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The Moon

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hyenas & Vampires". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The hyena didn't leave Xander as it found him.

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered(Past Donor)raithsandsFR15814,865105983,49726 Dec 0413 Nov 05Yes

Prologue: Hyena's Sure Cause Trouble

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of which are me. ME owns the Buffy-verse. LKH owns the Anita-verse. I own nothing.

Being a lycanthrope really sucks.

Oh sure parts of it are nice. The rapid healing, enhanced senses, speed, and reflexes are a plus.

However the negatives aren't. For example being hunted like an animal. Not being able to get a job just because you aren't normal.

Me, I used to be a normal guy. Until I happened to be possessed by a hyena. That whole experience really sucked. I had eaten a pig, tried to hurt my friends, and rape Buffy. Overall not a good experience. Once depossessed the hyena didn't leave me as it had found me.

I first noticed the difference later that very night.

My father got a little heavy with the bottle and when I arrived at the house I felt the result of it. However in my room while tending to my injuries I discovered that they were fast disappearing. After thirty minutes I showed no sign of injury at all. After calming down, I decided to tell Giles about it the next day.

Sadly I never got around to it. The next day after school, just as I had gotten the courage to tell him something weird was happening to me, he came walking out of his office. He told Buffy it was time to stop talking with her friends, as it was time to train and then patrol.

I figured my rapid healing wasn't critically important and that it could wait until the next day. It was a BIG mistake; due to one reason.

That night was a full moon.

I was walking towards my house when it hit me. A burning sensation all over my body. My skin was crawling and something felt like it was trying to get out. Dropping to my knees, I screamed out loud and it happened. My first shift.

Scalding hot liquid and fur spilled out over my skin as bones rearranged themselves. While the shift was taking place my conscious mind shut down and I blacked out.

The hyena hadn't left me the same; it had left me a curse. I just didn't know it yet.


When I awoke the next morning I awoke in the forest with the fresh bones of a dead animal nearby. I didn't have much experience with the supernatural but I quickly realized something about me had changed during the animal possession.

I put the pieces together quite fast and the teachers say I'm stupid. Hah!

Last night was the full moon. With the moon high in the sky I felt my skin start to crawl and it felt like something wanted out. A bursting sensation followed by my blacking out. I wake up the following morning next to an animal carcass in the forest.


I'm some type of wolf man.

My teachers would have been stunned with how fast I figured it out.


Armed with the knowledge that the full moon made something happen. I stayed away from my friends the next night since the moon was almost full and spent it in the forest. Thankfully I didn't blackout which made me think only a full moon was a threat.

Armed with my hunch of being some type of wolfman I spent the next five days reading up on hyena possession and animal possession in general in the library. Gile's books had all sorts of information on shapeshifters. Some of the books even read like shapeshifters were commonplace. At that time I couldn't figure out why they read like that. Later on though I would find out why they did.

It was during my fifth day of reading that I reached a decision on what had happened. From everything that I had read the indication was that I had somehow become a werehyena. There was no direct statement in anything I had read that said possession by an animal spirit resulted in said individual becoming a lycanthrope. All the books I read did agree on one thing. That no person who was possessed by an animal spirit was ever the same. The animal always left some change in the individual. Whether it be enhanced senses, strength, or a sort of animal consciousness that they shared their mind with. However it seemed the logical conclusion from what had happened.

With that decision reached I fell into a routine. I would read up on a lycanthrope's abilities after school and then help Buffy fight the forces of darkness. Some nights I dealt with the growing beast within me. Learning to control it and the abilities it gave me. The main thing I tried to do was make sure I was in the forest at the edge of Sunnydale during the night of the full moon. The last one was always hard to remember. According to the books I read when in animal form my bite was contagious. Not wanting to risk infecting my friends. I sometimes had to ditch them right after school on days of a full moon so that I would be alone when the change came upon me. I didn't like doing it but making sure they were safe was more important.

In the beginning I was dangerous and deadly. After the change I hunted and killed some poor animal. Luckily it was never a human. Over time I learned to control my beast. I came to master it and didn't let my beastial side control me like it once had. Blackouts eventually were a thing of the past.

