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Summary: "Never take an amulet from a demon in a boxcar." Faith finds her equal.

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Lord of the Rings > Faith-CenteredTaluthaFR131558012,38921 Dec 0421 Dec 04Yes
Never take an amulet from a demon in a boxcar.


Well, the demon had said “Learn your
best lessons there.”  That was obviously
one of them.  She supposed that there
had been others, but mostly there had just been walking through a forest. And him.
Not forgetting. She supposed he had been meant to be a lesson as well. Or maybe
just the half time entertainment.


Maybe she had been a lesson to him as well, you
never know.


It was so easy to slip back into bad habits,
she thought, as she grabbed the guy’s wallet and jacket and walked away. Too
easy. What would they think if they could see her now? No more best Buffy
behaviour for me.


What would HE think?


He’d understand. For all of his irritating
babble about honor and duty and the warrior’s code, he would understand. There
was a darkness in him that connected them and made them understand each other.
Oh, he would never knock a guy down and steal his wallet. He was too good for


No doubt about it, he was a good person. For an
old guy.


“There’s darkness in you, bud,” she’d said to
him. He had begun to protest, but he had seen it was useless, he had seen into
her and recognized himself. It had shocked him. She’d understood. He’d been
grateful for that understanding. Way grateful she recalled, with a tiny visceral
tingle. He was a demon in the sack. Or, well, the bushes, to be exact. 


Not that she had minded at the time. He was
good at a lot of things.


He had a power in him though, that she had not
found in her self. That had scared her at first. He was so strong, so capable
of inflicting hurt on just about anything, then getting up and doing it again.
They were similar. He said so. She saw it. He even had his own version of Buffy
to rub the wrong way. He was angry, like her, and stubborn, like her. But he
was good. He’d never been bad. “Like you also”, he had said, before she left.
She had shaken her head, perhaps a trifle sadly, and said nothing.


A good person wouldn’t do all the things she
had done, and was even now planning to do.


She had carried her wariness with her when she
went, grabbing at the amulet dangled in front of her like some fat kid grabbing
at a candy bar. The demon who did the dangling had a smile like a fish hook,
and she had taken the bait, the hook, the line, everything. “Have fun kiddo,”
it had said, “and take some happy snaps before you come back.” Except that she
had no intention of coming back. Not ever.


She knew she couldn’t hide forever. Maybe just
for a while?


But now she was here, not there, and all the
faith that Boromir had said he had in her goodness was nothing more than coma
hangover. For a moment she wished she was back there, had never decided to come
back. She didn’t know why she had, really. 
She admitted to herself for a moment that she missed him and hoped he
would be okay.  But nothing ever lasts.


Then she walked into the, hard LA night, bad to
the core.

The End

You have reached the end of "Darkness". This story is complete.

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