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Summary: (Abandoned) After the finale, the Sunnydale crew along goes off to England for a respite. Slashiness.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Other(Past Donor)JoyfulFR1537,9240112,11716 Dec 0416 Dec 04No

Chapter 2

Title: Requiescere (2/?)

Author: Joyful (

Disclaimer: HP & co belong to JKR, Dawn & co belong to Joss, Paige & co belong to Aaron Spelling. Please don’t sue, I promise to return them when I’m done.

Summary: After a hard year, several Californians come to Hogwarts for a respite.

Notes: For Kate R.

Feedback: Oh, yes please, I’ll throw myself at your feet if you do!


Dawn did go to her classes the next day, and Spike sat in the back of each one, glaring at the teachers. Dawn was quickly becoming teacher’s pet in most of her classes, as she could do many of the spells without a wand, though she did have a powerful wand. It was in Potions, however, that the first real incident occurred. Snape had belittled Harry about three times, and was now moving on to Dawn. Spike had had enough. He strode across the Potions lab and slammed Snape against the wall.

“Listen, Severus, we’ve met before, so you know what I can do to you. Leave Dawn and Harry alone, and start giving them more respect, or you will wish you’d never been born, get it?” Spike had slowly been increasing his pressure on Snape’s windpipe until the professor could no longer take a breath.

“I know you remember what me and Dru did to your compadres about 20 years ago. Don’t you?” Spike asked, his eyes glowing amber. Snape nodded.

“Harry’s my great-great-grandson, and Dawn is like my daughter. Insult them, Willow’s cousins, or their friends ever again, and I will keep you alive for a month.” Spike let him go sharply, Snape’s face still full of arrogance.

“Bit, Harry, come with me please,” Spike said, and Harry and Dawn quickly gathered up their stuff and followed Spike out of the dungeons. Suddenly, Spike realized something. He saw the way Harry was walking, and he smelled fear and pain.

“Oh bugger, why didn’t I realize this before?” Spike asked. When he had brought his son and daughter to the deserted Gryffindor common room, he ordered Harry to take off his robe. The he told him to lift up his shirt. Harry’s entire left side was black and blue.

“Three cracked ribs,” Spike said, gently touching the boy’s side with his fingers. “Who did this to you?” Harry looked down at his feet.

“Tell him, Harry,” Dawn said. “You’re family, he will protect you at any cost.”

“Uncle Vernon,” Harry said. It had been six days since Harry had left the Dursleys’, but he was afraid to visit Madame Pomfrey, for fear she would ask where the bruises came from.

Dawn’s eyes flashed green. Spike was barely able to contain himself. Before long, Harry had let the whole sordid tale slip out. How Vernon Dursley abused everybody he came in contact with. He beat Harry for just existing, hit Dudley when he got in his way, and beat and raped Petunia whenever he felt like it, especially when his son and nephew were watching. Spike looked positively feral.

“We’re going on a field trip, Pet. Harry’s coming too. Family looks out for family. Paige can take us.” Spike declared.

“Paige?” Dawn called. Paige sensed Dawn’s call in her head and orbed to her.

“Dawnie,” she said gently. “It’s good to see you up and about. What’s wrong?”

“We have some family business to take care of. Can you take us somewhere?” Paige looked hesitant, but she agreed. They held hands, and orbed into the Dursley’s living room.

“Who the bloody ‘ell are you?” Vernon Dursley snarled.

“Your worst nightmare,” Dawn replied. “I’d like you to meet your wife’s great-grandfather: William the Bloody. One of the most famous and brutal vampire in all of history. And I’m Dawn. Otherwise known as the Girl Who Never Was- the Key of the Beast. You hurt our family, and now you must pay.”

“Dawn,” Paige began. “We don’t hurt humans. Please, don’t do this.”

“Angel-girl, take Petunia and the whelp, and bring them to Poppy Pomfrey in the medical wing of Hogwarts. Have her heal them and give them a sleeping draught, and we will meet you there soon. Hesitantly, Paige complied, and orbed Petunia & Dudley to the school.

“Now, Vernon, you’re going to pay dearly for what you did to my family,” Spike said. “Dawn, show Harry what this family does to those who would hurt it.” Dawn grinned. There was a flash of green light and Vernon was thrown back against the wall. Dawn took a bowl from the table and quickly leafed through the spice rack, taking a few herbs, before cutting her hand and pouring some blood into the bowl.

