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Behind The Mask

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Summary: What would happen if Dawn was put in a new world? Again, stupid monks . . .

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Anime > InuyashaAshFR1512,071072,38214 Dec 0414 Dec 04No
Author: Ash

Rating: PG 13

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone from BtVS/AtS or InuYahsa

Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth, Death’s Portal

Summary: What would happen is Dawn was once again placed in another world by the Monks?

Authors notes: "Blah blah blah" means its in japanese. "Blah blah blah" means its in english. Gah, Damn you onee for making me write this!

When she said she needed to take a break, she had meant it. They had passed a river not five minutes ago. She was hot, sticky and worst of all, smelly. Not that it was usually a problem with her.

Ok, so she was lying through her teeth, she hated being smelly. And this whole situation was confusing her. Not that anyone else knew what the situation was. If anyone else found out, well she didn’t think they’d believe her unless she was taking some demon out. Not that it was all . . . well . . . bad. Just a little bit weird.

She never got a break with anything she did. First the problem was a crazy hell goddess, now a crazy hanyou, of the dark haired variety. She was getting really tired of this. Not only the whole time traveling thing, the whole getting ripped from her existence, again, and having her memories and age changed. What was with people and turning her into a 15 year old?

The kicker was that she was merged with another soul from that dimension, realm, universes . . . what word was she using again? Oh hell, like it mattered anymore. The worst part was she had her memories of who she used to be, but now she was someone new.

With all of her depressing thoughts and the heat of the summer getting to her, she sighed loudly and grumpily into the silver tresses of the man who was carrying her on his back. He merely turned his head slightly and rolled his eyes.

The woman ignored him for the fact she knew he wasn’t going to listen to her pleading to backtrack to the cool waters of the river, she kept her mouth shut. It wasn’t like she could sit him while she was on his back. So she reminded herself to do so later when he irritated her again.

After a few more minutes of him running, she became lost in thought once more. Wondering why she was remembering everything. Why had her memories of her life before flooded her mind. And why had Whistler come to bother her.

He wasn’t as bad a Buffy made him out to be. Although it could be for the fact she didn’t cause any damage to his person . . . his demon? What do you say for demons . . . ok getting off topic. Could it of had something to do with her magic getting stronger? Or was that her abilities from being the key that was reactivating?

She didn’t know what to think anymore. Was she even the same Kagome anymore? No . . . no she wasn’t. Not with all of her memories of being Dawn, her dangerous life as the sister of the Slayer. She wondered if her friends would pick up on anything. Although she was doing a good job on acting as she always had. A little forced, but with all the drama going on, that was allowed.

She thought about both lives and realized she was always the one that was defenseless. Well she was for a while before Willow taught her how to harness her powers as the key. That took a long time. And a lot of cookies were made from Willow when Buffy found out about her witchy training. It was worth it, she was a watcher in training. She needed to be able to protect her charges once she received them. Not that it was going to happen now.

“Eep.” Was the only thought she had said when she felt Inuyasha skid to a halt. She noticed that Kirira was also at a halt and growling at some figures in from of them. She blinked when her eyes met cold blue ones.

Why are the demons so unsettled?” A calm and slightly curious voice came from the owner of the blue eyes.

Illyria we don’t exactly scream human.” A tall man with dark hair and clothing said to her. A man next to him was smirking; he had on a black leather jacket with bleached blonde hair. Kagome was between excitement and amusement, with a dash of confusion.

Jumping off of Inuyasha’s back and ran towards the group before her friends had a chance to react. “Spike!” She screamed, although it sounded more like a squeal a five year old would make. She threw her arms around him and hugged him.

He looked a bit confused. None of them would know her new form; her scent was probably also different. “I get the feeling you know me.” He said in amusement as Illyria squinted her eyes at Kagome.

Her aura is of the key. Yet her shell is different.” Was the only thing she said. Angel looked with surprise at the dark haired girl in the green sailor outfit. Who still had her arms around his grand-chide. Well, at least it made sense why. Dawn was the only one who held such affection for him.

Dawnie? That you pet?” Spike looked to the girl, who now, was in his arms. The only answer he received was a nod of her head. A large grin spread across his features. “Ha! Knew the Summers women couldn’t live without me!

Meanwhile the group who was traveling with Kagome looked in confusing. Well one looked in slight jealousy, along with the confusion. Red cad arms crossed themselves over the chest of an irritated hanyou. He growled softly and stormed over to where his Kagome was. In the arms of a total stranger!

“Oi! Wench, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Inuyasha was glaring at the two men who were near Kagome. Hearing the tone of voice he was using, his friends smirked slightly. They figured what was coming next. Within the next couple of minutes that is.

The said ‘wench’ turned and glared at her said protector. “What did you call me?” Her voice low and dangerous, after realizing his mistake, he cringed. “SIT BOY!”

Well, they knew it was going to happen. Miroku smiled and climbed off of the cat demon. “Inuyasha, you should really know better by now. “ He said to the prone form lying on the ground.

“Ha! That’ll teach him to call me a wench!” She removed her arms from Spike and walked over to Inuyasha. “What’s your problem?”

“Right now, you are bitch.” He muttered from the ground. The last person he heard before Kagome let out a whole bunch of sits was of Miroku laughing. He stood next to the miko and looked at the new comers.

“I take it you know these people Lady Kagome?” He was curious as to the language they were speaking.

“Yes, it’s complicated though. They’re . . . not from around here.” Her eyebrows knitted in thought for a moment before she turned to the three. “What ARE you three doing here? Not that I’m complaining mind you. It’s just the whole you being here, years before any of you were born. Well, comparing years from here to there . . .

Angel raised an eyebrow and Spike laughed. “You’re pulling a Red, Nibblet. Not really sure how we got here. Last thing I remember is the poof here running after some demon. Really nasty thing it was.

Miroku blinked. There it was the unfamiliar language again. He looked towards Kagome. “You know their language?”

Brown eyes lit up. “Oh yeah! I’m so sorry Miroku; I forgot no one in this country learned English yet. It’s common back in my time. Even though they’re not really from my time. Like I said, it’s complicated.”

“So then who are they?” A sulking Inuyasha muttered. He has since recovered from the multiple sits and was sitting Indian style on the ground. Sango stood next to him, while Kirira was still on alert from the strangers.

“They’re friends.”

You know these beings, key?” Illyria tilted her head to the side.

Kagome glared at the woman. She hated being referred as key. “You have Fred’s memories, I’m pretty sure she knew Japanese. As do the rest of you. Going back and forth to languages is giving me a headache. And you know I hate being called the key. I have a name. It’s Kagome, Ka-go-me.”

This seemed to puzzle Illyria. “I thought your human name was Dawn Summers.” Kagome slapped her head. “It matters not; neither of these half-breeds seems to know where we are. Since you are familiar with its people, you would know.”

For some reason Illyria was never nasty to Dawn. When she asked the former demon/god she had merely said that even though both of their shells were human, inside they were not. It was nice though, and weird seeing as usually made friends with the people everyone else with didn’t.

“Blue, what did we tell you about calling us half-breeds. We’re vampires, not in-between.”

Kagome held her hand up for a moment. “She does have a point. Technically that is. A vampire is a demon who takes over a dead human corpse. After the whole switching of blood thingie, which I still say is ewwy, it calls to similar demons of its family. And there you go, instant blood sucking, soul-less vampire. So it’s not human or demon. Just a thing that lies in-between.”

Spike gave her a look. “Thanks love, a thing? I feel special.” He rolled his eyes.

She merely raised an eyebrow. Both went up as a thought entered her mind. “Ok first of all, you and Angel don’t count. Souls, remember that part? And second of all, why aren’t you in a ball of flames? Is there something you want to tell me? I’m pretty sure I know just about all of the weaknesses of all things that go bump in the night. Sister of the slayer, remember?”

“Your sister is like Sango Mama?” The little voice from next to Kagome spoke up.

“…” Both vampires’ faces were identical. Eyes wide open, mouths trying to form a word. It was very comical in the very least. “Mama? There something you want to tell us Dawnie?” Angel had finally been able to talk. Spike wasn’t as useful at the moment.

“Oh, don’t look at like that.” They continued to do so anyway. “He lost his parents, and kind of became attached to me over the past two years. So just shut up. I’m tired; I’m hot and sweaty . . .”

“Don’t tease love.” Kagome glared at the smirking vampire. Then a small grin broke across her face. This was just how he was.

“. . . and that stupid demon just had to kidnap me while I was on my way to the well. Now, wham, I’m miserable.” She sighed. “It’s like every other day is a Tuesday for me!”

“Umm, a Tuesday? You know what Mama; you’ve been acting funny for a while.” Shippou jumped on her shoulder and nuzzled her hair. She may have been sweaty but her scent always calmed him, she was his mommy after all. These new people were making the small demon nervous.

She merely waved her hand. “Oh, I merely had this little habit of getting kidnapped on Tuesdays. You know me, weak little human and all that.” Sarcasm was thick in her voice.

“You are not human, even you know this.” Illyria couldn’t understand the young looking woman. “You are almost as old as I am, our shells may be human, but we are not. That is where our power comes from.” She said calmly.

“. . . not . . .”

“. . . human? . . .” Miroku and Sango said one after the other. They knew Kagome, she was very human. Even the other two demons and one hanyou looked at the woman in confusion. What was she talking about?

“No, I am!” She was frustrated. “Just because those stupid Monks think of me as their powerful tool does NOT make me it.” Her voice was filled with anger. She spoke again, this time lower and colder. “If I come across those Monks, I’m going to split them in half, rip out their spines and use it to strangle them.”

Most of the beings around her looked at her in slight fear, this wasn’t their Kagome. Spike looked at her in amusement. “Seems she’s been hanging around you poof.” Angel quietly growled and slapped Spike upside the head.

Kagome closed her eyes and counted to ten. She opened them again, walked over to Inuyasha and climbed on his back. “How about we just get back to Kaede’s?”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Behind The Mask" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Dec 04.

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