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Miss Cassandra Fraiser, Student

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This story is No. 2 in the series "What we are". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Follows ‘Doctor Janet Fraiser, Ghost’ by two or more years. Cassie gets accepted into the university of her choice and is writing home.

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Stargate > General > Characters: Cassie FraiserPaBurkeFR13368,4194109128,27215 Dec 0413 Jun 08No

Miss Cassandra Fraiser, Student

Miss Cassandra Fraiser, Student
By PaBurke

*** Follows 'Doctor Janet Fraiser, Ghost' by two or more years. My non-Christmas-y Christmas gift to TtH. Short and disturbingly fluffy. (Muttering to self: time to work on something angsty like Way of the Wolf.) ***

*** Spoilers*** Same as before. For SG1: Heroes. For BtVS: Chosen.

*** Disclaimer *** I'm nicer to the characters then their creators, i.e. Someone else created them and gets money for the idea. I don't.

*** Distribution *** Twisting the Hellmouth

*** Warnings *** They're already dead. How much worse can it get? Smirk. Maybe sugar shock.

Janet had been chatting gaily to Willow, Buffy and Xander on the streets of London when a sight made her stop and stare. The three Scoobies turned to see what had shocked their unflappable, ghost doctor.

"I'm not seeing a demon attacking innocent folk," Xander turned to Willow, "You?"

"Nada. Not even a Mini-Slayer running too fast. Buffy?"

"Not a tingle on the spidey-sense. Janet?" Buffy waved a hand in front of Janet's face. "Janet? What's wrong?"

"It's Cassie," Janet breathed.

All three heads swiveled back to the other side of the street.

"You sure?"


"Who's Cassie?"

Janet, Willow and Xander turned to glare at Buffy for her memory.

"What?" Buffy shrugged her shoulders. "Is Cassie one of the new Mini's running around? I can never keep track of all those girls and their names. Not to mention the nicknames that Faith gives each one. What's Faith's nickname for the girl? I'll probably know then."

Xander dead-panned, "Janet's daughter."

"Oh. Oh!" Buffy looked somewhat ashamed and defensive at the same time. "It's not like I live with you three and hear all the gossip you share."

Willow put her hands on her hips. "No. You spied on Cassie when you were in Colorado. You even brought back pictures."

Buffy started giving excuses. "But all I had to do then was follow your pretty crystal to the gal. And that was over a year ago. And I was more concerned with the Big Bad trying to open a Hellmouth there than anything else."

Janet spoke up. The Scoobies could go on like this for hours unless she intervened. "Xander," she ordered, "Go over there and find out what Cassie's doing in England."

Xander laughed. "Janet, have you looked at me recently?"

Janet really observed her anchor through a stranger's eyes. Xander was in desperate need of a haircut, he last shaved three days ago and the eye-patch only accentuated the sharp angles and planes of his face. Life was not easy for the Scoobies and the wear and tear of the last twelve years were painfully evident to anyone who looked.

Janet glanced back at Cassie who had been joined by a wildly gesturing Daniel Jackson, the ever guarding Teal'c, and the smiling Sam Carter. Jack O'Neill had just wandered over to the group and he playfully slung his arm around Cassie's shoulders. SG1 would never allow Xander within ten feet of Cassie.

"I told you to shave this morning," Janet reminded.

Xander shrugged, "Doesn't itch yet."

"No," Janet corrected, "The itch doesn't bother you enough to give in to my nagging."

"That too."

Buffy grabbed Willow's shopping bag and added it to her own. "I think this is a job for Blond!Buffy."

"Blond!Buffy?" echoed Janet.

"And that's different from normal Buffy, how?" teased Willow.

Buffy ignored them both. She took out her hair tie and fluffed her hair. She took a deep breath and a rather vacant look entered her eyes. She darted across the street while SG1 had their backs turned. Then Buffy started weaving her way through the crowded walkway to the group.

"This oughtta be good," murmured Willow.

Xander grinned at Janet. "Just watch this show. Much better than TV."

Janet took advantage of her ghostly physical attributes and followed Buffy, unseen by most of the people on the street. She would watch the show from a much closer viewpoint. It was one of the few times that Janet didn't wince at people walking through her.

"Cassie!" Willow and Xander could hear Buffy's squeal very clearly from across the street. Buffy rushed Cassie and threw her arms around the startled girl. The shopping bags swung wildly, preventing Cassie from even taking a step back.

Both Teal'c and Jack had stepped forward to help extradite the poor girl when Buffy started babbling.

"This is, like, too cool." Buffy gave Cassie another energetic hug. "Imagine, me seeing Cassie Fraiser again, and in England of all places. I, like, never thought this would happen. I haven't seen you in for-ev-er." Buffy linked her arm through Cassie's. "You probably don't remember me 'cause -duh- you were asleep when I visited your mom. But you were sooo cute."

Cassie stopped and stared. "You knew my mom?"

Buffy nodded and her blond hair bounced with enthusiasm. "Sure! She, like, helped me when I sprained my wrist by falling over this big ugly dude who wouldn't take no for an answer." Buffy giggled. "You know the kind. You're so cute, you must know what I'm talking about." Buffy rushed on without giving Cassie a chance to answer. "So what are you doing in jolly, ol' England? 'Cause this is, like, totally different from Rocky Mountain High."

Cassie blinked trying to keep up. "I want to attend Oxford."

Buffy squealed again. Jack winced at the high note she hit. "That is sooo cool," gushed Buffy. "I, like, know a lot of people at Ol' Oxxie."

It was now Daniel's turn to wince. He looked doubtful at Buffy's claim. "Oh? Who?"

Buffy rolled her eyes. "The nerds' nerds. You know the kind: they want to learn about dead languages and myths and fairytales and history and stuff. What do you wanna learn, Cassie?"

Cassie smirked. "Dead languages and myths and fairytales and history and stuff."

Buffy never paused, she giggled. "That is sooo cool. Than I'll see a lot of you. I know, like, half the department teach's and all the kids in those classes. Will you start this fall?"

Cassie's face fell. She shook her head. "No. The classes are full."

Buffy's outrage was not faked. "What! No!" She shoved all of her shopping bags into Cassie's arms. "We'll just see about that." Buffy whipped out her cell phone and hit number 6 on the speed dial. Barely a moment later, Buffy was chatting into her phone. "Rupert Giles, please." She waited a moment. "Giles? It's, like, me. You'll never guess who I ran into. Cassie, Cassie Fraiser, Janet's daughter. Do you remember me talking about Janet? The nice, dead, doc-like person from Colorado? Yeah, her. Well, her daughter is here and she wants to go to Oxford to learn about dead languages and stuff. Heaven knows why. But anyway, she says that there's not enough room and I'm, like, of course there's enough room for Janet's daughter. Right?"

Buffy paused long enough for Giles to answer. She turned her attention back to Cassie. "Is a three o'clock interview okay?"

Cassie blinked but nodded.

"Sure Giles, she'll be there." Buffy hung up and gave Cassie another hug. "This is too cool. I, like, thought that I'd never be able to repay your mother 'cause she's, like, dead. But doing something for you is almost as good. Ta-ta." Buffy reclaimed her bags and bounced away. She left SG1 with their mouths hanging wide open.

Jack looked at Sam. "Did that just happen?" he asked.

Sam nodded. "I believe so, sir."

Daniel shook his head in shock. "I wonder how the assistant department head got to know her?

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