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Metropolis, Superheroes, and New Beginnings

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Summary: Illyria finds a new lease on life after Angel’s final battle. Response to FFA#125 (Illyaria/Supergirl friendship)

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DC Universe > Superman(Past Donor)DanKnightFR1512,348053,03514 Dec 0414 Dec 04Yes
Metropolis, Superheroes, and New Beginnings.

by DanKnight

Authors Note: This is a response to Twisting the Hellmouth’s Fic For All #125

Authors Note 2: This is an AU for the DC universe as I use the pre-crisis Supergirl, putting her in the present.


It was a cold winter night in Metropolis and most of the city was either asleep or hiding in their warm houses from the cold. But in the heart of Suicide Slum, among the snow covered streets, there were five criminals running down the alleyways scared for their lives.

At a glance they would look like any other criminals to a casual observer. Their worn clothes and ski masks would bring to mind every other thug and low life that all to often makes Suicide Slum their home. But closer inspection would show them to be anything but normal criminals.

Even under the ski masks the orange skin, muscular build just a little too impressive to be human, and small bumps on their forehead almost protruding from their masks would reveal four of them to be of the demon variety. Only one lone criminal, clearly the leader of the operation, would appear to be human.

“Come on, faster!” The human leader yelled to his minions. “That super powered bitch is right behind us!”

“I told you we made a mistake coming to her city!” One of the minions complained, the group still running.

“We came prepared!” The leader remarked.

“Not for her we didn’t.” Another one of the demons shot out.

Right at that moment the group ducked into yet another alleyway. Unfortunately for them, it turned out to be a dead end.

“Shit!” The human shouted in frustration as he realized he was trapped.

“That super powered bitch was right behind us boss?” The demon previously talking said, “We have to get out of this alley or…

“Too late!” another one of them exclaimed, the fear evident in his voice.

The others turned around as they saw that sure enough their pursuer was right in front of them.

Illyria stood at the end of the alleyway blocking the villains’ exit. “You should cease fleeing from me. It will only make the way I have to kill you more painful.”

“Get her!” The leader shouted to his minions.

Two of the demons immediately ran forward towards their opponent. Seeing them coming the former demon ruler went for a nearby trash can and quickly grabbed the lid off of it. She then hurled the lid towards one of the demons with such force that the blow decapitated it instantly.

The other demon continued running towards the blue haired woman despite the carnage just next to him. But without even the slightest sign of effort Illyria grabbed him and tossed him into the wall, leaving a large dent in the concrete building.

Illyria ran towards the leader and his last two demon henchmen. The final two demons lunged at her, but she managed to grab both of them by their coats. She then rammed them into each other with such impact that even if they did survive, the injuries made sure they would no longer be offering resistance.

“Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh Crap!” The human leader was heard saying.

The red suited hunter looked towards the noise. She saw the human leader, the last member of the criminal threat hastily climbing the fire escape.

“Stop now and quit running! Or what follows will cause you intense pain!” Illyria shouted at the fleeing man.

”Screw you bitch!” He shouted the panic clear in his. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun and began firing at the woman below him. Emptying the cartridge it was clear that he had hit Illyria at least three times as she staggered back. Unfortunately for him, it only made her more annoyed.

“I did give you sufficient warning!” She shouted as she grabbed the ladder and yanked down hard.

The demon in human skin had pulled with so much force that she took down the first three stories of the fire escape, not to mention some of the wall that it was bolted into along with it. Being only as high as the second story the scared criminal plummeted to the ground along with it, screaming as he went. He landed right on top of what was now (a) pile of metal on the ground where what was left of the fire escape had fallen.

“Why do your types always scream like females when in great fear?” Illyria asked as she leaned down ready to deliver the final strike. Right before delivering what would have been a killing blow Illyria suddenly she got a closer look at her helpless opponent and stopped. She reached for his ski mask and pulled it off of him. True enough, the leader of the demons was very much human.

“You are lucky you’re a human, now I can’t kill you painfully for annoying me.” She explained without a hint of emotion.

The man breathed a sigh of relief. It was short lived however, as he looked up and noticed the female attacker lift up a large chunk of the fire escape she had pulled down and haphazardly tossed it onto his body. He groaned in pain as the metal fell on top of him. It didn’t kill him but Illyria was sure between the weight of the metal and the injuries he would not be able to run away. She did have to detain him after all, it was only fair she inflicted pain doing it since she couldn’t kill him.

“Now we will wait for law enforcement to…” before she could finish her sentence the female warrior felt something nail her in the back of the head from behind. She shot forward falling headfirst into the snow covered alleyway with a grunt.

The blue haired woman rolled over and saw the demon she had previously thrown into the wall standing above her and holding a large trash dumpster above his head. Brandishing it as a weapon. Illyria knew she should have taken an extra second and torn his head off as well.

“You killed one of my brethren you bitch, and you kept us from our loot. Time to pay the piper.” The demon stepped forward and leaned down motioning his arms to slam the fallen fighter with the dumpster. Unfortunately, while he had stepped forward the dumpster stayed in place, still in mid air.

“What the?” the orange skinned demon muttered as he turned around.

He then staggered back at the sight he saw. Standing in front of him, holding the dumpster above her own head was another woman. And not just any woman, for as the blue and red tights, the embroiled S, the long blonde hair and the flowing red cape all showed this was none other then Metropolis’ most famous female protector, Supergirl.

“Your mother should have taught you how to address a lady!” The blonde superhero said as with one motion she hit the demon square in the jaw with the trash can. Like an orange blur he went flying over Illyria and down the alleyway into the wall behind him some four stories above the ground. Leaving a spider web impression on the wall where he hit, the demon fell to the ground with a loud thump clearly unconscious.

