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Harry's Demands

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Summary: Harry's demands after books five on his birthday to Dumbledore

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Harry Potter > GeneralWhiteWolfFR1313,183172,61125 Dec 0425 Dec 04No
Author: WhiteWolf

Summers: Harry's demands after books five on his birthday to Dumbledore.

Time: After Book five of HP and After last Season of Buffy

Harry's Demands

Harry's summer at the Dursley's only lasted till his birthday. They left him alone this summer and
he stayed most of the time in his room, thinking or more precisely brooding. He hadn't owled his
friends much and only responded to their letters with a minimum of necessary to not worry them too
much. He didn't even care what the Order was up to or read the Daily Prophet, to know how it went
in the Wizardry Word.

Like last year Harry was picked up by an Advance Guard that brought him to the Black Manor. He
was warmly greeted by the Weasley Clan and his friends, when he arrived. He only responded with a
minimum of warmth.

"Hey, mate. Good to see you again." Ron said giving Harry a good handshake and a pat on the

"Thanks," was Harry's weak respond.

"Harry are you feeling alright?" Hermione asked worrying.

"I'm fine." Harry responded and looked around. He was missing someone.

"You don't sound fine." Hermione frowned lightly.

"Don't bother him, 'Mione." Ron said in an irritated tone.

Before Hermione could respond to that, Harry opened his mouth. "I'm fine. Where's Dumbledore?"

"He's in some important meeting, Dear." Molly Weasley said and put an arm on Harry's shoulder.
"Why don't we go into the kitchen and put some meat back on you? I can't believe that your Aunt
and Uncle let you starve like this."

Harry didn't move. "They didn't. I wasn't very in the mood to eat the last month and I'm not

"I must insist that you eat something." Molly said it in her motherly authority tone, which might
have worked last year.

Harry didn't move. "You are not my mother, Mrs. Weasley." Harry saw the hurt in Molly's eyes,
but at the moment he pushed the guilt back. "Tell Dumbledore that I will be waiting for him in the
Black's library and I expect him within the hour."

Harry turned around and walked toward the stairs. Everybody was shocked at his behaviour. Molly
got over it quickly.

"You can't simple tell Dumbledore what to do." Molly said it with a firm voice.

Harry stopped, but didn't turn. "Yes, I can," and he walked on.

"So, who is brave enough to go play the messenger?" Fred said not giving the impression that it
would be him.

"No one is." Molly said firm and a little annoyed at the audacity of Harry.

"I don't think Albus is going to like it, Molly. That you make decision for him." Moody said. "He
wants to know about this as quickly as possible."

Other people agreed with Moody and Molly nodded. "I'll go floo him," and she left the entrance

Ron didn't say anything and was looking angry at the stairs where Harry disappeared. He stormed
off without a word in the same direction as Harry.

Harry was browsing through the book stags and reading the titles on the backs of the books. He
heard somebody storm in, but he didn't turn around to look who it was.

"How dare you treat Mom like that? She was always good to you. She treats you as one of her
own." Ron yelled angry at Harry's back.

Harry didn't turn around. He didn't want to face Ron face to face.

"She was about to push me around and I'm sick of people doing that to me, even if their intention
are good."

Harry could feel Ron fuming and a few seconds later he could hear Ron stamping away. There was
a few moments of silence, while Harry continued his search through the book stags.

"I'm not in the mood for a lecture or a talk, Hermione. If you want a book, take it and leave." Harry
said without interrupting his search.

Hermione was silence for a few seconds. "Which book are you looking for?"

"A book about Occlumency." Harry said still searching the stags.

"Go three stags to the right and third shelf from beneath." Hermione replied.

Harry went to the stag and found two books about the topic. "Thank you."

Hermione didn't respond and left the library leaving Harry alone in the library. He sat down in one
of the comfy chairs and start reading. Half an hour later Molly came in with tea and a plate of
cookies. She didn't say anything and left again, but before she disappeared through the door.

"Thank you." It was Harry's way of apologizing.

"You're welcome." Molly said and left.

