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FFA stories

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Summary: My contribution to the FFA.

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FFA stories


#453: Angelus / Esme Weatherwax (Pratchetts Discworld)

Discworld belongs to Terry Pratchett, Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon/Fox, and no money is being made out of this.

Happy Hogswatch

Esme Weatherwax, mostly known as ‘Granny Weatherwax’ by those who did not want to have a short and very eventful future, looked up and down at the young man in front of her. There was silence, eventually broken by the sound of a poker being carefully layed down in the snow at her feet.

“Sun’s coming up,” she commented indifferently. The man remained silent.

“I doubt that you’d get much o’ a warm welcome anywhere, you being what you are, and this place being what it is.“ There was the distinct noise of a smart comment not being made.

“Still, ‘tis Hogswatch after all, and there’s an awful lot of snow that’d need shovelling …”

Finally, the mysterious figure was moved to speak. “And how do you know that I won’t rip out your throat and leave you for your friends to see?”

The black-clad witch thought for a moment, tapping a gnarled finger on her chin. “Well, that’d be a matter o’ trust now, wouldn’t it? And prob’ly a matter o’ the fact that your head could come twisted off if you even thought sideways at me, too. But, Angelus, there’s a thing that the King up yonder is going on about, somethin’ like ‘the-ab-il-it-y-to-co-op-er-ate-in-a-group-for-the-greater-good’. Ever ‘eard of it before?”

The vampire tried to glare at Granny Weatherwax for a moment, and then gave up. No-one could out-glare Esme Weatherwax, no-one.

It was turning out to be a beautiful friendship.
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