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Summary: (Abandoned) After the finale, the Sunnydale crew along goes off to England for a respite. Slashiness.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Other(Past Donor)JoyfulFR1537,9240112,12216 Dec 0416 Dec 04No

Chapter 3

Title: Requiescere (3/?)

Author: Joyful (

Disclaimer: HP & co belong to JKR, Dawn & co belong to Joss, Paige & co belong to Aaron Spelling. Please don’t sue, I promise to return them when I’m done.

Summary: After a hard year, several Californians come to Hogwarts for a respite.

Notes: For Kate R. Also, Dumbledore lovers beware. Many thanks to my wonderful beta Ms. Moon.

Feedback: Oh, yes please, I’ll throw myself at your feet if you do!


The torture and demise of Vernon Dursley took several days. The two master vampires, despite having consciences and souls knew how to return pain for pain inflicted. After whipping and beating the man who had hurt their loved ones beyond recognition, they turned him, but not before castrating him. Once a vampire, they flayed him fingernails to toenails. Then they eviscerated him. Finally, four days after the initial discovery of Vernon’s abuse, they incinerated him. They saved his eyeballs and testicles to send to Marge in the mail.

When Angel and Spike showed up at Hogwarts, they were grimy and smelled of ash, blood, and rotting flesh. Their family insisted they both shower before they all got together. Giles, Ethan, Wesley, Spike, Angel, Xander, Amy, Willow, Paige, Richard, Dawn, Harry, Neville and Hermione all gathered together..

“Paige, please go and get your sisters. Leo can watch over Chris and Wyatt.” Paige orbed out and came back with Phoebe and Piper. Willow and Amy cast a wandless cloaking spell, while the Charmed Ones cast a protection spell.

“What I am about to tell you is not to leave this room. First of all, this room contains more power than the rest of the natural world combined, but it is different kinds of power, and we are all going to need to work together on this. Hermione, you and Harry are probably going to have the hardest time accepting this, but please, just listen.” Giles took a deep breath. “Albus Dumbledore is a dark wizard. I first thought he might be four days ago, and Willow and Amy helped me confirm it. He has been hiding his true self for over fifty years.” Hermione looked like she might either be violently sick or explode with rage The rest of the groups varied from looking shocked and numb. Harry didn’t know how to react.

“Dumbledore can’t be evil, can he?”

“Think about it. He circumvented prophesy multiple times. He bound Petunia’s magic the day Lily was born, and in turn Dudley was born with his magic bound.”

“WHAT?!” Spike exploded, and it was only his Sire’s touch of a soft hand on his shoulder that stopped him from barreling after Dumbledore that instant.

“Also, the prophesy you found last year, Harry, was mutated. The actual prophesy indicated both you and Neville, not one or the other.”

“Me?” Neville squeaked.

“Yes. The two of your complement each other, balance each other, like Ethan and I. It is the two of you together who can take down Voldemort But that is not why I called this group together.”

“You want to vanquish Dumbledore,” Piper said with a sigh. “But he’s the strongest wizard ever, isn’t?”

“One of,” Angel said. Suddenly Phoebe got a panicked look on her face.

“He’s read our book. When he came to visit us at the Manor, Dumbledore read our Book of Shadows. I remember, he was reading over my shoulder. He never tried to touch it, which is why we never picked up on him being evil. Also, I wasn’t an empath yet.”

“So he knows our most powerful spells. Including the ancestor spell,” Paige said, defeat in her voice.

“So Percy was right all along,” Willow said sadly, thinking of her beloved cousin who loved to read as much as she did. “And Uncle Arthur refused to believe him.” Xander wrapped his arms around Willow while Amy hugged her from the other side.

“Dumbledore cannot know that we suspect him,” Wesley said. “He’s angry enough that Petunia and Dudley have been unbound, and will be furious when he learns of Vernon’s death.”

“So Dumbledore arranged my parents’ death, and placed me with somebody he knew would hurt me?” Harry asked in a strangled voice. Giles nodded.

“Everybody needs to go on as if nothing has changed. The Charmed Ones might need to go back to San Francisco for a while, but the rest of us will stay here, and go on with our everyday lives. Whatever you do, do not mention any of this without the cloaking spells.” They all talked it over a little while, and then went their separate ways. As Angel stepped out of Giles and Ethan’s bedroom his cellphone range. He spoke for a few minutes, and then hung up with an unnecessary sigh.