Half an hour later Dumbledore entered the library with a plate that contained a teacup, a teapot and
a small bowl with sugar cubs.

"Hello, Harry. You wanted to talk to me?"

Harry looked up from his book and saw that the cheery manner of Dumbledore didn't reach his
eyes. They were weary. Dumbledore sat down and put his tea-set next to Harry's and the plate of
cookies. He poured tea for himself.

"You want some more tea, Harry?" Dumbledore asked politely.

Harry nodded and Dumbledore poured tea in his cup. "Sugar."

"Two." Harry put up two fingers.

Dumbledore put two in Harry's and six in his own. Dumbledore leant back and stirred his tea and
took a sip.

"So, Harry what was so important that you wanted to talk to me?"

"I have a few demands."

"Oh, really?" Dumbledore raised his eyebrows, but he wasn't and didn't sound surprised.


"And they are?"

"My first demand is that you fire Snape."

Dumbledore sighed and put his cup back on the table. "Harry, I know you blame Professor Snape
for Sirius' death, but you have to ..."

Dumbledore didn't come far to explain because Harry interrupted him.

"He isn't the only person that I blame for Sirius' death. I also blame you and myself, but that's not
why I want him fired. Because of his hated or my mistrust toward him, I and my friends were put in
unnecessary danger more than once." Harry explained.

"You have put yourself in danger enough times without the help of Professor Snape." Dumbledore
replied in defence of Severus.

"Yes, but his hated toward my father and now toward me, will get me killed. He knows about the
Prophecy." Harry stated it and didn't ask.

"Not entirely, but he knows your importance." Dumbledore replied.

"He was risking the destruction of the Wizardry World, because of some old grudges." Harry said.
"I can't trust him to cover my back, when I have to face Voldemort."

"Harry, you have to understand." Dumbledore's voice sounded with understanding.

"I don't care!" Harry yelled angry at Dumbledore. "He knew what he had to do. He needed to learn
me Occlumency at all cost, so that I wouldn't be vulnerable from Voldemort's mind probe. He knew
how important it was. I don't care how many good he had done or how I wronged him. He'd blown
everything for some stupid grudge for a deadman."

"Harry, the consequences could be dire." Dumbledore said worried and concern.

"You have to choose who is more important; I or Snape. For if he stays at Hogwarts, I will not."
Harry said firm and wasn't going to back down.

"Where will you go else?" Dumbledore tried to change tactic.

"I might go to Durmstrang, Beauxbatons or even to the States. I could get home taught or I simple
learn it on my own. I got enough books to learn from." Harry waved around.

This was his library now. Two weeks after Sirius was proclaimed dead, Harry received a letter from
a Wizard law firm, that he had inherent the Black Manor from Sirius and everything else Sirius had

"You understand that taking those alternate option, you won't have the same protection as if you
were at Hogwarts." Dumbledore said.

"How save was Hogwarts anyway?" Harry snorted sardonic. "I know for one thing sure is that it
would be saver than having Snape around. You have to choose, ME or Snape. Or otherwise you can
fight Voldemort on your own."

Harry crossed his arms with a determined expression waiting for Dumbledore to make a decision.
Dumbledore took his time and even took a sip or two of his tea.

"Very well." Dumbledore said somewhat defeated. "You know that you might break him by doing

"He had brought it on himself." Harry said stern, not wanting to let Dumbledore guilt him.

"I'll tell Snape tomorrow. Is there something else, you want?"

"Yes, but before I go to my next demands. I want you to make sure that Snape knows that I made
you fire him." Harry stared at Dumbledore.

Dumbledore sighed and nodded. "What are these other demands?"

"I want Remus back as DADA teacher."

"Harry, that might ..."

"Tell Fudge that I want him back and if that doesn't work tell him about the prophecy and that I
need somebody that I can trust to teach me DADA." Harry gave Dumbledore a few suggestions.

"I'll see what I can do. But I can't promise. Remus might not want to." Dumbledore said serious.

Harry nodded. He knew he couldn't win everything. "I want to be taught advance magic, such as
Apperating, the Portkey Charm, Legilimency and continue with my Occlumency and any other
useful magic that I might need to defend myself."

"That seems acceptable." Dumbledore nodded in agreement.

"And I want Professor McGonagall to teach me how to be an animagus."

About this Dumbledore was thinking longer. He knew that becoming an amimagus was something
very difficult, that was why there were only seven registrated animagus this century alone.
Dumbledore sighed again. There were advances being an animagus to take the risk.

"You will not try to turn into an animal, until Professor McGonagall tells you that it is save and
your ready."

Harry nodded. "I will not do it, with the exception of a dead or alive situation."

"Agreed." A twinkle appeared in Dumbledore's eye. "Did you have already decided on the size?
And what kind of animal shape it might be?"

"Small, maybe something with wings. Something big won't help me in a fight with somebody who
got a wand and when I'm small I might get away or hide easier." Harry answered, thinking about
Pettigrew and how his rat form gave him the advances of hid and flight.

"That seemed a good choice." Dumbledore nodded in approval.

"I also want to be taught the Unforgivables." Harry continued with his demands.

Dumbledore leant back into his chair. He was afraid that Harry would ask for them too. "Harry,
there is danger in using those Curses and I don't mean for those that get hit with them. I mean for the
wielder. These Curses can change a man into something he himself might not recognize anymore."

"I understand the danger. I've already used the Cruciatus on Bellatrix, but I need to understand
those Curses so that I can understand the Death Eaters and Voldemort." Harry reasoned.

Dumbledore sighed. "Until you have completed your Occlumency to my satisfaction, you will not
touch any of the Unforgivables." Dumbledore said not planning to back off on this topic.

"Agreed." Harry nodded and went to his next demand. "I want you to tell Neville and Professor
Trelawney about the Prophecy."

Dumbledore was shocked about this demand. "Why?"

Dumbledore knew that Harry understood the danger of too many people knowing about the
Prophecy. That it might leak out to Voldemort.

"Neville needs to know the fate he has escaped and why his parents were attacked." Harry answered
with hard look.

"I can't tell him the full Prophecy, Harry, that would be too dangerous."

Harry nodded.

"Why Professor Trelawney?"

"She has the right to know that she at least made one real prediction and the consequences it had
caused getting my parents killed and turning me into a target or a killer." Harry said with a frown.

Dumbledore didn't know what was behind these reasoning, but could pretty guess that it had
something to do that Harry had a very distaste for secrets. And maybe even some payback against

"I will tell her the same thing I'll tell Neville. Anything more?" Dumbled inclined his head a little.

Harry removed something from his pocket and put it on the table.

"I want to have a room of my own at Hogwarts." Harry said removing his hand from the object.

Dumbledore leant a little forward and raised his eyebrows a little, when he saw that it was Harry's
Gryffindor pin. He knew the implications, with what Harry was doing.

"Away from the other students." Harry added.

"Harry, you can't separate yourself in isolation." Dumbledore said disappointed.

"I will not endanger my friends, even if I have to lose them." Harry said with conviction and sadness
in his eyes.

"This also means that you have to give up being the Gryffindor Seeker. The lifetime ban has been
revoked, it would have been one of your birthday presents." Dumbledore tried to make Harry
rethink this course.

Harry looked up with a surprised expression. He hadn't thought about the possibility that his ban
would be revoked now that the situation was different from last year. But he shook his head
physical. It wouldn't matter one way or another.

"I will not endanger my friend for a childish game." Harry loved Quidditch, but it was just a game,
not worth somebody's life over.

"Hermione and Ron will not stay out of this fight, no matter what I or you do or say." Dumbledore
said sadden.

"It will minimize the danger if they aren't around me." Harry lowered his eyebrows in

Dumbledore removed his wand and tapped on the Gryffindor pin and he transfigurated into the
Hogwarts Weapon. Harry picked it up, looked at it for a second before putting it in his pocket.

"I also want free access to Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest."

Dumbledore nodded. "I want to be notified whenever you leave Hogwarts and when possible in
company of a member of the Order or a teacher."

Harry nodded in return. He knew that Dumbledore would have somebody to watch his back even if
he didn't want to.

"I've one last demand." Harry continued.

"And what would that be?" Dumbledore asked while leaning back.

"I want you to expel Malfoy from Hogwarts. I don't want to see him at Hogwarts in my last two

There was no way that Harry wasn't deadly serious about his last demand. Dumbledore half
expected it and also dreaded it. It was the logical conclusion after Harry got rid of Severus.

"Harry, it is one thing to have me fire a teacher, but it is all together another thing for me to refuse a
student to Hogwarts. I can't simple expel a student." Dumbledore said with a grave tone.

"He threatened my life and then he and his goons, Crabbe and Goyle tried to ambush me on the train
ride back. I think that is reason enough for you to expel him." Harry stated.

"It is still your words against his and Crabbe and Goyle's." Dumbledore tried again. He really hated
it to expel one of his students. In his tenant as Headmaster it only happened once.

"My words value higher then theirs and I'm sure with Veritaserum potion, they can get the truth out
of them or you simple lean on Crabbe and Goyle. I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult for you to
make them spill out the truth." Harry said calm and logical.

"I can't turn my back on a student, Harry. Especially one that will turn for sure into a Death Eater,
if I let him go now." Dumbledore stayed firm.

"As long as I'm around he'll hate me and just out of spite he will join Voldemort, if he hasn't
already. Two years more or less won't change that." Harry reasoned. "He might even be happier or
have a better chance if he goes to Drumstang or let Snape home teach him. I'm sure they'll get along
fabulously." Harry snorted. "I'll have enough troubles without having Draco bug me all the time
and plotting to make my life miserable."

For Dumbledore this was a harder decision, than firing Severus. Even if he knew which way Draco
probably would take in life, he was still one of his students and it was his duty and responsibility to
give them the chance for him to do the right thing and hope for the best. It wasn't in his nature to
abandon one of his students.

He was about to cross a line to sacrifice one child, even one that might already be lost, for the
greater good. But hadn't he already planned to sacrifice the child in Harry years ago by telling him
about the Prophecy, even if he had postponed it year after year?

"I'll transfer Draco to Drumstang, as an exchange student. I might even talk with the new
Headmistress about exchanging Potion Teachers for two years." Dumbledore said. It was a way of
not firing Snape and still have him away from Hogwarts. It might even safe Snape and Draco's

"I don't care as long as they are gone." Harry said.

"This is your last demand, Harry. I'm still the Headmaster." Dumbledore warned Harry not to push
it. "But I'm willing to listen to any request or suggestion."

Dumbledore added not wanting to alienate Harry, for they needed to work together on defeating
Voldemort. And Harry wasn't ready in Dumbledore's eyes to treat him as an equal.

"I've everything I wanted." Harry said and stood up. "I think I'll go down and ask Mrs. Weasley
when dinner is ready."

"Alright, Harry." Dumbledore replied, seeing Harry go. He stayed in his chair silently for a few
more minutes. "You think you can help him?"

At the corned hands appear out of nothing and removed the invisible hood. A head of a blonde
woman appeared.

"It seems he's helping himself, alright." The woman answered

"Yes, he makes me proud and worried at the same time. " Dumbledore chuckled.

"I have the same sentiments toward my sister." The Blonde smiled warmly toward Dumbledore.

"Miss Dawn has grown into a wonderful and strong, young woman. Are you accepting the
assignment?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, I'll guide and train your young man into a warrior. I'll even add some counselling. He could
use them." The woman answered.

"I'm glad to hear that, Buffy." Dumbledore smiled satisfied.

"You might regret it later, Albus." Buffy replied with a mischievous grin.

"One more or less regret won't chance much." Dumbledore said with a twinkle in both of his eyes.

"You're probably right." Buffy put the hood back over her head and disappeared again. "See you
later, Old Man."

"Good day, Buffy." Dumbledore smiled and took another sip of his tea. He was dissecting his
conversation with Harry, when he heard Harry in shock downstairs.

"What happened to Mrs. Black portrait?"

Dumbledore only chuckled and stood up carrying tea-set downstairs.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Harry's Demands" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Dec 04.

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