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The Moon

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hyenas & Vampires". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The hyena didn't leave Xander as it found him.

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered(Past Donor)raithsandsFR15814,865105983,74926 Dec 0413 Nov 05Yes

Epilogue: He’s Waiting and She’s Back

September 30, 1999
Sunnydale Memorial Hospital

“I know what you are thinking, what happened next X?”

From his chair beside the bed Xander chuckled slightly.

“Wish you were actually awake to say that.”

Standing up Xander walked over to the window and gazed out at the surrounding area.

“We treated you wrong. All of us. Buffy, Giles, Willow and even me. I could’ve helped you move out of that dive of a motel but I don’t know why I never made the offer. Maybe on some unconscious level it was because of you tossing me out of the room. I’m honestly not sure. I know it wasn’t intentional. How things went down after the Finch Incident isn’t your fault or mine. Sure my offer of help didn’t go down as planned and I should’ve not let you try and choke me to death. Being saved by Deadboy sucks but hey except for him none of them know my secret.”

Xander looked down at his hands briefly. “He found out the night that Buffy died in the Master’s Cave. It was the only way to get his chicken shit ass to go down there. Threatening to rip his head off if he didn’t lead me down there was a great motivator.”

“Look at me getting sidetracked.” Shaking his head Xander walked back over and sat down in the chair. “Well not much else happened in St. Louis. The girls and I couldn’t find Drusilla so we resorted to the old Sunnydale tradition of patrolling. Which apparently only works in Sunnydale. We spent the next couple of nights hunting the city for signs of her with no luck. Apparently she had cleared out of town.”

Leaning forward in the chair Xander took in the silent occupant of the bed. “Anyways. After that the girls and I headed back this way for good old Sunnydale. On the homeward trip we headed southwest avoiding Utah but seeing the Grand Canyon and stopping in Vegas. It was nice to see Satoshi again. Meanwhile, I had called ahead and a realtor was able to find me something quite satisfactory on the edge of town near the woods. It wasn’t cheap but I’ve been doing well with the money I had acquired from Wilkins. Some of my investments had been bringing in nice returns. However the house had one feature that I had been really impressed with. The property includes a good chunk of the surrounding forest. So the girls and I will have a place to roam on the full moon. It’s a nice two-story house with oodles of rooms. It has so many that I’ll keep one ready for you when you wake up. You’re probably wondering why I’m doing that. It’s because everyone deserves a second chance.”

Xander looked a down for a second before continuing. “Though some don’t ever get it.”

“I gotta go, the girls want me at the house for our first official home cooked meal by 5 o’clock. After that I’m going to show them how we stake vampires in this town. Which should be a lot of fun. Anyways, they had kicked me out earlier today so that they could prepare it without me seeing or smelling what they were making. Since I hadn’t been by to visit since I gotten back in to town I thought I would stop in and see how you were doing.” Smiling at the memory of the girls pushing him out the door, Xander slowly stood up. “Well that was my nice summer road trip in a nutshell.

Walking over to the bed Xander leaned over and kissed the sleeping occupant lightly on the head.

“Wake up soon Faith. The girls would really like to meet you.”


Several hours’ later in Sunnydale Memorial Hospital something was about to happen.

It was a room where not much ever happened.

Oh sure people came and visited the sleeping patients found inside. Otherwise though not much activity happened in the room or on the floor.

However tonight something would that would affect the lives of the Scooby Gang and one person specifically.

On one bed a person was preparing to wake up. The signs first appeared in the hands. Slowly at first the fingers twitched, the arms jerking slightly followed and finally the head started to shift from side to side.

Then with a slight jerk Faith sat up and took a deep breath of air. She looked around and only said one thing.



The Board of Fate.

Located in a dimension separate from our own, it’s inhabitants would be considered higher beings by some, on the Board was anyone who might in someway alter the course of our dimension’s growth. For example, a young boy whose only important act in his life was to save a future president from an early death. Usually people appeared on the Board of Fate when they were born. Sometimes though it didn’t happen that way. The actions of outside forces could affect people and as a result cause them to then be involved in the fate of our dimension which caused them to appear on the board.

Xander Harris was a person who had been present on the Board for a while but eventually faded away after doing his two important tasks. Reviving Buffy after the Master killed her and lying to her about Willow’s attempt at the soul spell. So when his likeness reappeared on the Board in a bright flash, accompanied by several other pieces all clustered near him, the beings in this dimension took notice. Reappearance on the board was rare and usually meant important changes to the other players on the Board of Fate.

One being in particular took a close look at the figure of Xander Harris and frowned. Not happy at all with seeing him back on the board. Especially since one of the figures already on the board that had been alone was now right next to him where it wasn’t supposed to be.

Isolated and alone! You’ll pay for this Xander Harris. Nobody disrupts my plans.

***The End***

The End

You have reached the end of "The Moon". This story is complete.

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