“It’s Cordelia. She passed away this morning.” The former Sunnydale residents all looked sad, but Xander punched the stone wall with all his might, cursing when he felt his hand break.

“Who’s Cordelia?” Harry asked in a whisper.

“His first love,” Dawn whispered back. “Come on,” she said in a loud voice. “We have Potions, and Snape’s been nice ever since Spike threatened him.”


That evening in the Great Hall there was a commotion that caught everybody’s attention. Everybody was eating and talking and laughing when Ginny Weasley suddenly fell off the bench, grabbing her head as her body shook. Angel was with her in a second,

“How is this possible?” He said quietly, as he lifted her up, and carried her out of the dining hall while everybody stared. Ron ran after them like a bat out of hell, and Harry and Hermione were instantly at his side. Dawn started to get up, but Neville pulled her back down, and Willow sent a message into their minds.

//Don’t follow them. We can’t all be seen as forming a big alliance. People will get more suspicious. Angel and Wesley can take care of her. We’ll find out what’s happening later. Don’t cause a mob scene.// Dawn sulked, but all of the Californians who were rising sat back down and returned to their meal.

“Wes, how is this possible? She hasn’t had any physical contact with Cordelia, which is how they were transferred before. She’s just a little girl, not a champion. Why is she having a vision?”

“I don’t know, Angel. But I intend to find out.”

“Ginny, Ginny, are you all right? What’s happened to my sister?” Ron demanded.

“She had a vision. Ginny, darling, what did you see?” Wesley asked her gently. Ginny slowly opened her eyes, wincing.

“I’m not sure, entirely. It was fast and it hurt. Images really. Percy, Mr. Malfoy, and a place. I think it was in the States. Why does my head hurt?” she asked, weakly.

“You’re human, lass,” Angel said with a sigh. “The visions are meant for demons. If you continue to keep them as you are, they could kill you. Cordelia was dying from the visions, until she became more than human. Part demon, but a balance demon, not evil in the slightest. You may need to become more than human as well, but this is for sure, we will take care of you.” Ron was fuming mad, while Harry and Hermione tried to calm him down. Instead of the hospital wing, where the students assumed they were headed, Angel carried Ginny to the guest tower, and laid her down on his and Wesley’s bed. Ron saw his sister in pain, and his heart broke. He climbed into the bed with her and cradled her in his arms, as he hadn’t done in years. Hermione and Harry were shocked at Ron’s display of affection. They had never seen him act like this before. He lightly stroked her hair while he softly sang an old Celtic lullaby their Nan had sung to them. Taking a deep breath, Ron revealed a secret that he had kept from his dearest friends. A secret most wizarding families kept.

“The most powerful wizarding families are never completely human. You were not a wizard before you became a vampire, so you would not know this. In fact, it is an aspect of the wizarding community never spoken of, nor written about, though the ‘pure’ families know. Spike would know, as well as Mr. Giles. Most so-called ‘pure’ families have the blood of a magical creature. The Malfoys have Veela blood in their line. One Longbottom ancestor was a selkie, many generations back. The Blacks have Fey blood. And the Weasley’s have changelings. Throughout our lineage, every onc in a rare while, would be a Weasley with the power to shift into an animal. Different from Animagus, more similar to werewolves. They change at will and keep aspects of the animal in human state. That’s why our four families are known to be the ‘most powerful.’ We do not have the access to the abilities, but they’re there, latent and hidden.” Hermione gasped, and Harry’s jaw dropped. Wesley nodded, his mind already working on how that could have affected Ginny gaining the visions.

“Ron, you weren’t supposed to tell. Nobody’s supposed to tell,” Ginny chided quietly.

“Harry should have been told long ago, but his parents weren’t around to tell him,” Ron replied.

“The Potter line was purebred, right?” Harry asked. Ron nodded.

“You’d have to ask Spike about your mother’s line, but that would be changed, since there are muggles in that line.”

“But,” Ginny said slowly, “I think that one of your dad’s ancestors was a sylph. I’m not certain though.”

“I have a thought,” Wesley said, and began to chant in Latin. A green light encased Ginny’s body and she was lifted a few inches above the bed. Suddenly, there was a burst of white light, and a black panther was sitting where Ginny had been. A moment later, Ginny was Ginny again, but her teeth were sharper, and her eyes were gold.

