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An Ordinary Day

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Summary: Dawn is a normal girl, with normal problems: pimples, boys, older sister. Teenagerhood is something which only old people want to go back to. Added to the normal problems though, there are the everydayish problems which come from being the Slayer's sis.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralLadyAlarielFR1321,181041,23917 Dec 048 Jan 05No

An Ordinary Day

Once upon a time, there was a Girl. She was not, as may be expected in most stories that have such a beginning, a girl who was beautiful, well-mannered, or even especially talented in any way, unless it be in the whittling of a stake. In fact, to all appearances and evidence, she was, so it seemed, a normal girl. She had trouble picking out what to wear from day to day, she had pimples, cuts on her legs from when she had trouble while shaving, and, to top it all off, an older sister. Older sisters were the plague which teenage girls never wished to have. The only good thing older sisters were for was having really cool outfits you could borrow(more like steal) and for giving you rides to places. That and you could ogle her really cute boyfriends, who would mostly smile at you and do everything but actually pat you on the head.

This Girl’s name was Dawn. I know, I know, it’s a name from, like, the Middle Ages, and although some people condescend to look at you sympathetically and say, “Oh, it’s a very pretty name, it’s got lots of, you know, um, grit to it”, you feel that, even though it’s a kinda pathetic name, it’s still your name, and who cares what other people think of it, so long as they don’t say it! Anyway, there is nothing wrong with that name, so lay off already, huh?

I think that it would be safe to say that the Girl, Dawn, had the typical teenage girl mentality: if it’s cute, go for it, if it’s ugly, squeal and run, but if you can’t get away, whack it with your handbag. Oh, yes, and, If it looks good to eat, it probably is, so no matter how long that half-eaten Twix has been in Buffy’s bag, it’s probably still as sweet and tooth-achy as it was two weeks ago when it was first opened. Dawn was a typical teenage girl, there was no doubt about it. This, however, can be misleading. Even though Dawn herself seemed to be a normal girl, her life was not.

Typically, a normal teenage girl lives in a house with her family, and perhaps the ruler of the house, aka, the cat, but with Dawn, things were just a little bit different. First of all, both of her parents were gone from her life. Mother died, father ran out on them, tragic sure why not, but she’d rather not think about that part of it. It was only Dawn and older sister Buffy who inhabited the Summers’ home, which it wasn’t really anymore without Mom, now it was only the Summers’ house. And the Scoobies’ home base. Now that was something that really wasn’t normal. The Scoobies were…well, how to put this without you freaking out and calling me an utter nutcase right off the bat? Hmmm…I know! I’ll show you exactly what a normal day with Dawn is like! Ready? I doubt it, but oh, well.

---OK, so this is the first story I've posted on TtH, so please be kind! This is going to feature several fandoms, including some that you have probably never heard of, and just so you know, there WILL be oldies included. Review, and tell me how lousy a beginning chappie this is, please!---
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