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Christmas Cheer

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Summary: Draco gets hit with a stong dose of holiday cheer (in the form of Ginny Weasley) during the school dance. My FFA.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesdamselFR1315790281020 Dec 0420 Dec 04Yes
Disclaimer :: Not mine. It all belongs to JK Rowling. Lucky women.

Notes:: I was hit with a very strong dose of Yuletide cheer and apparently so was Draco.

Notes2:: I wasn't sure if the *FFA* had to be crossing so just a christmas-y themed fic. For All.

Christmas Cheer

The sickling Christmas cheer hung in the air like a bad smell. It was his last ever Yule ball at Hogwarts. Thank Merlon. Watching the many couples dance clumsily across the wooden floor of the the hall was ... amusing. Not enough so to make him enjoy himself. Even when Longbottom kept standing on Weasley's kid sisters feet. Although not many 'kids' could get away with what she was wearing. A dark, forest green, velvet floor length dress that split up the side to reveal a rather toned thigh. Must be her practice on the quidditch field. Also her hair was different. The usual tied back pony tail was gone and to replace it was ravenous ringlets that fell past her shoulders.

Draco Malfoy couldn't help wonder when the hell this change occurred. He knew the redhead had been the topic of many of his mates little 'whose hot lists' but he never really took the time to notice just how right they where. He made a mental note to cross off Hannah Abbott from the top space.

The red tinge across her cheeks indicated that she was embarrassed about something. Probably having to dance with the ape that was Longbottom. He could fix that.

Draco rose from the corner that he had taken to be his all night and made his way across the hall.

Ignoring Neville he said "Ginny"

She stared at him oddly. The so called Slytherin Prince was speaking to her, something was up.

"Would you care to dance?"

She narrowed her eyes suspiciously "Why?"

He looked slightly taken aback but shrugged it off .

"Holiday cheer. That and it would be a shame not use the many dance lessons forced upon me by mother... "

She actually smiled at him.

Before waiting any longer for an answer he took her hand and led her to the dance floor. Leaving poor Neville shocked.

It was a slow one and Ginny suddenly became anxious about it all. He placed one hand on her lower back and the other on her waist and led her into some fancy dance. After around two minutes Ginny was becoming increasingly aware of just how low his had was. So apparently, had Ron. He came charging, actually charging like some wild animal, in their direction.

"Oh My G-" was all she managed before they where toppled to the floor under her brothers massive weight.

Draco looked furious, until he realized just where and how he had landed. Ron may have just done him a favor. Ginny Weasley was lying underneath him with her legs somehow wrapped around his waist with her hair all a mess and cheeks bright beetroot. Also they had landed under a spring of mistletoe. Very convenient. He didn't care about the beating and possible detention that he was sure to get and took a chance. He leaned in towards her and pushed her mouth apart with his own.

Her back was tingling with the shivers that ran down her spine. The thing that shocked her and everyone else in the hall was when she started to kiss back. A lot.

The most magical and embarrassing moment of Ginny Weasleys life had just taken place and it had just both sealed both of their future fates. Forever.

It wasn't until a very red in the face Snape hauled Draco off of her raving about house points and detentions did the magic stop.

At least for a little while anyway.

The End

You have reached the end of "Christmas Cheer". This story is complete.

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