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Snow Balls

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Summary: FFA Minis #90 (Lilah/Lex) #461 (Dawn/Hermione)

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAJenmarFR1327090191517 Dec 0417 Dec 04Yes

Snow Balls

Title: Wife Number Three

Author: Jenmar

Rating: PG-13 (adult theme and one naughty word)

Pairing: Lex/Lilah #90 for the FFA

Disclaimer: Lilah belongs to Whedon, et al; Luthor belongs to Gough, Millar, etc. They are not mine. No money being made, or coyright infringement intended.

“Mr. Luthor?” A discreet knock sounded on his office door. “Ms. Morgan is here to see you. Shall I send her in.”

Lex Luthor looked up from his paperwork. “Yes.” His secretary nodded her head and stepped back from the doorway. A moment later, a smart looking brunette in a deep burgundy skirt and jacket entered.

“That will be all, thank you.” Lex dismissed his secretary who backed out of the room, closing the door behind her. “Drink?”

“Scotch. Neat.” Lilah crossed from the door to the leather chair in front of Lex’s desk. She slipped out of her jacket, revealing a lacy black shell underneath.

Lex finished pouring the drinks and turned to find Lilah draped across the chair in front of his desk. He smirked as he handed her the glass before taking the empty seat next to her. There was no doubt in his mind that a month ago, Lilah Mogan would have been more than his legal partner. He would have easily had her in his bed. Sometimes celibacy was a bitch.

“Well?” He sipped his drink.

“Consider it done.”

“Good. Any complications?”

Lilah’s smile disappeared into her glass as she finished her drink. “Nothing of note.” She set her glass on the side table before reaching for her briefcase. Slipping a folder out of the side pocket, Lilah handed it to Lex.

Lex flipped through the papers, all looked to be in order. “You do good work.”

“I know.” She grabbed her briefcase and discarded jacket. “If you like my prenuptials, you should see my divorces.” With a last look over her shoulder, she slipped out of his office.

“I’ll remember that.” Lex set the folder down on the side table and downed the rest of his scotch. If wife number three didn’t work out. Wolfram and Hart would be his first call.
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