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Slytherin's Three Musketeers

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Slytherin Three". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Severus Snape gets some new friends that make his fourth year at Hogwarts his favorite year.

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We Are Slytherins

Chapter 16: We’re Are Slytherins

“Masters Rayne and Giles, wake up. You must wake.”

Severus rubbed his eyes as he sat up in bed. There was a little house elf trying to wake up Ripper and Ethan. He yawned as he got out of bed. He grabbed two pillows and chucked one at Ripper before slamming the other on Ethan’s head.

Ripper sat up immediately, “Oi! Come on Sev it’s the weekend.”

“Yeah and this house elf wants your attention.” Severus said before sighing and shoving Ethan out of bed.

Ethan managed to get himself untangled and glared at Severus, “I was waking up I just needed a minute.”

The house elf bowed in Severus’s direction, “Thank you very much Master Snape. Headmaster needs to see Masters Rayne and Giles.”

Ethan stood up, “Why?” The house elf gave what looked like a shrug and then disappeared.

“Dad.” Ripper whispered. Then he started scrambling for clothes. Ethan quickly began searching for clothes as well.

Severus sat back down on his bed, “He’s here already?”

“He likes to be early to everything. Punctuality is key.” Ripper rolled his eyes at the last part. Ethan began muttering at that, in Latin. Ripper hurriedly yanked his sweater over his head, “Okay Eth, that’s physically impossible and very wrong. I can’t even begin to say how wrong that was. So stop talking and grab your jacket.”

“So this is it then? You guys are going?” Severus said nearly pouting.

Ripper pulled Severus off the bed and into a hug, “Not yet Sev. Do us a favor. Get the girls and meet us in front of the castle.”

Ethan pushed Ripper away from Severus, “And Remy. Send Lily or Lydia to get him. Don’t worry luv, we’ll see you again.”

Ripper was at the door, “Probably in fifteen minutes, so get moving.”

Ethan smiled and quickly followed his step brother out the door. They made their way to the Headmaster’s office without speaking to each other. Ethan paused when they reached the gargoyle. “I can’t do this.” He turned away from the statue, “I think I’ll just go hide with one of the girls.”

“I don’t think so little Ethan.” A man in his twenties stepped out from the shadows and grabbed Ethan by his collar.

“Travers! Get off of him!” Ripper moved forward to help but his arm was grabbed by another man. “Post. Figures Father would bring his two lap dogs.” Ripper grunted as Post twisted his arm behind his back.

“Still haven’t learned to control your tongue I see.” Post said.

“Still haven’t learned to think with your own mind I see.” Ripper shot back. Post twisted his arm further making Ripper hiss in pain. “You think up that all by yourself.”

Ethan kept trying to get out of Travers’ hold, “Come on it’s time to see daddy. Chocolate frogs.” Travers said before dragging Ethan onto the rising staircase.

“Move it.” Post shoved Ripper onto the stairs as well. As the steps were rising upward Post let go of Ripper’s arm and instead put his hand on the boy’s shoulder. The door opened to Dumbledore’s office and Travers dragged Ethan in followed by Ripper and Post.

“They were loitering outside sir.” Post said. Ripper made a dog sound under his breath.

Before Post could do anything Mr. Giles turned around. He basically glared at his step son however his gaze slightly softened when he looked at his son. Dumbledore stood up, “If you could all take a seat please.”

Ripper yanked his arm from Post and Travers let go of Ethan’s collar. Ethan took the chair furthest from Mr. Giles so that Ripper was in between them. Post and Travers chose to stand by the door after looking at Mr. Giles for confirmation. Mr. Giles sat down when Dumbledore took his seat.

“As I was saying Headmaster, I do not appreciate being called here. I am in charge of these boys’ education, magical or otherwise. And if I choose to pull them out of this school than that is my decision.” Mr. Giles said calmly, his voice never rising.

Dumbledore nodded, “I understand that however, your sons seem to be under the impression that they will not be continuing their magical education at all and I wanted to clear this up. You are aware that children who do not graduate from a magic school are not permitted to use a wand as an adult?”

Mr. Giles held out his hand to the side palm up. “Boys.”

“No please.” Ethan said.

“Dad come on.” Ripper pleaded.

“Travers. Post.” Mr. Giles said. Travers and Post came up behind the two boys and grabbed their wands. Travers had to have Post help him to get Ethan’s wand. They handed the two wands to Mr. Giles.

“Mr. Giles—” Dumbledore hadn’t made a move since the boy’s wands were taken but his usual twinkle had gone out of his eyes. The crack of the young wizards’ wands made him stop.

Mr. Giles dropped the four pieces of wood on Dumbledore’s desk and stood up, “Now it’s none of your concern. It was a poor decision to have a child of the Watcher’s Council go to a magic school. Our worlds do not mix and they never will. And now Headmaster Dumbledore, I’m taking these boys and leaving. Please make sure their things are on the carriage.” Mr. Giles went to the door, “Come along boys.” Neither Ethan nor Ripper made a move to get up, they just stared at their broken wands. “Rupert! Ethan! Post, Travers assist them please.”

Travers went to get Ethan first but the boy shoved him away. “Don’t touch me you overgrown ape!”

At that Ripper stood up as well and stood in front of Ethan pushing him against the desk. “We can walk all by ourselves. We don’t need your help.”

“Then get moving.” Travers said. Rupert glanced back at Ethan and then started forward. Ethan followed him making sure to stay away from Travers. They all left the Headmaster’s office leaving Dumbledore alone. He smiled as he looked at the now empty patch on his desk.

