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Summary: Dawn is stuck in magic school for the holidays

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Charmed > Dawn-CenteredShannonFR71436031,97214 Dec 0414 Dec 04Yes
Title: Sad

Author: Shannon

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Not mine Dawn belongs to Joss Whedon, ME, UPN, WB, and FOX, everything else belongs to Spelling Entertainment and the WB.

Distribution: My site and TtH.

Summary: Dawn is stuck at Magic School for the holidays.

Author’s notes: FFA # 303 Dawn/Wyatt Halliwell.

Dawn sighed loudly as she watched the children running around the large room. Something was after her again, apparently the key thing wasn’t as over as they had thought. Buffy and the other slayers were tracking down the current demon but she had been sent here, to magic school until it was found and destroyed.

Giles said this was the safest place for her. Nothing could even find the school unless it wanted to be found. Being safe was a good thing, she knew that, but she’d rather be with her sister or Willow and actually doing something of importance instead of here, babysitting. Of course that’s not what they called it. She was just too old, and had no magical ability so she was assisting in the school’s daycare so she wouldn’t be bored. It wasn’t working though, she was bored, she had helped the children decorate the large Christmas tree, and had helped them color pictures to give as gifts to their parents but she still didn’t want to be here.

She jumped in surprise when the little blonde boy she had been helping earlier suddenly appeared in front of her with white lights swirling around him. He stood, staring at her, waiting for her to say something, “Not gonna get used to that,” she muttered the smiled at the little boy, “Hi Wyatt.”

He held a piece of paper out to her, she took it from his hand and frowned, it was the picture they had colored earlier of Santa and a snowman. “This one is finished do you want to do another?”

Wyatt shook his head and stared at her for a few seconds, “You.”

“What about me?” Dawn asked and tried to hand the paper back but he backed away and shook his head again. Dawn frowned still not understanding what he wanted.

“I think he’s giving it to you,” Dawn turned her head to see the woman that ran the school standing next to her.


“Wyatt is giving you the picture,” She explained.


“Sad,” Wyatt said quietly, once again gaining both Dawn and his aunt’s attention.

“You think I’m sad?” Dawn asked, Wyatt nodded and stepped closer again.

“You’re here alone and it’s only a few days until Christmas,” Paige agreed, “It must be a little sad. But he must like you he doesn’t talk to many people.”

“Thanks Wyatt,” Dawn smiled, “I’ll hang it up as soon as I get back home.” She reached for the little boy and hugged him tightly before turning him back over to his aunt to take him home for the day.

The End

You have reached the end of "Sad". This story is complete.

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