“That was wicked cool,” Ron said, kissing his sister’s temple. “The vision. Percy’s in trouble, isn’t he?” Ginny nodded. “It’s Dumbledore There’s something wrong.” Ginny nodded.

“I don’t want to say it, but I think he’s evil,” Ginny whispered. Hermione and Harry looked shocked. They hadn’t spoken a word to anybody, who wasn’t in their meeting.

“Do you share a bond?” Angel asked gently.

“Yes. It’s a family trait, it’s the reason the Weasley’s are so close-knit. Bill shares a bond with Charlie, the twins actually have a complete psychic bond, always in each other’s heads, and me with Ginny.”

“And sometimes I can sense Percy. He was the one in the middle,” Ginny added. Quietly. She and Ron were breaking so many rules, sharing family secrets with outsiders. Their Mum and Dad would not be happy.

“There’s something wrong,” Ginny said, quite upset. “Somebody did something to us, to our family, which made Dad kick out Percy, and made them say so many bad things to each other.”

“I was under my cloak last night,” Harry said, “I heard Dumbledore tell Professor McGonagall that he has to go to London tonight, to attend to business at the Ministry for a few days, and she was in charge.”

“I’ll get everybody together tonight, then,” Angel said. “I’m going to call Gunn and Fred. They’re now officially in charge of Wolfram & Hart for the time being.”

“I think we should go back to Gryffindor tower,” Ginny said. “I don’t want anybody to know anything. Is wrong.” The four Gryffindors headed back to their common room, and waited until everybody was asleep before the group reconvened in the guest tower.


“At least there are some perks to running a pan-dimensional law firm,” Angel said, closing his cellphone. “I’ve been talking to my contacts at the American Magical Embassy, our counterpart to the Ministry of Magic. Apparently Percy Weasley was recently transferred there. Recently as in this morning.”

“How did he sway that?” Ron asked “He’s way too young and not important enough in the Ministry.”

“Well, it seems that with everything happening with Arthur and Dumbledore, Lucius Malfoy arranged Percy to be transferred for his own protection.”

“THAT DEATH EATER?” Ron exclaimed.

“He may support Voldemort,” Giles said calmly, “But he is against Dumbledore, and that’s why he protected your brother.”

“Glamour,” Ethan said suddenly. “Dumbledore’s cast a glamour on the Weasley family. It didn’t take with Percy, but that’s why they all trust him when the animals tell them not to. But the kitten is connected to Percy, so she didn’t give up on him.”

“Everything that’s been happening lately is so insane,” Amy said. The first time she had really spoken to the other people.

“Like any aspect of our lives has ever been normal?” Xander pointed out.

“Good point.”

“I have an idea,” Richard spoke up, “but I don’t think you’re going to like it. We need to make an alliance with the Death-Eaters.” Nobody spoke for a while.

“We can’t trust them,” Harry objected. “They only live for themselves. They’ll turn around and stab us in the back.”

“We though we could trust Dumbledore,” Ron said, finding his voice, and choosing for the first time to voice a disagreement with Harry. “We thought we could trust him with our lives, and he turned out to be a maniacal fascist.” Hermione’s jaw dropped, as she didn’t know that Ron even knew those words. “We might not be able to trust anybody right now, maybe not even each other, but we have to take some risks. Especially if Percy is in trouble.”

“If Dumbledore’s going to the Ministry, he must not know that Percy’s been transferred yet,” Ginny said. Her eyes glowed gold as she looked back into her vision.


Percy Weasley was getting settled into his office at the American Magical Embassy.

“I want to thank you again, Mr. Malfoy. As much as our. . . Interests may differ, you can be a good man when you so choose,” Percy said diplomatically.

“Thank you, young Master Weasley,” Lucius replied, flipping his long blonde hair. “I am confident that your family will come around to a right was of thinking. Dumbledore will not get his hand on you here, even he does not have the power to break international wizarding laws without consequence. If anybody threatens you, do get in contact with this law firm. They have represent the Malfoy family for centuries.” The elder Malfoy handed Percy a business card for Wolfram & Hart.

“Thank you sir.” The two wizards shook hands, and Lucius disapparated with a pop. Percy thought about his family. He missed them. If only they realized what danger they were in, letting Dumbledore get so close. And now Dumbledore wanted him out of the way. Even Penelope had cut her ties with him, choosing to support Dumbledore over the Ministry. Percy sighed at the thought and settled down at his desk to do his work.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Requiescere" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Dec 04.

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