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New Holiday Traditions

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Summary: My FFA entries, currently: Anya/ Teal'c, Connor/ Lois Lane, Drusilla/ Jareth, Giles/ Janet Frasier, Willow/ Gandalf, Dawn/ Charlie, Oz/ Rory

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Anya/ Teal'c

AN: Life is finally back to normal. A Trick or Treat update soon but,
first, my contribution to the FFA, to get myself into the spirit.
Hope you enjoy. Any and all reviews would be appreciated.

I own none of the characters, either in this story or in following

1: Anya/ Teal'c

"This is indeed a Tau'ri tradition?"

Anya Jenkins beamed up at her big alien man adoringly as she
considered, in the back of her mind, how he would look in the
jingle bell boxers she had gotten him as a little present to
herself. "Oh yes, a beloved Tau'ri tradition." She nodded
enthusiastically as her lover looked with some suspicion at the
brightly wrapped gift in his hands.

"But are not presents opened on Christmas morning?"

She stifled a sigh. She loved Teal'c, she really did, but sometimes
his insistence on truth and honor grew somewhat tedious, especially
when it was delaying sex. Winter sex no less, which was the best
kind because they could drink eggnog afterward.

"Special gifts are opened the night before, really."

Teal'c raised a single dark brow as she smiled winningly.

Anya repressed a contented squeal as he slowly, methodically
unwrapped her, err... his gift. The other brow rose slowly to
join the first as Teal'c held up his... present. The jingle-bell
boxers jingled merrily as the sound box sewn into the hem activated.

"The underwear rings."

Anya clapped enthusiastically. "I know! Think how much fun they'll
be to take off."

Teal'c regarded her evenly. "Off?"

His mouth didn't quirk, but she could tell he was intrigued. Really,
she could. Anya crept closer and leaned up to whisper in his ear.
"That's why it's a special gift. You can wear it tonight, and take
it off tonight."

Teal'c's lips twitched, just the slightest bit. Oh yes, he was
definitely intrigued. Excited even. "You will take them off."

Anya's smile almost split her face in two as she leaned in for a
kiss. "Well, if you insist..." After over a thousand years of life,
she was of the firm opinion that some of the best traditions were the
ones you created.
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