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Numb (Rewrite)

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Summary: Asher finds a lost soul.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Asher(Past Donor)angelaaskFR1842,1132187,09321 Dec 0427 Feb 11No

Chapter 1

It was just outside of Phoenix that Willow met her first vampire and his name was Mark. He was so different from the demons that she had seen in Sunnydale that she was hesitant to call him a vampire. His appearance wasn’t very remarkable, but his aura blazed with a brilliance that she had never seen before in the undead. Most of the vampires she had seen didn’t have an aura and if they did, it was either muted or dark. He had approached her outside the bus station and upon seeing her disheveled appearance offered her a hot meal. At first Willow was wary of him. She could sense his power, but didn’t know what he was. It was at that moment that the decision was taken away from her as her stomach grumbled with hunger.

They went to the diner across the street. Willow ordered a turkey sandwich with fries while Mark ordered nothing. It was the first real meal she had in days and she had sucked down almost half of her sandwich before she finally looked up from her meal to find Mark was staring at her with a knowing look on his face. Embarrassed, Willow blushed and slowed down so that she could actually taste her food. The redhead studied the man across from her as she ate. He had short brown hair, sharp cheekbones and pale white skin. His most startling feature was his eyes. They were a brilliant sapphire blue and when she looked into them, she felt like she could lose herself in them. She had been staring into them for a few moments when she felt the pull of her magic. Panic, Willow tried to pull away from his gaze, but the lure of oblivion was too tempting to the redhead’s weary soul.

Mark’s eyes widen in surprise at the girl’s strength, but after a brief struggle, the girl had succumbed to his thrall. When he first saw the delectable creature at the bus station, he thought she was just another runaway. But, then he sensed her power and knew that he had to have her. It was surprisingly easy. He tempted her with a hot meal and the foolish girl didn’t even try to avoid his gaze. At the first opportunity, he had rolled the girl’s mind and ordered her to follow him to the nearest hotel. Once he had procured a room, he had sat her on the edge of the bed and stripped her from the waist up, hastily removing her blouse and bra as her vacant green eyes stared past him.

Now that there was nothing to hinder his meal, Mark gently tilted the girl’s head to side. Then he opened his mouth wide showing off two sharp fangs before closing his lips over the redhead’s throat, piercing the tender flesh underneath. Mark’s eyes nearly rolled back into his skull at the first taste of the girl’s blood. He had never tasted anything like it before. It was like ambrosia, pure and unbelievable good. He had drunk from magic users before and usually their blood would give him a buzz, but never to this extent. Saturated with power, every drop of the redhead’s blood sent a jolt of pleasure through his body, causing him to moan with ecstasy. It was as if the girl had liquefied lighting in her veins. His grip tightened around the girl’s waist as he took another long pull of blood.

Through the fog of her mind, Willow could feel her body growing weaker as the vampire drank her blood. Even though she was dying, Willow found that she couldn’t muster up enough emotions to care. Whatever the vampire had done to her had left her blissfully numb. She couldn’t feel any pain, sorrow or fear and she was glad. Willow let the blanket of darkness take her as she slowly descended into unconsciousness.

Willow woke up the next morning much to her surprise. On the nightstand next to her bed was a note with a fifty-dollar bill wrapped around it. Willow’s hand shook as she picked up the piece of paper and cried when she read the crude message that was written there. Mark had written that he had greatly enjoyed himself and if she ever needed money to call him.
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