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Christmas Advice

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Summary: FFA #311 Cordelia gives Osiris some good Advice

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Stargate > Cordelia-CenteredLoeFR131173073,66515 Dec 0415 Dec 04Yes

Disclaimer: I don't Own any of the characters used. They belong to their their creators.


Chrismas Advice

“I am your God! You will bow before me!” the harsh voice echoed in the lobby off the Hyperion. Osiris stood there dressed all in white, waiting for the humans before her to succumb to her greatness.

“excuse me?!”

Osiris turned to stare at the pretty brunette that had dared defy her. “you will pay for your insolence human!” Osiris said to her.

Cordelia glared, “ uh in your dreams! Did you really think you could pull off being a god? I mean hello! Looked in a mirror lately? Solid white was so…never!!” Cordelia then turned and walked over to her desk. Opening a drawer she took out a credit card. Handing to Osiris she said “go to the mall get a new outfit and then come back and we’ll try this god thing again okay? Think of it as a Christmas present, from me to you.”

Speechless, Osris turned and walked out the door.

Turning to her friends she said “See I can get in the holiday spirit!”

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Christmas Advice". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking