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Summers Women and Guys

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Summary: Dawn meets a guy after the Hellmouth blows and she, Buffy and Xander move to a new city with its own lovely problems but some problems stay the same like finding a regular guy to live with and some problems just require a slayers touch. .

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ch 1

Summer’s women and Guys


Do not own Buffy Joss Whedon does Do not own any of the comic book characters D.C does. Thank you for reading.


Dawn Summers smiled, she had finally started school in her new town. One that, while it had a definite demon presence, did not have the weird vibes of having a hell mouth, at least not an active one. That was the reason Buffy had given when they had first moved back to the U.S. after their eight month trip to Europe.

Both of the girls had quickly enrolled at respective schools to finish their interrupted educations. Buffy at a nearby college to finish her Psychology major and Dawn to finish her last year of high school in a Prep school that Giles had recommended. Xander and Buffy had been doubtful but Dawn's enthusiasm and Giles' and Willow's recommendations had out-weighed the two negative votes, so now Dawn was getting the education she needed since she had simply skipped the last year or so of school because of the First and then traveling around the world with Buffy and Faith, of all people.

Faith, after some consideration, had decided that for a few years she would lead the European Slayers to prevent any incidents with the law.

Buffy had been extremely happy when she told the group that her T.A this year was a woman, and unless she did a Willow she wouldn't have to worry about her date going all military on them. Everyone had been glad for this and some of them were trying to get their own love lives restarted.

Willow tried hard with Kennedy but it just didn't work and she was mainly drifting from girl to girl for the moment, the rest of the scoobies were glad when a dry eyed Willow had told them one morning that they had broken up last night, and that she was going to stop trying to rob the cradle for a few dates. She was currently taking her turn to watch over Cleveland since Wood had gone to N.Y. for a few days to attend a conference of some sort.

Xander, meanwhile had gone all Angel on them, preferring to brood about Anya, or spend time with one of the three girls he cared for so much. Buffy was determined not to date as well since the guys she liked always seemed to be either evil, work for evil, used to be evil or were just asses and Parker was enough of an ass to complete her need for ass guys.

Giles was dating Olivia again since he was spending a lot of his time back in England lately. When he wasn't visiting them or making trips to Cleveland. At the moment he was trying to salvage from the remains of what had been the Watchers Council HQ that had been buried beneath the explosion that Caleb had caused.
"So Dawnie, what's new?" Xander asked looking up over a set of blue prints he was studying. With the loss of his eye he wasn't able to be a construction worker anymore but he could, with a bit of training at college, be an architect, which was one of the deciding factors for him being stationed in their current city, due to its amazing building designs.
"Oh, nothing much." The beaming teen said as she walked into the lobby of the apartment building that they currently owned.

Buffy hadn't been sure about buying a place like this and most of the others were sure that Xander and Andrew had insisted on it so much was to compete against Angel's Hyperion hotel. Of course they now owned a number of buildings like this now as well. The last person to go down to visit the A.I team had ironically enough had been Andrew who enjoyed the traveling that was required of his new job. He hadn't talked a whole lot about what had happened down there and the others had all been too busy at the time to ask around when he had got back and only heard of the trip through the rumor mill. All the group knew was that he had taken a dozen slayers with him to help and he had reported to Giles before and after the whole incident and didn't even seem to remember going down there anymore.

"I just got a date." She squealed excitedly.
"A what!" Xander exclaimed as he snorted the coke that he had been drinking back out his nose. "Dang it! I hate it when that happens," he said rubbing his nose "the burn is just really annoying."

"Yep, I got a date for tonight." The girl said proudly, "It only took me like forever to get him to go and ask me what with gym class and chemistry and the hallway you'd think he would have asked me sooner." She said practically jumping in the air now in excitement over the boy in question.

"And his name would be what?" Came another somewhat calmer voice as Buffy rushed down the stairs in answer to her friends yell catching the last part of the conversation that her sister was having with him.

"He's this really cute guy that I go to school with his got the cutest smile when you can get him to and his hair is like darker than Xander's and."

"Is he human?" Buffy asked interrupting trying not to sound too inquisitive about her sisters newest heartthrob but she did want to make sure her sister was all right and didn't get hurt and while this city didn't have an active Hellmouth it did get a lot of demon activity.

"Since when did that ever stop you?" Dawn asked smiling at her sister an old argument that started the Halloween she had accidentally gone out with a vampire.

"Dawn." Buffy warned giving her sister a knowing smile as if to admit that she was right but not to push it as she gave a casual swipe that her sister easily ducked under.

"Yeah he seems like the perfectly normal guy oh yeah and he actually has a car." She glared at her sister, "and a bank account that might give the watcher accounts a run for their money."

"Okay I'm impressed already," Xander said, "but I am the only one to make the really bad jokes around here Dawnster," he said mock glaring at his Scooby sister holding up a finger "and two," another finger came up, "who is he?"

"His name is Tim and he's perfectly normal Buffy he's not a secret soldier guy that uses the school as a training ground or anything like that." She assured her sister.

"Last name." Buffy said growing annoyed with her sister dodging the questions being thrown at her. "Why did we teach her how to talk her way around a question again?" She asked Xander, who just shrugged his shoulders obviously wondering the same thing. Though the way Dawn was acting you would think he was the last available male on the planet.

"Tim Drake."
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