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New Holiday Traditions

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Summary: My FFA entries, currently: Anya/ Teal'c, Connor/ Lois Lane, Drusilla/ Jareth, Giles/ Janet Frasier, Willow/ Gandalf, Dawn/ Charlie, Oz/ Rory

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAKeiFR1573,6080135,92717 Dec 0420 Dec 04No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Oz/ Rory Gilmore

7: Oz/ Rory Gilmore

Okay, the eggnog had to officially be spiked she decided. Rory
held up the clear plastic cup for a closer look, but eggnog, being
both nog and filled with egg, was not being particularly helpful in
trying to find out if it was contaminated with alcohol or not.
Alcohol after all, well aside from drugs, was the only reason she
could possible have for eyeing the guitar player set up to play for
the holiday party taking place at Yale's favorite coffee shop.

He was older than her by a good five years for one. Plus, green
hair. She wasn't the kind of girl to go for guys who looked like
Crayons spit up on them. And tattoos, so not into them. Jess had
SO gotten her over any sort of bad boy fixation. Any more would just
be redundant.

But that didn't stop her from drifting closer, and sipping a little
more eggnog as she went. He was tuning his guitar and she watched
black painted nails dance across the strings with open admiration.

She flushed red though when he glanced up through his lashes. It was
one thing to stare, another thing entirely to be caught staring by
the one you were staring at. And mortifying.

He sent her a quick, lopsided smile though, before bending his head
back to his guitar, and she moved another step closer in the crowd,
drink gripped tightly. It was as if he had given her permission to
stare and maybe the eggnog made her bolder than usual, but stare she

He looked up once more, before the lights dimmed and the show
started. Looked up and stared back at her, just her, in all the
people, as he brought the microphone closer to his mouth as he lips
moved across it. "Hey. I'm Oz." Not much of a conversationalist
then, but the audience didn't seem to mind. They hooted and
catcalled good-naturedly in response to the brief introduction.

Oz flashed her another smile but this one was different, more
melancholy. More real. Real enough to remind her why she had
fallen hook, line, and sinker for Jess, because he'd been sad too.
Only Oz didn't have any of Jess's repressed anger. Just his appeal.

And then his hands were back on the strings, his eyes were closed,
and when he sang it was for everyone, though Rory got the feeling it
was mostly for himself.

She slipped away after the show without trying to talk to him. She
was stupid, but not that stupid, not since she'd gotten Dean thrown
out of his own house. Which really wasn't all that long ago, truth
be told.

Paris greeted her absently after she walked back to her dorm and let
herself in. "Was the party as crappy as I thought it was going to
be?" Rory shrugged out of her coat, feeling oddly pleased with
herself. At her silence Paris looked up, annoyed. "Well? Party?
How bad was it?"

Rory Gilmore shrugged and felt herself smile crookedly. "I
discovered that I like eggnog."

The End?

You have reached the end of "New Holiday Traditions" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Dec 04.

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