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The last laugh

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Summary: Both Faith and the mayor are dead, but it seems that they may yet their last laugh (and their revenge). WIP

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Mr. Willikins?”
“Why, mister that is me.”
“Good. Call me Belisarius.”
“Belisarius? I have heard of you, yes.”
“Good. This simplifies things. We need to talk.”
“Some time ago – not too long – you’ve given your stepdaughter an ornate dagger, yes? You’ve bought it off a man called Ethan Rayne.”
“Yes, I did. That man was a bit odd; chaos-worshipper, but-“
“But nothing. That man, out of pure sense of chaos” – and clear distaste showed in Belisarius’s voice when he had uttered the last word – “had given you something extra when you asked him for a gift. He gave you one of the few still existing Ny-bor’s enchanted blades – you know of what I speak, don’t you?”
“He has given me a what? How dare he? He could he?”
“He’s a chaos-mage, making chaos is his dedication in life-“
“Don’t misread my questions, Mr. Belisarius. I know who Mr. Rayne was, what I meant how he could have gotten his hands on such a dagger?”
A pause. “Now that, Mr. Willikins is a very interesting and thought-provoking question. Sadly, he seems to be under a lot of protection – and not just by Janus, though that alone is quite a serious armor – so we are still unable to answer you this question for now. However, you are aware that you are the one that needs to answer the questions.”
“Which are?”
“I am getting to them. Now, the blade has been used already, by the vampire Slayer named Elizabeth Anne Summers.”
“What?! My Faith… she’s…”
“She and Elizabeth Anne have by now become a single entity, if I can say so. And since both of them are Slayers…”
“Speak no more of it, please!”
“Unfortunately, I am not finished. Your stepdaughter, apparently, was more knowledgeable of the blade than you: she had tried to contact Elizabeth Anne. Un-fortunately, the other girl panicked and mistook her for a ghost or some other ethe-real creature. She contacted her Watcher, who undertook a rather powerful Sumer-ian exorcist ritual… You know, while the word “misfire” can be considered as quite an understatement, it also pretty much explains what has happened.”
“I’ll say. The Ethereal plane isn’t equipped to handle such a lot of wasted energy!”
“Yes. And since this is the Hellmouth-“
“Rand and McNally will have to redo their maps?”
“Quite possibly. Currently, there’s a massive reality warp slash planar collusion occurring pretty much on the territory of your former home town.”
“That’s not good, is it.”
“Your statement is correct, sir. At such a rate anything can happen, including the return of Cthulhu himself.”
“That’s bad.”
“Yes. It is. So, here’s the plan. We’ll return you back to the world, where you’ll help track down Mr. Rayne. Our latest finds suggest that he packs quite a bigger wallop than thought earlier – his knowledge of chaos may very well be invaluable in fixing this mess. Are you up to it?”
“Yes sir!”
“Good. Go, and try not to pull a Sisyphus on us, will you? Tiamat’s reach is long.”
“No sir!”
Looking rather upbeat, the ex-mayor leaves in the direction indicated by Belisarius. A short time later, an underling of Belisarius gets in.
“What? I told not to be disturbed unless it’s an emergency!”
“Sir, the Ash sisters are missing.”
“Oh, fuck!”
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