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Where Destiny May Lead

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Summary: After closing the Hellmouth, Xander walks his own path and learns that there is much more to this world than even he believed.

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What Dreams May Come

Title: Where Destiny May Lead

Author: mjd

Disclaimer: I own nothing; seriously, I’m a very poor, poor man.

Feedback: Please. Always Love Feedback

Note 1: This is my first fic. I hope you enjoy it.

Note 2: I’d like to thank Jayesh for being my Beta on this



It was dark. That much she knew. Not a sight could be seen. In this place, void of light she was certain of one other thing. She was not alone. She could feel a power that was pulsing like a heartbeat. And with each heartbeat, it became stronger, and stronger. She felt pulled toward that power and began to walk through the darkness. She had taken no more than three steps when a brilliant lighting bolt, made of the purest shades of blue and white arched down from the sky and seemed to touch the ground.

As her eyes followed the path of the bolt they came to rest on a, now fading, silhouette. Stopping short at the sight, she tried to regain her bearings when the sounds of vicious growling reverberated throughout the area. She knew those sounds as well. She had been fighting them for years now. They were Demons. Demons of all types, some she knew, like vampires. But there were other sounds that were entirely foreign, but just as menacing.

Checking herself she realized that she was without a weapon of any kind. Panic began to set in. This was panic that never had time to truly form. For in the distance the sound of electricity crackling could be heard. With that electricity came a pure white light. Once again the Silhouette started to form and take shape. And with it, a sense of calm and piece formed over the girl. As she stared at the ever increasing light she was able to make out the form. It was a sight she would recognize anywhere. It was one of her Xander-shaped friend. With all the strength she had, Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer screamed, “XANDER!!!”

No response was given. There was just an ever increasing intensity of light, radiating from behind Xander. Soon she could barely make out his form, or the long Trench coat that seemed to flap in the non-existent breeze. The light was becoming too much for her. Turning away and shielding her eyes was all she could so now. It was then she realized the growling had stopped, and it had become deathly quiet. The sound of a sword being unsheathed could be clearly heard, and before she had time to react, the ‘whoosh’ of the sword cutting through the air could be heard.

When she unshielded her eyes, she found herself alone in this dimly lit place. While she couldn’t see anyone she could still feel the peace and calm that she knew was Xander. Looking frantically around, and seeing nothing, she cried out, “Xander, where are you?”

His voice could be heard coming from the heavens above and reverberating throughout the desolate and dark landscape. Bringing warmth and comfort to the sole occupant. “I’m with you Buffy…I’ll always be with you. But for now, I need to make my own way.”

With a quivering voice she responded, “No, you can’t leave me.” Looking around what was once a battlefield she could remember the dangers that lurked here just moments ago. With a steady voice she yelled towards the sky. “I need to protect you from this. I promise I won’t let anything more hurt you.” With tears streaming from her eyes, going over what he had already lost, both physically, and emotionally, she fell to her knees.

“Why won’t you let anyone be the one to protect you?” This came from directly behind her, causing her to jump at and spin quickly. After completing her turn she was just a few feet away from the silhouette that was still emanating love and warmth. “Do you trust me?” She was about to respond with a ‘Yes’ when he continued, “Do you trust me with your life?” To that she could only look down, not wanting to him so see the shame in her eyes.

She felt a hand caress her hair, gently touching her forehead, causing her to look up. She could still only see a shadow, but felt more of a connection in that light contact than she had ever felt previously. She wanted to savor that feeling for an eternity when he spoke again.

“It’s not your fault Buff, but what about them?” Her attention was directed off to the side where she saw images of Willow, Dawn, and Giles together, fading into and out of existence. “They love you…WE love you…let them take care of you, as you take care of them.” Looking over at the still wavering images she could only nod her head as tears began to flow again. “We have always been there for you, and we always will. We have defied Prophecy, Beaten all of the Odds, and Even defied the will of the Gods for you, and with you. There is nothing they won’t do for you or you for them.” Looking back to him, the seriousness of the statement could be clearly heard, if not felt.

“And what about you?”

“I will always be there for you, and I will always look out for you, for all of you. But my time here is at an end…at least temporarily.” The Xander-shaped figure began to fade into the background. “But I will never be far away.”


In a Metaphysical Plain Where Time is Irrelevant:

The Two beings looked into their viewing pool with some trepidation. The first looked over to the second.

“This is most Unsettling.” Spoke the First.

“Indeed, The Slayer was given a dream of remote premonition that was not sent by us.” Replied the Second.

“Let us see the particulars of this dream.” The First being said while waving his arm over the pool of reflecting water. A collective gasp could be heard from both beings when nothing happened.

“It is being blocked.” Replied the Second.

“That much is obvious. The question remains of ‘Who is blocking us? And Who sent the dream?’ If not us, was it sent from the Light, or from the Dark?”

“What shall be our course of action?” asked the Second

Looking over to his compatriot the First being replied, “Whatever has done this comes from a higher power. So there is nothing we can do.” Looking back into the pool he continued, “We will simply wait,” with a sigh he added, “and pray.


Waking up in her motel room in Oxnard, Buffy closed her eyes again. She wanted to forget her latest slayer dream. That was what it was, there was no doubt about

It. Closing her eyes…she could still see the silhouette of her friend, and still feel the love and warmth he provided in her dream. Wiping away her tears she got out of bed. Putting on some clothes, she steeled herself for what she knew she had to do.

She had to go find the gang, less Xander, and tell them about her dream. And she had to do it fast before she lost her nerve and decided against it. She only prayed that her Xander-shaped friend, her heart, wouldn’t hate her for what she was going to do. In the back of her mind she could hear Xander’s last words to her in the dream, and they gave her the courage to go on.

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