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The last laugh

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Summary: Both Faith and the mayor are dead, but it seems that they may yet their last laugh (and their revenge). WIP

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Literature > OtherDmitriFR1397,740042,75724 Dec 0427 Dec 04No

Intermission 1

Intermission 1

…And so it was said, that before man walked the earth, and moon finally shone in the sky, and first mysteries were made, angels and devils, light and darkness, have battled over the mortal plane, the middle-earth, and in the end did the diabolical hosts fell into the darkness, while God’s authority was finally asserted over the world.
Yet, as one of the last devils fell, his blood fell in splashes over the ground, and where it fell, plants grew twisted and even beast-like, and the first leaches and flies rose from these fell spots, and when a creature of God’s make would step into such a puddle, both it and its’ descendants were marked from that day on. Thus rose the aberrations – the chimera, the hydra, the manticore and so on. And yet, God’s works could not be undone by such puny things, and thus the puddles of the devil’s blood remained, ignored and untouched, till one day, it is said, Cain himself, full of vengeful wrath against the Creator, stepped into one. And from the unholy union rose the first, the comeback, the thing that others call the Turok-Han.
And once free, the accursed Turok-Han dedicated its existence to spread its’ mes-sage of darkness, of evil, of underground gloom and swamp fog throughout the new world, till it contaminated the very heart of it – the shiny city of Atlantis, turn-ing it into a nest full of snakes in human guise, of tyrants over all free world.
None, no one’s craft, could oppose the craft and might of Atlantis, though twisted with darkness it became, for God had turned his face away from the world, and great was the despair in Heavens, for ever since the exile of the first couple, Adam and Eve, never had the celestial beings interfere with mankind’s destiny directly, for it was not yet the time of the Savior.
And then one of the celestial hosts, one of the beings that the men would call the Asuras, approached the almighty, and said such words:
“Unshakeable is the word of God and it is one true law. Ever since the true devils and demons, the baatezu and tanar’ri have been sealed in the lower worlds, we the dwellers of the upper worlds were barred from interfering with mortals directly as well. Yet the Turok-Han and the others aren’t true demons nor devils, but cross-breeds, created from mortal beings tainted with the infernal evil. Why can’t the Almighty do the same thing: infuse a mortal with the powers of Heaven to battle the Turok-Han and the others?”
And nodded the Creator with a pleased smile. “So shall it be, child. I shall seek out a mortal of unquestionable morals and purity and give it the powers of good to bat-tle the forces of evil.”
And the creator looked down onto the human world, and saw many good men bat-tling against Atlantis’ yoke, but none were judged more worthy than a warrior maid whose true name had been erased by time. And the Creator smiled at her, and infused her with the powers of a celestial being, and so she went forth to battle the blood-thirsty Turok-Han and the other demon creatures of the darkness, leading and inspiring other men to follow her way.
Long and hard went the struggle for great was the war-might of Atlantis, great was the fury and the strength of Turok-Han. Yet the maid’s strength of purity and faith in God prevailed over all challenges, and through one last great self-sacrifice, the maid sunk the Atlantis beneath the waves, creating a new form of the world. And so touched was the Creator with the maid’s self-sacrifice, that he declared that in every generation there’ll be born such a maid who’ll battle the Hell’s cast-offs in the name of goodness. And so it went ever on…
-- Prologue to the Slayer’s Manual

“So B, you see just what kind of legacy we’ve got going for ourselves?”
“Yeah. Although I think that we’ve strayed a little from it somewhere along the line, yes?”
“So says the girl whose ex-lover had almost sucked the world into Hell to the girl who pretty much helped a diabolist to conquer America. Yeah, I think that we made a few goofs each.”
“Okay, Angel didn’t try to suck the world himself, you know? You kind of are blending him together with Acathla.”
“Details, details… you think the future will care if Angel did himself or via Acathla?”
“Good thinking. Back to those goofs. You know, for myself I admit that yes, there were bumps along the way and there will be more, but I’ve always tried to correct my mistakes. You, on the other hand-“
“-Am about the help you save the world. Think I’ve got a chance too?”
“Yeah, I guess. So, after this is all over, can you show me the manual if you still have it?”
“Sure. Why?”
“You will see…”


The End?

You have reached the end of "The last laugh" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Dec 04.

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