Ethan and Ripper led the way out of the castle in silence. Their father was a few steps behind them and his two lap dogs a step behind him. They quickened their pace to reach the four figures standing at the entrance of the castle.

Lydia stepped forward first. “I’ll miss you guys. It won’t be the same without you.” She hugged Ethan first, then Ripper also giving him a peck on the lips. “Your dad don’t look so tough I could take him and the two behind him.”

Lily grabbed Ethan and Ripper in a hug, “I’ll watch over Severus for you. Owl me if you ever need anything.”

Mr. Giles stopped about 5 feet away from his sons and his friends. He crossed his arms but made no move to stop them.

Ripper and Ethan moved over to Severus. Ethan hugged Severus and gave him a peck on the lips. Mr. Giles frowned at that but stayed in place. “Don’t go all anti-social once we leave okay Sev?”

“You called me Sev. Wow the world may be ending as we know it.” Severus deadpanned.

“Once in a lifetime angel, never again.” Ethan stepped back to let Ripper in.

Ripper hugged Severus as well. “I’m going to miss you Sev. When you go back to our room look under your pillow, we left you a surprise.”

Ethan meanwhile had moved over to where Remus was hanging back. “So I guess this it then?”

Ethan shrugged, “Maybe.”

“Look I… I mean… I… I don’t know what to say.” Remus stuttered.

Ethan smirked, “Then don’t say anything.” He grabbed Remus around the neck and pulled him for a kiss. One that chaste could be used as an antonym for.

Mr. Giles immediately went over yanked Ethan away from Remus, “You little poofter.” He backhanded his step son across the face making Ethan fall to the ground. “It’s a good thing I didn’t let your mother talk me into giving you the family name. It would have been dragged through the mud by now.” Mr. Giles grabbed the front of Ethan’s shirt and pulled him up by it. He raised his hand again, “However—”

He found four wands shoved in his face as Ethan was pulled away from him by Ripper. “Don’t you dare touch him again!” Severus growled. “I will hex you into oblivion.”
Mr. Giles raised an eyebrow, “Oh that’s cute.” He gestured for Post and Travers to stay where they were when they attempted to move forward.

He started to put his hand in pocket when Dumbledore seemed to appear out of nowhere. “No! No! No! Mr. Giles please stop!”

“Then control your pupils Headmaster.” Mr. Giles said calmly.

“Put your wands away.” None of the kids moved a muscle. “Now children!” Dumbledore said.

“But Professor you didn—” Lydia started to say.

“Lydia put your wand away please.” Ripper said.

“I would listen to my son he knows something that you don’t.” Mr. Giles said. Lydia slowly lowered her wand. “Good girl, now the rest of you.” Lily and Remus put their wands away about the same time.

Ethan placed a hand on Severus’s arm. “Sevvy please you don’t understand.”

Severus looked pointedly at the blood on Ethan’s face, “What is there not to understand?”

He took a step closer and Mr. Giles grabbed his collar, “Don’t push it boy.”

Severus gripped his wand tighter, “I think I understand perfectly.”

“No you don’t,” Ripper stepped forward. “You know why Professor Dumbledore came running down here to stop you guys? You know what is in my father’s pocket? It’s a spelled herb. It will make you a squib for a day, a week; maybe indefinitely it differs with each person.” At that Remus, Lydia, and Lily all backed away quickly but Severus didn’t move. “So please, Sev put your wand away.”

Severus didn’t do anything for a moment. “Fine.” He shoved his wand back in his pocket.

“Now that that’s settled we will be going.” Mr. Giles resumed walking toward the carriage that waited outside with Ethan still in his grip. Travers and Post came behind Ripper and they each grabbed one of his arms. Mr. Giles got into the carriage first then Ethan and Ripper. Post and Travers were the last in and they slammed the door closed behind them.

The four children watched as the carriage jumped forward. Lydia’s arms were crossed over her chest and she was muttering under her breath. Remus just looked sad, like his puppy had died. Lily was leaning against Remus. She wasn’t sobbing per say but there were tears falling down her cheeks. Severus just waited until the carriage was gone from sight then he left as well. He walked quickly enough that his robes swirled around him. The other three children did not notice him leaving. Dumbledore did, but merely shook his head in sadness.

Severus made his way back to his room. It looked empty again, once again only his fourth of the room was full. Severus sat down on his bed and sighed. He was all alone again and no longer used to the quiet. He flopped back on his bed with his head on his pillow. Severus laid there for a moment. Then his hand slid under the pillow and came back out with an envelope. It was pure black and it almost looked like his name had been burned into it. Ethan’s work no doubt.

Severus looked at the envelope for a long time. Then he slowly opened it and pulled out a piece of parchment. ‘We are Slytherins. We can survive anything thrown our way with grace and cunning. And most importantly we are masters of the art of escape.’ Severus gave a small smile. He was folding the parchment when he noticed something written on the back. ‘Check your top drawer’

Severus put the parchment and envelope down before moving to his bureau. There was a book he had never seen before in his drawer. The cover read ‘Potions and Spells to Keep Your Enemies in Check.’ He opened up the book and laughed as he saw the first spell.

How to Make Your Enemies’ Clothes Disappear

The End

A/N: Thanks to everyone who has read this story. I know it took a while to get it all out, two years to be exact. I hope it was worth the wait and well enjoyed by all.

The End

You have reached the end of "Slytherin's Three Musketeers". This story is complete.

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