“With every cry uttered in this house, I return to you all the pain you inflicted,” Dawn chanted, throwing the mixture on Vernon’s chest. Instantly, Vernon was forced to relive every violent act he’d ever done to another. When Vernon stopped spasming, Spike stripped him of all but his underwear, and tied him up. Spike suddenly thought to cast a silencing spell on the house, so that nobody else on Privet Drive would hear Vernon’s screams.

“Harry,” Spike began, “Is there something you’ve always wanted to do to your uncle?” Spike asked, a sadistic grin on his face. Harry stepped up. Fixing his stare on Vernon, Harry flew at him with his fists, punching him and kicking him with all his might. Finally, he spit in his face, and pulled out his wand.

“Nothing too damaging, Pet,” Spike said, “I want to keep him around for a while, gonna show him real pain, and have meself some fun with it.” Harry nodded, and just started hexing Vernon. Finally, Harry backed away, exhausted.

“Dawn, take Harry back to the school, I’ll return soon.” Dawn nodded, trying to remember Willow’s teleportation spell. She tried it, but it didn’t work because of the wards on Hogwarts. Dawn made another cut on her hand, and said a few words in both Latin and Sumerian. Shaking some blood from her hand, a portal opened. Dawn grabbed Harry and pulled him through the portal back into the Gryffindor common room.

At the Dursley’s, Spike was at a loss. He wanted to make Vernon pay, but torture had never been his forte. He looked over at the mantle and saw a family photo. Vernon’s sister Marge, was Wesley’s mother! That gave him an idea. He called on the sire-childe bond, not with Drusilla, but with Angelus. The older vampire sensed his childe’s rage, and grabbed his mate. Wesley did a teleportation spell, and they appeared at Spike’s side.

“Sire,” Spike said, emotion revealed in his voice. “He hurt my family, and yours. He beat my great-granddaughter, and my great-great-grandsons. And his sister, is Marge.” Angel looked over at his mate, and saw that Wesley had blanched at the site of his uncle Vernon. Suddenly the flashbacks were too much. All those times he was locked in the closet for days at a time. Angel felt his mate begin to panic, and released Angelus.

“Don’t worry, boyo,” Angelus said with a bit of his old brogue. “We’re gonna have us some great fun. All right, William, get me some nice sharp knives and a bowl of ice.” Spike grinned evilly, and went to fetch the items.

“Hello, Vernon. I’m Angelus, the Scourge of Europe. This is William the Bloody. I’m also Wesley Wyndham-Pryce’s mate. Now we’re going to have a nice spot of torture.” Vernon started to scream obscenities at them while they just laughed. Angelus started with the ice.

“How about a nice bit of frostbite?” Angelus suggested, as he placed Vernon’s testicles in the bowl of ice. While they waited for the ice to take effect, Angelus shattered each of Vernon’s fingers with his hands. Listening to the man’s screams, he smiled, and then moved up to his wrists and arms. “Want to help, William?” Angelus said, softly, and Spike started with Vernon’s toes, slowly moving up.

After Vernon passed out from the pain, Spike and Angel decided to drink until he woke up. Wesley played bartender, pouring whiskey and scotch until the two vampires were both quite sloshed. Angel reached down and kissed his childe, nearing his breaking point over all that had happened lately.


Back at the school, Dawn and Harry had created quite a stir among the Gryffindors by appearing through a portal into the common room. Dawn immediately went to Willow and Amy’s room, where she climbed into Xander’s lap and fell asleep between the two girls. Neville cautiously approached Harry.

“Are you all right Harry?”

“I think that my vampire great-great-grandfather is about to kill my Uncle Vernon,” Harry replied, dazed.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Neville asked.

“Search me.” The two young men who had so much in common left the common room and walked around the school for a while, just talking and enjoying each other’s company. They saw two older men walking through the corridors, holding hands. One man looked quite ill, though the boys had no way of knowing that Ethan was actually improving; slowly but surely.

“Neville, I’ve seen those two men before.”

“Me too, I think, but where?”

“In a picture. Our parents were all in it too.”

“I’ve seen that picture. Harry-- those men were Aurors during the last war.” The boys looked longingly at the men who might be able to help them know how their families should have been..

