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FFA: T'is the Season

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Summary: My FFA contributions

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherAuroraNorthFR151558141,60811 Dec 0411 Dec 04Yes
Pairing 300: Dawn/Edward

Killing Time

AN: Post Chosen wherever in the AB:VH verse. And Spike and Buffy are back togheter cause I’m quirky like that.

Edward looked around, the mall was filled with busy Christmas shoppers, but the bleached blond hair of his target made him stand out even in a crowd this big.

He followed the vampire’s movement from the second floor balustrade, carefully disguising his perusal of his intended target as that of a bored husband waiting for his wife, checking his watch every few minutes.

He glanced down at his wrist, and then found his target, keeping track of his movements.

His concentration was disturbed when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“Excuse me?”

He turned and took in the appearance of the young woman/girl in front of him. She was a tall brunette, seemingly in her late teens. After a quick appraisal he placed her temporarily in the annoying but harmless category.


“Well I was just wondering why you where stalking that vampire?” She asked offhandedly.

Okay… maybe not so harmless.

His Ted persona came to the front easily, “Vampire? Now why would I do that sweetheart?”

“Well I don’t know, because anyone would have to have a serious death wish to go after HIM.”

Edward grinned slightly at the little spitfire. “Now, now, I know I sweet little thing like you wouldn’t threaten someone.”

“Oh that’s not a threat. I’m just saying that Spike has a lot of friends. Friends that wouldn’t take two cents to a person alive… literally. Plus there is his girlfriend.”


“Yeah… She is such a bitch about people trying to kill her family and friends.”


“Mmm, so don’t consider it a threat more like a well meaning warning.”

“Well now.” Edward gave his best Ted smile as he leaned close to the girl. His hand pointing the gun into her stomach. “There are some very powerful people who seem to have quite a grudge against your little vamp friend. And when I take a job I see it trough.”

“Well that could be a problem.” The girl said, not backing down from the gun. She rose onto her toes to whisper in his ear.

“Are you a light sleeper, Eddie? Cause if you fuck with my family you just might wake up on fire.”

There was a slight POP! The silencer muted most of the noise. And Edward kept his grip on the girl preventing her to fall down from the gunshot that would have made her heart implode in her chest.

“Well that was just mean.”

He almost lost his grip on the girl as she whined. “What the fuck!?!”

Her jacket was ruined but instead of blood poring from her chest there was some weird green lightshow coming from her wound.

“What the hell is that?”

“Magic,” the girl responded before she shrugged his hand of her shoulder and stepped away from him.

“Remember what I told you Eddie. You chose the wrong people to fuck with here.”

And just like that the air around her seemed to shimmer into life. As a whirling vortex opened behind her. She blew him a kiss as she stepped through and the spiral of light winked out around her. Taking her with it.

Edward blinked. Turning back down, he saw the blond vampire looking up at him. He winked before turning and disappeared in the crowd.

Edward didn’t follow some shit was just too weird.

Even for him.

The End

You have reached the end of "FFA: T'is the Season". This story is complete.

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