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Summers Women and Guys

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Summary: Dawn meets a guy after the Hellmouth blows and she, Buffy and Xander move to a new city with its own lovely problems but some problems stay the same like finding a regular guy to live with and some problems just require a slayers touch. .

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LAst Chapter

Angel looked at the incoming army of demons that were supported by a giant dragon. The army of the Black Thorn was not something one could ignore easily. The fact that they had taken out a number of their senior members meant that they were pretty angry with them at the moment. “Personally I want to slay the dragon.” Angel told the other members while he glared at the scaled behemoth.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” A new voice said as a costumed Buffy landed beside the dark vampire. She was dressed in the complete Slayer costume sans mask and cape as she glared at the army coming at them. Her scythe was in one hand while she held several batarangs in the other. She casually tossed the throwing weapons and smiled as they ripped into the various demons. “Tell you what, it can be a group effort even.” She suggested with a grin.

“Slayer?” An incredulous Spike questioned as he saw the familiar figure step into sight. “Not a bad entrance.” He complimented as he looked at the affect that her being with them had on the enemy. He did the math in his head. An Old One, a Slayer, two Master Vampires and one human would put a definite hurting on this group. Sure they were all still dead, but he gave them maybe three whole more minutes more now in their fight.

“Buffy,” Angel said with a relieved smile. “Glad that you got the message.”

“I told you that I would.” Buffy returned flashing him a smile. “You want to lose the suit now though?” She asked him with a grin. Angel nodded and pulled the jacket and shirt he was wearing off to show his own bat costume underneath. Buffy handed him his spiked gauntlets and utility belt. He also kept his mask and cape off as he looked at the incoming army.

“Who else did you bring with you?” Angel questioned as he secured the belt.

“All sorts of friends.” Buffy said pointing upwards. Angel and the others looked up and saw what looked like a few hundred slayers. They could see a few other people with them as well. There was Gunn’s crew, Black Canary, and Gwen Raiden to name a few of the people standing there ready to fight with them.

“Where’s Willow?” Angel questioned not seeing the witch.

“She’s all out of juice.” Buffy explained. “Seems teleporting a few hundred people is really tiring and she doesn’t have the kind of power levels that Dr. Fate or the other magical big guns have.” Angel nodded his head in understanding.

Several figures leaped from the rooftop and landed between them and the demons. “Batman?” Angel said surprised to see the vigilante landing with his cape pulled around him. A moment later Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, and Huntress had also landed around the man. Each of the vigilantes threw something into the incoming horde of demons and watched as explosions ripped through the front line.

“Now that’s an entrance.” Spike said in appreciation as he looked at the damage the group had caused to the opposing force. The flames seemed to lick the entire area and bathed it in an unholy light that bathed everything.

“Angel.” Batman curtly returned to the vampire. “Are you ready?” He demanded of him.

“I am now.” Angel returned snapping the last bit of armor into place as he turned toward the army. “Let’s do this I have a dragoon to kill.”

“Good, Oracle begin giving instructions.” Batman ordered.

“Right, you got it. Batman, Slayer, and Angel, head for the dragon the others are going to clear the way for you.” Oracles voice returned to them. “As for the rest of you crazy kids you’re the escort try and keep them out of the way so that they don’t stop us. Everyone else can go ahead and fire now.” The voice said. Some two hundred weapons were shot from the group of Slayers that were on the roof as they fired they leaped to the ground so that they were now able to engage in combat and make room for the next row of shooters. Javelins, crossbow bolts, arrows, knives, and axes were all mixed into the assortment of weapons. As some connected they exploded or released some sort of magical blast against their targets.

The assault force pulled D-Cells and fired them toward the roaring dragon. The group forced their way upward till they were on top of the dragon. “Cut here and here!” Batman ordered toward Buffy and Angel pointing to the sides of the head of the beast.

“What is this going to do?” Angel questioned as he and Buffy used their weapons to hack holes into the sides of the creature. Nightwing and Catwoman were busy tying lines around the creatures mouth while Robin and Batgirl were tying their lines around the arms and wings keeping the creature grounded.

Batman ignored the questions as he tossed one of his Batarangs into the cuts. Huntress followed suit of the Dark Knight by tossing her own weapon in. “Jump.” Batman ordered the group. Everyone nodded and leaped off of the mouth and onto the roof of a nearby building. “Huntress now.” Batman ordered.

The purple clad woman nodded as she fell she fired a pair of crossbow bolts. The twin bolts slammed into the eyes of the dragon who tried to roar in pain through the ropes that held its jaw shut. The heavy cables creaked and some of them snapped but for the moment they held the jaws shut. Batman pulled a remote from his belt and triggered it. Twin explosions were the response from his pressing the button. “It’s now deaf, blind, and unbalanced. He informed the group as they watched the dragon teetering around unstably stepping on some of the demons beneath it. Finish subduing it.” Batman ordered the Gotham defenders who nodded as they headed out. The man then turned to the mystical champions. “We need to corral these things away from the rest of the population of the city before they try and flee.” He informed them. “The dragon is going to act as our barrier to keep them in place down there.” He nodded toward the alley entrance now blocked by their former target. “We have to keep the roofs free of escapees.” The two nodded in understanding as they waited for the various demons to pop up. As they waited other members of the Bat-Clan joined them and soon they were picking off the various members of the invading army that were trying to escape from the slayer army. Nods were all the greetings that they were able to give each other before their various weapons were flashing around picking the demons off as they came and joined them.

As the Slayers were cleaning up the last bits of the army the group landed on the rooftops. Spike was the first to notice them. “Slayer, Angel. What the bloody hell is going on here!” The bleach blonde vampire demanded. “How the sodding hell did you lot know what was going on? I thought the two of you was ignoring each other and that you were calling us the bad guys again.” The annoyed vampire wanted answers to what was going on as it didn’t make sense to him what he was seeing.

“We planned for it and were ready for it.” Buffy told Spike with a grin.

“Yeah,” Angel said with a matching grin. “The Council has had this plan in place for months.”

“When did you two have the time to get together and work out a plan? I thought you were still having your little lovers spat?” Spike complained as he looked at the pair that were actually leaning into each other.

“Gotham.” The two returned as if that explained everything.


Gotham City

The group of heroes retreated to the rooftops where they watched as Ethan and Two-Face got carted off. The group was about to leave when several figures decided to land behind them. ‘Great, the morality crew.’ Batman thought to himself as he faced off with the various members of the Justice League that had decided to invade his city. The way they were marching forward it was obvious that they weren’t going to ask for permission on whether or not they could do anything here. They were too filled with their righteous attitudes right now to see reason. They were going to do whatever it was that they felt like doing and then say sorry afterwards. If he allowed them to that is.

“That’s far enough.” Superman ordered the demon hunters his arms crossed as he glared at the group. “Fate told us that you people might slip out before he could deal with everything and that we were to back him up if anything was to happen. He told us that you were all too dangerous to allow too wander around without supervision.”

“Back off pal we’ve just had a long and hard few days.” Shadow/Faith growled not in the mood for someone getting in her way right now. She was suffering from the two H’s and she doubted that the other would allow her to deal with one of them without her man being around.

“No,” Captain Atom said as he glared at the group. “You are going to surrender yourselves right here and now. Once everything is taken care of we’ll see what your involvement was.”

“And if we don’t feel like just going to our rooms like good little kids?” Slayer/Buffy questioned as she held her weapon at the ready in case she should need it against the two powerhouses that were standing before them.

“Then we just might have ourselves a problem. You people have a lot of questions that you need to answer.” Superman returned to her meeting the glare unflinchingly. “Until you do that, you’re not going to even think of going anywhere.”

“We don’t answer to you.” Angel said glaring at the man before them. “Nothing happened here that has anything to do with you. Why don’t you go back and destroy building while saving lives or something.” He suggested to the figure in annoyance.

“Yeah, just because we don’t do things the way you think we should doesn’t mean you have the right to do any of this. We’re not capes anyways this was our first time with masks and it will probably be our last one as well.” Slayer returned to the alien. The two figures were shoulder to shoulder and against a lesser opponent they would probably be the death of anyone standing against them. This was Superman though and he wasn’t as easy to intimidate as most people were.

“I know enough about you and your people to know that you’re dangerous to the world.” Superman returned to them. “Now surrender before I have to get rough on you. When you add in all the questions Fate says that there are about you then there is something seriously wrong with you. We can’t leave you free.” Superman declared as he moved toward the pair as he recognized them as the leaders of the group.

“Oh bloody hell no.” Spike growled from where he was standing helping the barely conscious Illyria stand. “There is no way that I’m going to be taking orders from some fairy in a cape and tights. At least the people here have costumes that act as armor. Not to mention it has a certain big bad feel to it. Even the bird boy has a certain air about him. You though mate? You ain’t got no reason for wearing that sodding getup. I’ll take my chances against you rather than having either of you trying to arrest me.”

“Fine, I gave you the chance to do this the peaceful way now we do it the hard way.” Superman returned as he and Captain Atom rose into the air so that they could start their attack.

“That’s enough Superman.” Batman growled out in annoyance as he put a communicator away. “I don’t know where you got it into your head that you can come into my city and start picking fights with people but if you try and take them down then you’ll be fighting more than just them.”

“Batman you can’t be serious. These are dangerous people and you can’t let them go free.” Superman argued with the man.

“What are you two doing here? Gotham is my city not yours.” Batman said, ignoring what the alien had said about his allies. He had learned much about this group, and was not about to let Holier than thou Kal-El try and take them away for doing the right thing.

“Dr. Fate wanted us to help out with this group in case they slipped past him.” Captain Atom said nodding toward the assembled demon hunters.

“If you are going to be challenging them then you shall be challenging many other Captain.” A new voice said as a portal opened and several new figures stepped out. Wonder Woman, Jason Blood, and Zatana were in front with a few others behind them. “This is a matter for the magical community not the legal one you have no jurisdiction on this matter.”

“The laws are not different for people though Wonder Woman.” Superman argued with the tall woman.

“These people are some of the ones that have protected the world for a thousand years. They are a part of the Watchers Council you cannot seriously be thinking that there won’t be consequences if you attack them.” Wonder Woman tried to reason with the pair of men.

“Wow, she’s hotter in person.” Knight said looking at the woman in appreciation.

“Yeah she is.” Wicca agreed as she was also watching the heroine.

“The laws are there for a reason though. Superman argued with Wonder Woman ignoring the conversation that the two were having. “Of all people, I thought you and Batman would understand the most why they need to be taken in before they do something seriously wrong.”

“You’re in one of those moods then.” Batman said as he reached into his belt and pulled out a pair of knucklers he flipped a switch and the metal slid aside to show green gems of some sort. He moved forward leaped and socked the floating man in the chest. Superman cried out in pain as he was forced to the ground. Batman stood over the hero. “Stay down.” He ordered.

Zatana sighed before waving her hands “Tropelet.” She said waving her hands at the pair. Superman glowed for a moment before he disappeared. The woman then did the same to Captain Atom before turning to the others. “There, that should keep them out of the way for a little bit.”

“Where did you send them?” Batman questioned as he returned his knuckler to its hiding place.

“I sent them to Saigon. I figure that they’ll be able to cool off on the flight back.” The magic user responded.

“That’s good, so any word on Dr. Fate last we saw him he was trying to stop a Chaos bomb that had entered the time stream.” Nightwing asked her.

Zatana paled at this bit of news. “No, I’m afraid not and there’s nothing we can do except hope that it doesn’t go off.”

Batman let the heroes talk as he turned to Wonder Woman. He nodded his thanks to her and she returned his nod. “Princess Diana, may I present to you the most experienced Slayer.” He said formally as he gestured toward the short blonde still dressed in Bat clothes.

Wonder Woman let her eyes raise at this. She knew that the scoobies were connected, but to be connected to the line of Slayers was indeed something. “You are the heir of Sinyea?” She questioned as she regarded the blonde. Her mother had told her the stories of the child warrior who had been an ally to the Amazon nation. In times of need the heir would come back to aide before disappearing until she was needed once again. She could actually understand the heir coming to Batman for aide. They were both beings that operated from the shadows.

“Uh yeah, I guess you could say that.” Slayer returned nervously to the tall woman.

“I hope that you can forgive Superman. He means well, but is sometimes overeager at times. He does not understand the heroes that are not bound by the same rules and is often hasty when judging them.” Wonder Woman explained to the young woman before her.

Slayer nodded her head. “He was doing what he thought was right so I’m not going to get into it with him over it. If we ever have to meet again it will hopefully be on a whole lot better terms than tonight.”

“I hope so sister.” A relieved Wonder Woman returned.

“Indeed that is something that we can all hope for.” Dr. Fate said as he appeared out of an ankh. “I believe that he was simply worried that the real fight had not begun. I am sure that once he realizes that you fought a Chaos God and won that he will seek you out to apologize. Perhaps when he learns of it though he will treat you with the respect that you deserve.”

“Doubtful,” Batman returned. “He knows better to start fights in Gotham. He and I will be having words and he better hope I’m content with having knocked him out of the air by the time we meet up.” He added still annoyed that Superman was so willing to start a fight with the group.

Dr. Fate nodded his head toward the Dark Knight. “Forgive me for entering as I did Batman. The Chaos energies that I sensed coming from Janus forced me to enter to try and stop him.”

“You responded to a threat.” Batman said shrugging.

Dr. Fate nodded his thanks before turning to look at the assembled demon hunters. “I must admit I have often been curious about the ones known as Scoobies and Slayerettes.” The figure said as he eyed the group. “I look on you and see not the beings of destruction and death I was told of. Instead I see warriors of Chaos that try to bring Order. The best type of champions I could hope to find. You are a truly oddly balanced group. Slayers made from innocent girls and turned into warriors. Vampires with souls and magic users touched by dark magic now trying to make up for their mistakes.” At this the magic users flinched as if they had been struck. Fate ignored the motion though as he continued. “Throw in a few regular humans and you are indeed powerful.” He turned toward the magic users. “You are doing the work that you should young ones you are balancing the world. In the fight against the Balance fewer have done as much as you for Order. The fact that you often use Chaos to do these things make you all the better to be doing the work that you do.” The Mage’s eyes seemed to skim over each of them for a moment and they all felt as if their very souls were being bared before him. “You are all where you need to be.” He declared to the group. “Chaos to bring Order. Few can manage it yet you do it as simply as breathing and for that I congratulate you. The road of balance is a tricky one.”

“You are going to have to tell me where you met these guys.” Robin hissed to Nightwing.

The other vigilante smirked back at him. “I somehow doubt that you would believe the entire story that we would have to tell you.” Nightwing responded to him. “Let’s just say that your girlfriend has a lot of guardian angels. Oh yeah and has a kidnap average worse than the escapee average of Arkham.” He added with a chuckle while Robin looked at him in confusion.

“We have other things to do now.” Dr. Fate said as he and Jason Blood bowed their heads towards the group. “Continue as you have, you are doing what you need to do.” Another ankh appeared and swallowed the various magical heroes until all that was left were the Bat-Clan and the demon hunters.

“Come,” Batman said ushering them to follow after him. “I do not think Alfred would be very understanding if I allowed you to disappear back into the night without a meal.” He walked to the edge of a building and jumped down as a large black bus stopped in front of it. The others nodded and followed after him. Some were helped by the vampires slayers as the witch could barely levitate herself after all the fighting and power she had used tonight. The group rode on the back of the bus to a small building. “Inside.” Batman ordered the group.

The group all slipped in and were assaulted with heavenly smells. “Whoa what is that man?” Gunn questioned as he smelled all sorts of food.

“That would be my work young sir.” Alfred said as he stepped out of a small kitchen. “We understand that you won’t want to be gone long but we thought some food would make you more agreeable. Then you can all slip off to wherever it is that you plan on haunting.”

Angel sighed for a moment before turning and heading back out. “Get what you want guys and head back out I want us gone as quick as possible. Sooner or later Wolfram & Hart will track us down here. I want us to be gone before they find this place. We need to be where they can see us.”

Ah he doesn’t eat.” Gunn explained to the arched brow of the butler.

Alfred nodded in understanding before he resumed his serving duties. “Very well sir. Master Robin might I suggest you call in.”

Slayer sighed as she watched the demon hunters all head for the food. There was even some blood that Spike was happily slurping on. The blonde headed back out to find Angel waiting outside for his team. He stood there in silent vigil as he watched for someone coming. She shook her head. “You might as well come out.” She said into the night. Batman and Nightwing seemed to appear out of thin air. “Nice of you to join us.” Slayer joked at them.

“Well we figured we might as well since you gave us the invitation and all.” Nightwing returned to her with a grin. The pair then turned to Batman and Angel who were merely staring at each other. The two dark figures were shadows of each other and it was hard to tell where one began and the other started. “Huh freaky.” Nightwing noted as they watched them. “It’s just like watching someone in a fun house mirror.”

“You said it.” Buffy returned to him in agreement. The two were so alike that it was freaky there were enough differences though that it was disturbing.

“What do you plan on doing now?” Batman questioned them. “I don’t need any metas in my city.” He informed them as he loomed over them.

“Inactive is all I’m going to be as long as Dawn remains safe.” Slayer returned to him. “All of my supernatural work is going to be kept out of the city. I’m on vacation no trying to save the world unless I’m called on to do it. That’s why I’m on security detail with the kid. It’s an important job but I can also pretend that I’m doing something more when it’s a fairly easy job. If I run across demons that are attacking and killing or hear about one doing it I’ll deal with it and send you a note. If I find out about something that I don’t know what is I’ll send you a note and let you figure it out. I’m thinking at best I have to fight once a month which is what I was doing before we met. Maybe Hotwings will train with me some so that I can work with him.” She mused out loud while looking curiously at Batman who nodded his agreement.

“On the condition that you do your best to stay out of my way and none of your problems affect Gotham.” Batman returned to her. “I don’t need the trouble your kind attracts.”

“Right, besides I really don’t have the time to patrol your city with everything I have to do like running an international demon hunting organization. Most of my fighting is going to be somewhere out of city unless something else involving my kind of stuff comes up.”

“If you defer yourself to backup the next time we have a situation then we won’t have any problems.” Batman returned before turning to the vampire. “And what of you, what are your plans? Are we going to have troubles?”

“No,” Angel returned to him indifferently. “This is your city mine is LA so unless something supernatural happens that needs me I doubt that I’ll be back for a long time on any type of business.” The vampire told him.

“Good keep it that way and we won’t ever have any troubles.” Batman informed him before disappearing back into the shadows.

Nightwing grinned at them in amusement. “He’s always had such interesting people skills.” He told them with a smile. “Well I got to go inside. I hear Alfred has some of my favorite pancakes.” The man turned and walked away as silent as a ninja.

The two demon hunters stood in the darkness of night and heard the oohs and awws coming from where people were sampling Alfred’s cooking. The pair merely stared at each other as they tried to ignore each other and have a battle of wills at the same time. The many and various betrayals between the pair had left them like this.

“We’re idiots you know that right?” Buffy said being the one to finally break the uneasy silence they had going.

“Really, and how is that?” The vampire asked her curiously.

“Simple really.” The girl returned to him. “I thought I was being so clever by hunting down the one boyfriend that would make both you and Spike jealous. Do you have any idea how much work it was for me to find the Immortal and get him on our side? I had to do a lot of work to get him to agree to what he did as it was. Anyways I went out with the jerk a lot more than I wanted and played a few games that I really didn’t want to. Do you know why I played those games though?” Buffy questioned him.

“No idea.” The intrigued vampire returned. He was curious as to where she was going with all of this.

“To make you jealous enough to come demand answers and so we could pass information back and forth. It was why I had Andrew treat you like that when he came to collect Dana. While he does have uses and is good in some things he’s a bit to gullible in others still. The blonde explained to him. “We wanted Wolfram & Hart to think that we wouldn’t have anything to do with you so that when you finally did make your move you would have the Slayers all set and ready to do their thing.”

Angel paused at this. Could it really be that simple? None of his interactions had been with any of the Scoobies he had known it had all been with Andrew. Misdirection had never been the groups strong point though. Still after spending an entire year being the targets of the First Evil he supposed that one would learn a few tricks of the trade that would allow them to do things in secret. Add in the fact that Angel hadn’t seen any of the group until tonight it made a certain kind of sense. “You didn’t want to mess up my plan did you?” He questioned her. He was elated at what he was learning. Buffy wasn’t dating the Immortal if anything the guy was a supernatural male escort for her.

“Your town your rules.” Buffy returned to him. “You had everything all planned out. I wasn’t part of the plan. We needed to know the plan though. You know I’m not lying.” She informed him as she met his look. “You were able to feel what I was feeling for a while and while I may not be completely happy with you I didn’t really give up on you either. I just thought that you could sneak up on me when I wasn’t expecting it. You know like you used to. She added with a sad smile as she remembered other times between them.

