death, femmeslash, etc.)

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Harry Potter > Darla-CenteredAdeleElisabethFR181194011,12511 Dec 0411 Dec 04Yes
Disclaimer: JK Rowling and Joss Whedon made the toys, I'm just playing in their back yard.

Title: Blonde Ambition

Author: Moi, of course.

Fandom: Angel and Harry Potter

Pairing: Darla/Narcissa Malfoy

Warnings: Character death. Blood. Pretty ladies in the tub, femmeslash. A snake.

Rating: No flippin' idea, but I wouldn't show it to the kiddies.

Summary: Slytherins make the best vampires.

Slytherins, Darla thinks, make the best vampires.

You've got Gryffindors…fallen heroes are fun, but that kind of fun gets old, fast -- too much to prove. (Slytherins have nothing to prove) Ravenclaws…all that knowledge, just waiting for you. (Nobody likes a know-it-all) Hufflepuffs…it's always the quiet ones. (But don't you just love to hear her scream?)


They make it look good. Feel good. Taste...glorious.

Diamonds in champagne glasses, and Narcissa Malfoy wearing nothing but a live, deep green serpent -- there's symbolism there, but Darla can't be bothered thinking about it. Not when there are other things capturing her attention so very, very well…

Lucius's pretty, pure blood is almost gone. It soaks through the green duvet, decorates Narcissa's pale feet and pearl-painted toes, satisfies their thirst. Darla can hear his heartbeat slowing to a crawl as Narcissa discards her pet to slide under the water across her. Long, slender fingers creeping up the inside of her thighs, and too-red lips open on her throat.

Darla laughs, and she fancies she can hear his silent screams.

The End

You have reached the end of "Blonde Ambition". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking