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So this is Magic

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Summary: Prequel to Where Willow Went

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralJoyousTroubleFR71400011,25111 Dec 0411 Dec 04Yes
Title: So this is Magic: Prequel to Where Willow Went

Author: JoyousTrouble


Rating: G

Spoilers: Season 7 of BtVS

Disclaimer: For the most part I own none of the characters contained herein. They belong to there respective authors, mostly Joss Whedon and J.K. Rowling. And although no disrespect is meant towards the esteemed authors, as this is a work of ‘fan fiction’ which means basically pirating their ideas and therefore infringing on their copy written works, I do humbly apologize and fall to my knees to beg for your mercies. I am a mostly penniless waif and I have nothing worth suing for. I make no money off this story or any other story.

Summary: The prequel to Where Willow Went and the two others in the Trilogy yet to be named.

Status: Prequel is finished, the Trilogy is not.


For one second she stared at the sword that was currently residing in her abdomen. Then the world faded away and she was standing in a big open space. It was white, very bright, and felt huge. There were two people there that she could feel the power emanating from. She stood facing them, wondering what was going on.

They spoke then, “Anyanka. You have been deemed worthy to enter the afterlife. You may have one last request.”

She goggled at them. The afterlife, well that’s not fair. “Can I ask a question before I make my request, I mean not counting this question?”

They seemed to commune, then “Yes.”

“You guys know that I was a demon for 1200 years and I gloried in torturing mortal males. Why would you allow me to enter the afterlife?” She was genuinely confused.

Again they did the thing that wasn’t talking but felt like it, “You fought with our champions. You died at their sides. That is enough. Now your single request.”

She thought long and hard about this, she had one request, and she’d bet these guys could pretty much do anything. Suddenly it came to her. “I want the chance to grant one last wish. From one of the -champions-.”

“Done.” They chimed.

And suddenly she was standing before a mirror. It showed, not herself, but a landscape with a bus driving breakneck from the crumbling ground. This she realised must be the gang. As the ground stopped collapsing the bus slowed to a crawl, then stopped. Several people got out and she was drawn in closer to see her friends standing at the edge of the crater. They bantered awhile before turning to return to the bus. All but Willow, she lingered for a moment. Then she whispered, “I.. I wish that we..” her voice broke, “Jesse, Xander and I, I just wish we could have had happy healthy childhoods.” Then she sighed and got back on the bus and it drove away. She of course couldn’t hear Anya say, “Done.”

The mirror disappeared and she was again facing the powerful people. “Are you satisfied with your ‘wish’?”

“Yes.” And as she spoke it the world dissolved again and for the first time in over 1200 years, she was at peace.

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The End

You have reached the end of "So this is Magic". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking