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Where Are You Christmas

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Summary: FFA submission #347 Buffy/Riddick #235 Buffy/Agent J #545 Buffy/Hellboy #603 Buffy/Dorian Gray

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsLostMarblesFR1843,2930135,49816 Dec 0425 Dec 04No

#347 - Buffy/Riddick (Pitch Black)

Title - Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
Author - LostMarbles
Pairing - FFA #347 Buffy/Riddick
Disclaimer - I own absolutely nothing. Buffy - Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy. Riddick - Universal. Okay?
A.N. - I kinda put myself through information overload with Dimensional Slayer & another story I’m working on. So I’m hoping that this will pull me out of my slump. For those waiting for an update on DS, I’m hoping to have something out soon.


They say that only the most dangerous get forgotten in that godforsaken hell. Which explained why I was there, but it never explained why she was there. Looking at the girl, you’d think she couldn’t hurt a New Mecca fly let alone manage to get herself thrown into one of the most high security slams in the universe. That’s what I thought anyway, until her scent hit me, vanilla, sunshine and the unmistakable scent of a killer, a predator - it intoxicated me. The first time I saw snow fall on her shimmering hair - it enchanted me. The first time she spoke of where she came from “It’s Christmas back home.” Intrigued me. Little did I know that she would be my downfall.

Her arrival started out average enough. She was thrown in by the guards and a few of the more . . . hospitable inmates decided to welcome her. I don’t know what made me step in, you learn real fast not to stick your neck out for other people. I guess it was cause she didn’t seem to have a chance, always did have a thing for the underdog. Now normally when I do get involved others tend to scatter pretty damn fast, but not this time, it had been a long time for these guys and they really wanted a piece of the girl.

I took out one of ‘em real easy, nailed him with my shiv right in the sweet spot, he never stood a chance. I was tangling with a second, when I heard a pained grunt from behind me. I turned to check on the girl, and before I made it all the way around I was nailed in the back of the head by a piece of pipe the guy must’ve jimmied loose from one of the cells. I fell to the ground barely conscious as the guy started going to work on my ribs. My last thought was of the girl, and my stupidity for getting involved. Another blow to the head and everything went black.

The next thing I know, I’m not only alive but my head is cushioned on a decidedly female lap. I kept my eyes closed, the better to take whoever had me by surprise when her honied voice made its way down to me. “I know you’re awake.” I decided that the pretense of unconsciousness was a little redundant considering she knew. So I lifted my head and glanced around, the other men, including the one who hit me with the pipe, were laid out a few feet a way. All were dead. I looked up at the girl, I couldn’t believe that she had managed to take out three men twice her size. She was looking down at her hands a blank look on her face. I glanced down at her hands and saw the blood coating her hands. I looked up to find her watching me, the blank look still in her eyes, a look I recognized in my own, a look I didn’t like seeing in hers. I took her hands and stood, pulling her to her feet I told her “Come on, we’ll get you cleaned up.”

That was the beginning of the end. We were always together after that, she watched my back and I watched hers. I was no longer alone and liked it. We managed to break outta that hell and swore we’d never go back.

And even though we have to continuously dodge the Merc’s on our tail, more come for her than for me, I don’t regret for a second stepping in that day. So yeah, I, Richard B. Riddick met his downfall at the hands of one Buffy Anne Summers. I gotta tell you Johns, I enjoyed every minute of the fall. And you know something, I don’t fear the light anymore either.

Who says murderers’ don’t have soul-mates?

Richard B. Riddick

The Merc known as William J. Johns drops the journal into his pack swearing, the son of a bitch was taunting him, knew he was on their tail. Shaking his head he then turns and walks toward the town, holding his coat shut against the bitter cold winds of Aquila Major, needing to resume the search for Riddick and Summers. Their so close I can almost taste them. He thinks as he fingers the scar on his chin from Summers, this one wasn’t as severe as the one from Riddick when he went for the sweet spot but it was still painful. Never saw her face, but I know Riddick’s and his little bitch won’t be far from him, Is his last thought as he’s swallowed up by the crowd.


As always please read and review.

A.N - This is my first time trying out the 1st person POV so please tell me what you thought of that.
For those of you who don’t have the DVD version of Pitch Black - the prequel to The Chronicles of Riddick - Aquila Major is one of the planets mercenary William J. Johns tracks Riddick to. And before I get a dozen complaints - I realize that Riddick wouldn’t keep a journal and most especially would not just leave it lying around the story just kinda ended that way . . . so deal.

Oh right. Please let me know about the tense’s thing. Those who’ve noticed it before will know what I’m talking about. But just so you know the first part is supposed to be past.

Happy Holidays!!!

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