With the danger averted the Kryptonian let out a small grunt and set the dumpster back onto the ground.

“Are you well?” Illyria asked Supergirl getting back to her feet.

“I am still week from the Kryptonite they pulled out back there.” She explained, referring to the bank robbery she and Illyria had foiled, before pulling out the Kryptonite. It of course had no affect on anyone but Supergirl so they still found themselves fleeing the other super powered being.

“I don’t understand how they obtained the stone?” the demon asked.

“Who knows, unfortunately the black market can get you anything if you know the right place.” She explained to her comrade, “They clearly came ready for me or Superman. But they hadn’t counted on you.”

“Yes, it is lucky I was by your side to crush the Kryptonite. I do not understand how you have not been killed by that. It is a fatal weakness a warrior should not have, especially exposed to the general populace.”

“Well I’ve gotten out of it more than once before we became partners you know.” She said with a smile to her friend. “I am resourceful after all.”

”Yes you are, it is a true warrior quality.” Illyria agreed as she looked over at the pile of metal holding the human captor, “I did not kill that one. He was a human.”

“Good to hear.” Supergirl said, “Nice to see you’re listening to me.”

”I agreed I would.” She stated simply to her blonde mentor.

And she had. It was weeks after the battle with the senior partners’ army of demons that the former goddess had found herself in Metropolis. She had won the battle, but her comrades Wesley, Angel, Spike and Gunn had all fallen in the process.

The demon had found herself lost with no purpose after that night. She was unsure of what to do in a world she didn’t understand. A world overrun by flesh worms she didn’t relate to. She decided to continue fighting against demons and evil. It was what Wesley had died for. And as much as she didn’t understand why she wanted to make his sacrifice worth something.

It was after detaining them that Supergirl, or Lina Danvers as she was also known by, had first met Illyria after their pathes crossed in the fiels.At first they remained as just allies, occasionally crossing paths. But as time went on the former demon realized that she couldn’t continue to act aimlessly. She needed someone from this world to guide her, to show her how to fit in and be something she didn’t know how to be. A hero.

She approached the girl of steel and asked for her help. Much like Wesley before her Linda Danvers had taken on the role of teacher. She taught Illyria how to be a hero, and ironically how to fit in on a world that she herself was also not born on.

Back in the alleyway Kara-Zor-El heard sirens in the background via her Kryptonian hearing.

“The police are coming.” Supergirl told her partner. “Do me a favor and let me talk to them this time?”

“That would be wise. You are better at making them feel like they helped. Despite the uselessness they showed against our enemies.” She agreed.

“Well, I won’t word it like that when I talk to them.” The blonde told her with a smirk.


A couple of hours later, the two superheroes were on the roof of a nearby skyscraper where they had changed into their ‘super hero personas’ when the earlier robbery had gone down.

Supergirl straightened her brunette wig and once again assumed the identity of Linda Danvers. At the same time Illyria changed back into the body of Fred Burkle, the secret identity she had assumed. It seemed like the logical one, it came complete with a full background and memories, which made things much easier for her.

“I have to hand it to you, that is a nice trick.” The Kryptonian told her friend, referring to the instant change in form Illyria was able to do to assume Fred’s identity.

“There are spells that would make you able to alter your appearance appropriately if you would just let me go find one for you.” Fred replied, her voice and mannerisms suddenly that of Winifred Burkle and not the demon god. “It really would make it easier, some day that wig of yours is done gonna blow right off.”

“It’s served me so far. I say if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.” Linda told her. “So you’re sure you don’t want to come with me to Clark’s? You know you’re more than welcome over for Christmas dinner with us. You’re one of our own now after all.” The super hero in disguise asked her.

“No thank you. You’re really sweet but I think my parents need to see me.” Fred answered. “They missed me last year.”

“You mean Fred’s parents.” Linda corrected.

“Way to maintain the secret identity there Kara.” Fred joked, before seeing the look on Linda’s face was not softening. “Oh come on, do we have to start this again?”

“Don’t you feel weird just taking their life and letting them think Fred is still alive?” She asked.

“It’s a matter of opinion you know…” Fred explained, “I have her memories, I know her feelings and can emulate them, doesn’t that make me Fred in all ways important to them? Plus they don’t have their heart broken this way either. I think Fred would want that, and I would know better then (than) anyone.” She said with Fred’s shy smile as she straightened her glasses.

“Maybe you’re right. Besides, it isn’t my decision.” Supergirl agreed softening. “So I guess I will see you next week then?”

“Yes that’s when I’ll be returning.” She agreed. She then looked at her watch. “Yikes! I only have an hour before my plane leaves. Stupid criminals almost made me late. I better be going, some of us can’t fly you know.” She joked to Supergirl.

“You be safe.” Supergirl said as Fred turned to leave, “And Illyria... Fred.”

The brunette turned around.

“Merry Christmas.”

Fred smiled as she continued to walk towards the entrance back into the building. She really did enjoy her new life. A job at Metropolis, friends, and warriors to fight alongside. It really was what Fred would have wanted, and strangely… it was becoming what Illyria wanted also.

Disclaimer: Illyria, Spike, Angel, Gunn and Wesley do not belong to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and some other people and companies that aren’t me. Supergirl is the property of DC Comics. I am merely using the characters for a fun story for the fans and am in no way making any profit off of it. So please don’t sue me, I really am a good boy.

The End

You have reached the end of "Metropolis, Superheroes, and New Beginnings". This story is complete.

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