Just as slowly as I learned to control my beast did I begin to accept my beast and the changes it had made to me. Though it still unnerved me a lot. For example; watching old couples walk slowly down the sidewalk, the injured as they labored to their destination or children as they strayed from their parent's protection. As a man or hyena at times I now viewed people as food. The most disturbing was how this related to my friends, especially Willow, my best friend, even she was sometimes seen as food in my eyes.

God, at times I hated what I had become.

However the night of a full moon was something I still fought. Every time it rose I held off the change as long as possible. Always trying to change when I wanted to and not allowing the moon to determine my fate. Slowly over the months I partially succeeded and the moon didn't hold sway over me like it once had.

Now I wasn't forced to change when the moon was full in the night sky.

Over the months I learned about the abilities the change gave me. Mastering their use and discovering new abilities not mentioned in the books. A partial change was something I figured out on my own. Instead of changing all the way into a man-hyena I could stop the change half way and become a human with claw hands. In full man-hyena form or with just the claws I was quite vicious to vampires when I hunted. Another skill I perfected was causing claws to pop out of my fingers like blades without having my hands change. I was like Edward Scissorhands except he never sliced and diced vampires or pizzas.

For two and a half years I kept my curse a secret. Why endanger my friends while I struggled with my beast. They wouldn't have been able to help me. All the books said that they was no known way to reverse lycanthropy so why have them worry.

Slowly during the two years that followed they started to try and protect me from the danger of fighting vampires and other creatures that prowled the night. At first I tried to stop them from protecting me but then realized that it might be for the best. So instead of trying to stop them I eventually let them do it. Why risk endangering them if I didn't have to. Oh sure there were a couple of close calls from time to time but it just strengthened my resolve to protect them.

With them distancing themselves from me it allowed me to contribute in another way. During the night I would shift and hunt the creatures that stalked the night. When humans were in danger from the supernatural or even other humans I tried to help. My efforts helped make Buffy's nightly patrols easier. They became quieter over time and along the way the night became somewhat safer.


During the two years that followed I perfected my control and also helped Buffy at night secretly. When I had gained control of my beast during the summer prior to my last year in high school I started patrolling. Sometimes with the others pretending to be a normal human and then other nights on my own.

When Buffy returned I didn't resist being pushed back to the sidelines. It left me able to do my own patrols and help the gang from the shadows. When they forcefully pushed me to the side I panicked. It took an incident with a gang of Zombies to make me realize that I could fight the good fight without them if necessary.

Sure I always wanted them to be there, but now I knew that I could handle trouble on my own if necessary. Since they wanted me to stay out of the way, I pretended to do just that. However all it did was allow me to patrol on my own and cut down on the threats to Buffy and the gang.

Though it didn't take long for me to discover that my help wasn't necessary at that time due to one man.

Mayor Richard Wilkins the third.

He was an extremely powerful warlock who wanted to become a demon. While he prepared for his Ascension he cast spells over the town to control the government. He used his cunning and magic to gain control of the supernatural community. His control over the town was so absolute that hardly any major troublemakers were able to set up shop in town while he was alive. Also no one took notice of the fact that Sunnydale had a lot of mysterious deaths and way too many graveyards.

After he died that all fell apart. The U.S. military descended on the town in mass to find out just what had been going on. They surrounded the town and quarantined it while they investigated. The official statement made by the government was that there had been a lethal virus outbreak in Sunnydale and that the military had successfully contained it. However to contain the virus the military had to burn down the High School and tragically the mayor was killed by the virus before a cure was found.

During and after their investigation the truth surprisingly never leaked to the media. Probably due to the Feds not wanting to start a nationwide panic over what a warlock could really do with their powers if they wanted to. I don't think that the general public would have responded well.


With our victory over the mayor; high school now over with; and the quarantine lifted, my road trip called. My beast wanted away from Sunnydale for a time and truthfully so did I. The world seemed so new and full of possibilities to me now.

With some newly acquired wealth and food I jumped behind the wheel of my new car, and took off for the open road and out of Sunnydale.

Born to be Wild blasted from the radio as I cruised down the highway.

Wild... not me.

I was a hyena on the prowl.
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