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A Whispering Nightmare

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Summary: What if when buffy died, the spell that made dawn placed her somewhere to keep her safe? Dawn gets a new life with a gift. A gift of seeing things before they happen. Throw in Anita Blake and Buffy and things could get interesting.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredalundermanFR181023,36821619,48026 Dec 049 Mar 05No

The begining of a new dawn

A Whispering Nightmare
by alunderman
rated pg13 (for mild violence and swears)

Summery: When buffy dies, the spell that made Dawn places someplace to keep her safe. What if that spell backfires and throws her in another time and place. In this new life Dawn gets her own gift. A gift of seeing things before they happen. Add Anita Blake and Buffy, and things could get interesting.

Disclaimer: None of these niffty little charactors are mine. All the BtVS people are Joss Whedon's. The Anita Blake people are Laurell k. Hamilton's.

Note: This takes place after the final BtVS episode and goes on from there. This is also sometime After Cerulean Sins, and before Incubus Dreams for Anita Blake.


My name is Dawn McNite, and I'm not like other people. I know what your thinking. Everyone says they're different just to sound better. I on the other hand am telling the truth. Even though I really wish I was lieing. All my life I've had dreams of strange people and places. It would seem like any normal kind of dream, only I'm in them to, with the other people. Its as if I had another life when I dream. As I'd get older, the people in my dream would get older too. Most people have dreams scrambled by their subconsciousness. But with me, I can just tell its not my subconscious at all. I can feel that these people were real. The year I turned fifteen, things got even weirder for me.

The date was June 2001, everything seemed to be going great for me. I had just gotten out of school for the summer. Which for me, just having the summer break was like lifting a huge weight from my shoulders. Like most times, I didn't really make any plans for my vacation. I usually just fly by, and do things on a whim. This is odd, because my mom and dad are very well organized, as is my younger sister Bethany. My dad always jokes about how different I am. When my sister and I have a fight, she always says I'm adopted. I always shrug it off, and reply with something equally as mean. Then its forgotten.

One night at the start of summer break, I started to ease into the freedom of no school. Everything was pretty normal that night. The only thing off, was that I had this horrible headache all day. Usually I'm one of those people that are prone to headaches anyway. But this time was different. With the pain, I had this strange feeling that I was forgetting something. Like when you leave the house and try to remember if the oven was left on. I just couldn't place what I forgotten. As the day wore on, the pain wouldn't go away. Finally, not being able to take it anymore, I took some pain pills. This didn't help at all. In fact it seemed to make it worse, not only did my head hurt, but now I felt extremely tired and dizzy. I felt as if everything was in a shadowed fog. The only thing I could think of was to just lay down. I somehow made it to my room and to my bed. I vaigly remember collapsing on it, and as soon as my head hit the pillows I was out.

I woke up what seemed later that night, to something scratching my bedroom window. Naturally like a horror movie bimbo, I got up to investigate. When I got to the window, I noticed it was just the huge oak tree brushing against it. Not think of it besides some windy weather I started to get back into bed. That's when I heard the first couple shots fired. I jumped so hard that I fell on my bed. I sat there for a second, trying to place what I heard. Scared but wanting to know where the sound came from, I tiptoed to my door opening it quietly. I peaked out into the hall, and saw that the door to my parents room was open. This was weird because, they always have it closed and are never up in the middle of the night. That's when I heard crying coming from the opposite end of the hall. I looked and saw my sister huddled in a ball shacking. I wanted to run to her, and ask what was wrong, but I needed to know what was going on in my parents room. Holding my breath and trying to gain some courage, I shuffled down the hallway to my parents door. When I entered the doorway and peered in I didn't know what I was seeing. Actually, I think my mind was trying to save me from the scene before me. Then I began to comprehend what I was seeing. My mother and father were laying in bed, but they weren't sleeping. There was blood everywhere, mostly from holes that a gun must have made. To scared to scream, I started to shake, so hard that I could barely stand. A sound coming from the ajasent bathroom brought me out of my paralysis. I slowly turned my head to look in that direction, and saw a man I didn't know walk out. Instantly I took in his jagged appearance. He looked like he went o hell and back. He was a big man, bigger build than my father, and this scared me. What terrified me the most though, was the pistil in his hand. I then instantly turned and ran out of the room. I ran into the hallway to my sister. I didn't pay any mind if the man was following, I just knew I had to get to my sister. Once I reached her, I grabbed her arms and pulled her up. She was crying and repeating, the word "no" over and over. I started running again and pulled her with me, trying to reach her room to hide. Before we reached it however the gun was fired again and knew he was coming for us. At first I thought he missed or was trying to scare us, but then my sister went limp at my side. Stopping for a moment, I looked down at her. I saw blood coming down her back and onto my hands. I laid her on the floor with a strangled scream. I turned and looked at the man. I had never been so scared or filled with such rage in my life till this moment. This man, no monster, took everything I held dear to me in a matter of minutes. I could barely think enough past the rage, to even think who he was or what he was even doing here. I stood up slowing and said one word, "why". He walked to me and was laughing. At that moment I want to throw up my insides, as if all the rage and confusion had to get out somehow. Before he reached me he started sprouting of words like, "Made bail...never gonna be one understands." I only heard some of what he said, I was so terrified. The next thing I knew, I heard the gun being shot. Then all I saw was blackness.