“So how do we do this so that you can be part of the plan?” Angel asked her curiously.

“Rona.” Buffy returned. “When the time is right send Gunn to the shelter. Rona is going to be living at Lily’s for a while. When Gunn comes in she’ll contact us and we’ll send for reinforcements to meet you at your hotel.”

Angel nodded his head in agreement. “Sounds like a plan. I’ve got a couple of changes though. Just in case Gunn doesn’t do things like we think he will I’ll have my current girlfriend take a flight out of LA. That way, your computer people only have to watch outgoing flights for a name. When her name comes up you’ll know that’s when you need to get your people to LA as fast as possible.” He reasoned with her.

“Girlfriend?” Buffy questioned him curiously. “Did you decide that you were starting to age or something? A few months ago you told me you were willing to wait.”

“And then you went and pissed me off by hanging out with the Immortal.” Angel returned to her defensively. “I didn’t know that he was part of a plan to make me jealous. Besides she’ll help prove that the flames with us are gone.” He stared into her eyes as intently as he could. “The only person that can give me my moment is you never forget that.”

Buffy glared at him in annoyance but conceded that he had a point. “It’s not fair that you can look cute while defending yourself.” She complained a slight blush on her face. “And for you information there are no flames we are flameless in fact we’re ah cold yeah cold remember which is why were dating other people.” She stuttered out in her defense.

Angel smirked at her in return. “Just remember, you’re still my girl.” Angel returned to her before he disappeared into the shadows as the rest of the team showed up.

“Yeah,” Buffy said with a soft smile on her face. “I will.”

“So you mean all of the grunting and arguing we’ve been dealing with has been nothing more than a show?” Spike said in shock as he tried to figure this one out.

“Yes Spike that’s what we’re saying.” Buffy returned to him.

“Slayer, do you have any idea what we’ve had to deal with while the two of you have been playing your secret agent games?” Spike continued to complain.

“Will someone get him some alcohol and cigarettes? Buffy questioned the crowd knowing that was the only way to get the vampire to quit complaining for a while. Soon a bottle whiskey and a pack of cigarettes were pressed into the souled vampires hands by a grinning Dawn who gave the vampire a hug. “This does not make up for everything Slayer!” Spike hollered at the back of the blonde. The vampire then grinned as he took a deep pull from his bottle and then slung an arm over Dawn. “Come on Nibblet, you can tell old Spike about everything that you’ve been doing lately.” The vampire offered to the girl with a grin.

Dawn smiled at him sheepishly. “Sorry, I really wish I could but I have a date with Robin now and since we’re in LA we figured we’d find a theme park to go to.” The girl slipped out of his arm and into the arms of the waiting figure in red and green. “Don’t wait up!” She said waving to him.

Spike shook his head as he watched the two Summers girls leave in opposite directions with their boys. What was it about Summers women and guys? Why did they always have to pick the brooding ones? The vampire wondered. He also wondered how badly the Slayer and the others would hurt him if he were to insure that the boy treated her right. Sure the boy was a part of the spandex brigade and faced all sorts of monster all the time but it was his job to make sure that the boy was worthy of the Nibblit. Not like he could count on any of the others to do the job correctly.

“Oh Spikey Bear.” A voice called out, breaking the vampire out of his musings.

Spike grimaced and considered acting as chaperone for the Nibblet till he saw the Bird boy swing her onto a motorcycle and they roared off. Yep he was the one that was stuck this time it seemed he thought as he turned to deal with the blonde idiot that seemed to think that they might have something still. You’d think that she would understand it but sleep with a bird a few times and she kept coming back for more.

Well I finally finished this one. I think this is actually my first story only took me a few years and Firewolfe begging to finish it. Seems like I'm working on closing a lot of stories up this holiday. Have a good holiday and what not.
PS for all those that say that Buffy wouldn't have taken the my town my rules I ask them remember the episode where Angel pulled the same speech on Buffy and she backed off pretty quickly after that. So I think that the same would hold for them obeying the Batman.

The End

You have reached the end of "Summers Women and Guys". This story is complete.

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