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Blood of Mathias

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Summary: Written after a plot bunny i got from a Godsmack Music Video

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Blood of Mathias 7

Considering it a moment, Smyth returned the sword to its scabbard. “Very well, you get to live… for the moment, but make no mistake that should you cross me I will enjoy the many hours it will take you to die.”

Resisting the urge to stick his tongue out at the prick, Xander turned to his follow captive. “So how do you know the jerk and why didn’t you kill him when you had the chance?” he whispered as the older man continued to stare at the overly large man in a white suit.

“I thought I did, he was on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic about sixty years ago, the boat exploded and Sank, I thought I was the only survivor.” The once mighty adventurer whispered as he continued to stare at the man he had thought dead for the last sixty years.

Thinking about it a moment Xander leaned back towards him. “Next time try cutting his head off.” The young demon hunter suggested and shrugged at the older mans incredulous look. “What it always works…” he trailed off before mentioning the recently deceased slayer. “On TV.” He finished and glared as the man looked at him as if he were insane. “What? He comes back from the dead, doesn’t seem to age and carries a sword. What do you want me to think?” Xander defended before looking back at the man that seemed to be leading the group of Zombies.

Beside him Indiana Jones wondered if the kid knew more than he was saying about the situation they found themselves in, or if he was simply one of the few people crazy enough that they kept a calm head on thier shoulders when faced with the supernatural.

“Great, a murdering psycho from my past, a crazy kid that won’t shut up and zombies… I hate zombies.” Indiana said before taking a deep breath and looking for the brighter side of life. “At least there aren’t any Nazis.” the Archeologist muttered to himself before going back to attempting to solve the riddle of how they were supposed to escape.


“Thank you Miss MacLay? As a key witness to this crime we ask that you not leave the city for the next few days in case we need to contact you for more information,” The Police officer said before handing the shy blond a business card with his contact information on it. “If you can remember anything else, please contact me here?” He finished with a reassuring smile. “And don’t worry about your friend, we’re going to be doing everything in our power to get him back safely.”

With a nervous nod, Tara accepted the card and allowed the officer to escort her from the building.

Standing outside the museum, she avoided the Media storm as best she could by ducking down one of the multitudes of small side streets.

Reaching what she considered a reasonably safe distance, Tara slowly let her magic seep out as she sent out a light pulse and closed her eyes as the feedback of nearby magical entities imprinted themselves within her inner eye.

Discarding half a dozen of the nearby magic points as being too weak to be what she needed, Tara focused on one of the three remaining magic sources and smiled as a similar pulse washed over her from her new destination.

Tara didn’t know why Xander had been kidnapped, but she did know one thing for sure.

The descendants of the Scorpion King were always ‘Over Enthusiastic’ when angered.


Tara entered the small shop and smiled as the scents of moss and pine washed over her, here she knew she would find someone that could help her.

Looking around, the young witch took note of the multitude of plants growing as an old man in simple homespun clothes tended them.

Looking down at a sound, Tara nodded to the large grey tomcat that seemed to be a collection of scars that would do any ancient Spartan proud.

Bending down, she stroked the scarred feline as he purred happily at the attention.


Looking up at the sound of the grey tom’s squawk, what might be considered a meow, the older man smiled at Tara warmly. “Greetings Earth Daughter, what brings you to my humble shop.” The man asked in a voice filled with wisdom.

Looking at him, Tara was momentarily stunned by the pure simplicity of his aura before bowing low to him. “Blessed be, Wise Father, I come on an errand of peace as I try to find a lost friend.”

Rubbing his hands together to rid them of the soil he had gathered on them, the man looked at Tara carefully. “I doubt Battle Axe would be quite as interested in you if you were walking into a peaceful situation.” He said before squaring his shoulders. “My apologies Earth Daughter, My name is Michael and the war scarred old veteran at your feet is Battle Axe.” He said simply before taking a tall staff from where it rested on the wall.

“Battle Axe?” she asked carefully as he rubbed against her legs begging for more attention.

“It is who he is, I have never understood people’s need to force names on animals who already know who and what they are.” Michael said as Tara tried not to think of what she had named her own cat.

Ignoring her inner musing, Michael walked towards the back of the store as Battle axe finally abandoned his post at Tara’s leg and followed him dutifully towards the back.

Or more likely, towards his food.

“Well tell me about this missing friend of yours and we shall see what we can do about it.” Michael said as he opened the door to the back room filled with all the workings of the Arcane.


(A/N) Well that’s another Chapter down, here’s hoping the muse keeps beating me over the head with a pole-axe.

Anyways, this was written out after a horribly long day at work with little or no sleep the day before.

Any problems with the story can be blamed on this… well for this chapter at least.


The End

You have reached the end of "Blood of Mathias". This story is complete.

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