I woke up with a gasp, and sat up quickly. I was covered in sweat, and I could hardly breath. I was shacking and reeling from the horrible dream I had, it seemed so real. So real in fact, that I got out of bed to check on my family. I hurried to the door and swung it open. I looked around the hallway with wild eyes, I didn't hear sounds coming from anywhere, just the sound of the air conditioner kicking on. I slowly walked down the hallway to my parents room, I opened the door to there room and quiet as I could. I peered in, fearing to see them dead again. But to my relief they were just sleeping. Calmed down a little, with knowing they were fine, I closed the door. I leaned against it for a moment, just trying to collect myself. I never had a dream that felt as real as that one had.

After that I didn't think I'd be able to get back to sleep, so I went to get a glass of water. I walked to the kitchen downstairs, and I instantly turned on the light. I couldn't stand being in the dark right now, the light made me feel a little better. I went to the fridge and got an avion water bottle out. I took big gulps right where I was standing, letting the light from the fridge comfort me. After a minute I walked to the island counter, in the center of the room. I pulled out a stool and slumped onto it. I laid my head down, and tried to relax. I still felt jumpy, like I was expecting someone to jump out with a gun and start shooting. Nothing happened however, well not for a few more minute anyway.

Through the silence of the house I heard something scratching at the front door. The sound was so loud in the quiet, that I leaped from the stool with a gasp. With a hand over my heart, I started to walk into the front room of the house. Before I got far, I turned and ran in the kitchen and grabbed a knife from knife rack. I then switched the light off in the kitchen. For some reason, whatever was at the door, I didn't want them to know I was in here. I could hear someone rattling the doorknob now. With a bravery I didn't think I had, I ran to the door and looked through the eyehole. Even though it was dark I could see an outline of a man on the other side. I instantly jumped back, then rushed forward to make sure the link chain was in place. After just having my nightmare, there was no way I was letting this stranger inside.

I knew I should get my father or call for help, but I didn't want to give this man a hint I was there. I started to ease back, as the doorknob was being rattled harder than before. From my easing back I wasn't looking anywhere but the door. So I squeaked when I bumped into the side table by the stairs. The table rattled when I bumped into it. I covered my mouth with my hand, so I wouldn't make anymore sounds. I lowered to the floor and stayed quiet. After I squeaked, the rattling of the doorknob stopped for a brief moment.

I began looking to the windows that were either side of the door. I was thankful for the huge curtains my mother put on them. I could see shadows on the other side, he was moving to the windows to look in. He must have realized he wasn't getting in through the door. I instantly got lower to the floor, so he wouldn't see me. Wanting nothing more than to scream and cry, and make everything stop happening. I knew it was really going on, and I knew it would be really bad if this man were to make it inside. He started to try and pry the windows open, but failed again. I was so thankful at that moment of my dad being paranoid about burglar's. The man must've been getting frustrated because he punched the window. I jumped and squeaked again, at the sound of glass being pushed on. I shuffled backwards, staying low on the floor, into the family room. Just trying to get far away from the window as I could. He kept punching it trying to break through. Every punch and sound of the glass against the pressure, I jumped. When I was in the living room and out of view, I jumped up and ran the the side table with the phone on it. When I reached the phone I couldn't dial, I then realized I still had the knife in my hand. Not wanting to put it down I grabbed the phone with one hand. Once I had it steady I huddled between the table and the couch and squatted down. I tried to be as small as possible. I picked the earpiece of the phone up and put it to my ear. I screeched in frustration when there was no dial tone. The line must have been cut.

The sound of glass breaking cut the the room like a fright train. I jumped up and ran towards another set of stairs that were on the other side of the house. I could hear the stranger climbing into the window and hitting stray pieces of glass away from him. I ran to the stairs so fast, that I almost fell a few times. Once I reached them I tried to hear if he was coming after me. Not wanting to waste time thinking, I hurried up the stairs. Once I reached the landing, I looked left and right deciding which room I should go to first. I decided that my parents room was a safer choice. I ran to their door and threw it open, once inside I closed it quietly and locked it. I backed away quickly, and breathing heavy.

My fathers voice from the other side of the room, made me jump and turn around to face him.

"Dawn, what is it?" He was already getting up from the bed, and coming to me. My mother was sitting up in bed as well, waiting for my response.

"Daddy! There's somebody in the house!" I yelled this as quietly as I could.

"Are you sure?"

"I saw him come in, and I'm pretty sure he saw me."

I didn't have to say anything more, he was already going to the dresser reaching for his own gun. My mother was getting out of bed and coming towards me.

" I want you both to stay here. I'm gonna go make sure Bethany is alright, then deal with the intruder."

He said this as he was walking to the door, he looked back for a second, then went into the hallway. I know that usually fathers would be terrified and try to put up a brave front with the family. But I also knew that my father didn't have to act brave, he was brave. Working with the police force in town will do that.

As soon as he was out the door, I closed it and locked it again. I then went to my mother, and we both huddled on the bed, trying to listen for any sounds outside. We didn't hear anything for what seemed like forever. Then the sound of a gun being fired rang through the house. My mother and I both jumped. Two more shots were fired, then silence. I stood up from the bed. My mother reached for me to stop, but I walked toward the door in a daze. I stopped a couple inches from touching it. I slowly raised my hand up to the door lock. Before I reached it, something crashed into it making it shake upon impact. I screamed and jumped back. I heard my mother gasp, and then she was at my side the next moment. We stood there for another moment waiting, for what I didn't know.

Something scrapped against the door, and I could hear moaning on the other side. It was so quiet I couldn't make out what or whom it was. Then silence followed. My mother and I walked back to the door together. I unlocked it and she pulled me back and got in front of me. She then eased the door open, I tried peering around her but she kept me back. When the door was fully open my mother gasped and dropped to the floor crying. I looked over her shoulders and saw my father lying on the floor bleeding. At first I thought he was dead, and started crying, that's when my father started to move and moan again. My mother and I both gasped again. I dropped to the other side of him and took his hand in mine. My mother was on the other side of him, holding her shirt on his stomach. I must have been missing time, because I didn't remember her taking off her shirt. I heard a shout behind me, and then my sister was beside me. I took one hand off my dad, and pulled her into a sloppy hug. She leaned into me and was crying.

My father tried saying something, but it looked like he was having trouble talking over pain. It took him two times to continue.

"It's safe now, I took care of him. I shot him before he even got up the stairs."

My mother shushed him, and told him that he did the right thing. My sister stood up suddenly and ran into her room. My mother and I just looked at one another with confusion. Then my sister came back out, with her cellphone in her hands.

After that he rest of the night went by in a blur of police and ambulance lights. I vaigly remember having a blanket being placed on my shoulders, and being led out of the house by a policeman along with my mother and sister. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a covered up body in the living room as I passed by. I only remember pieces after that.

One thing I remember, was hearing the police talking about the intruder. Apparently, my father arrested him a while back. The man, Marshall Edwards, killed his family but made bail on a technicality. I suppose, he was holding a grudge on my father and sought his own vengece. Except, I was a little ahead of the game. And he failed, much to my relief. The days following this, I knew my life was going to be very, very interesting.

end part one.
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