“Ethan, do you remember all of this? Remember chasing girls down the hall, and practicing our dueling with Severus, and putting jam in Lucius’s hair?” Ethan nodded, a small smile on the man’s scarred face. His mind and his memory were slowly coming back. Giles had unbound Ethan’s magic, and tried his hardest to undo all the harm the Initiative had caused. There was still a lot of healing that needed to happen, but everything would happen in its own time. Rupert looked up and instantly identified the two boys coming towards them. Each was the spitting image of his father.

“Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom, I presume?” the Watcher asked, to which the boys promptly nodded.

“I was at each of your christenings. My name is Rupert Giles, and this is Ethan Rayne.”

“I’ve seen you somewhere before,” Harry said, “And not just in photographs, but somewhere else.”

“When you were in muggle school, you took a field trip to the British Museum, while I was still curator there.”

“I remember. A bunch of eight-year-olds running around, I pity you,” Harry said with a small smile.

“James?” Ethan asked, his mind not yet perfectly restored.

“No, Baby, this is Harry, James and Lily’s boy. It’s been fifteen years, remember?”

“Oh, I forgot,” the tired Chaos mage said, laying his head on his mate’s shoulder.

“Ethan and I are going to go back to our room for a while, but if you’d like, we can talk after supper tonight,” Rupert promised the boys. They nodded and went back to the Gryffindor common room.

“Harry, what’s going on?” Ron asked. “That Spike bloke pulled you and Dawn out of class, and then you appeared in the middle of the common room through a portal.”

“I’m not exactly certain what’s going on myself today,” Harry said, curling up on one of the sofas in the common room.


Angelus and Spike sent Wesley back to Hogwarts, because this was something not to be done, or even witnessed by mortals. Besides, Wesley needed to eat and rest, while Spike and Angelus planned on keeping Vernon alive for days. It had been years since they’d been in a situation like this, but they had once been quite good at it.

Wesley moved tiredly through the school he himself had attended. He smiled at the memory of how excited he had been when he was named Head Boy. This school was his safe haven. He headed to the hospital wing, and bumped into Giles along the way. Rupert was heading to get a tonic from Poppy for Ethan, to fight off the magical seizures he still had upon occasion.

“Good afternoon Mr. Giles,” Wesley said. “I had no idea you were here as well.”

“Good to see you, Wesley. Heading to the hospital wing?”

“Yes.” They walked together in silence. Wesley headed towards his Aunt Petunia, and cousin Dudley, almost as if he expected to be attacked for being there Giles saw the two, who had been given a heavy sleeping draught. Giles walked up to the two sleeping figures, an inquisitive look on his face.

“They’ve been bound,” he told Wesley.


“They have magic, but it’s been bound, so that they can’t access it. The mother has been bound almost her whole life, I can tell. And because his mother was bound, the boy was born with his magic bound. I wonder if Spike knows this.”

“If Aunt Petunia ever had magic, she was never aware of it You can tell that she was secretly jealous of Lily growing up, just by the way she speaks. Of course, our family is so completely anti-magic, that Aunt Lily, Harry and myself have always had to keep silent if public circles.”

“So you’re related to Harry Potter?” Madam Pomfrey asked as she walked by, working on the Dursleys.

“Through marriage,” Wesley affirmed. “Harry’s aunt, his mother’s sister, is married to my mother’s brother. The two of whom are very anti-magic,” Wesley said with a grimace.

“Somebody bound this woman, probably in infancy. Spike is not going to be happy.”

“Who would allow such a thing?” Poppy asked, shocked. “Binding an infant’s magic is strictly forbidden.”

“There are also only a handful of people powerful enough, in the entire world. Miss Rosenberg, myself, Lord Voldemort, the Charmed Ones, and Albus Dumbledore. Most of whom were not born yet. That tells me that it was Albus.”

“Indeed, Rupert, I did bind Petunia’s magic when she was still a child. According to prophesy, if she had her magic, she would have destroyed Lily in school.”

“You have no right to maneuver prophesy,” Rupert growled. He then opened his senses, and came to a shocking realization. But he would do nothing there, at that moment, unprepared. Rupert unbound Petunia and Dudley’s magic, and then stalked off to his and Ethan’s room.
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