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Blood of Mathias

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Summary: Written after a plot bunny i got from a Godsmack Music Video

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Blood of Matyas

Saw a music video and got this evil plot bunny that kept me from writing ANYTHING else.

I don't own BtVS or The Mummy, I am simply using them for the enjoyment of the reader (And so the Plot bunnies will leave me alone.)

After Season 5 before Season Sux.




Anyanka, Patron of scorned women and vengeance demon for well over a century opened the door carefully to the smiling man.

“Do you need something or do you always knock on people’s doors for no reason?” she asked bluntly as the man continues to smile.

“Are you Anya Jenkins by any chance?” he asked and smiled as she nodded. “Excellent, I have a message for you from a mister Giles, umm… a Rupert Giles?” he clarified as she continued to stare.

Thinking about it a moment Anya stepped back carefully and opened the door “What would that… “She trailed off as she noted the ring on the mans hand.

Before she could scream his hand came up and she felt her lungs start to fill with fluid.

As the world started to fade out she wondered where a Teraka had managed to find one of Halifrek’s curses.

Smiling to himself as he walked down the hall he wondered again at his good fortune in finding an almost forgotten contract this close to his base of operation.

Idly playing with the ring on his hand the Teraka Assassin wondered what had happened to the other three that had taken the job before shrugging it off. If they weren’t able to take down the target then they had no right calling themselves Teraka.

Though he had to wonder why the eldest insisted on going after this Harris boy.


Xander groaned in his sleep as he dreamed about sand and blood.

Over the years the dreams had become more and more frequent as he started to fight beside Buffy.

As it always did the dream ended with him lunging onto a spear.

Waking in a sweat Xander blinked to clear his vision.

And rapidly wished he was dreaming.

Rolling as the dagger flashed down, Xander fell off the bed and collapsed in a heap on the floor. Fighting his way free of the sheets he dodged back as the man sliced again.

Kicking the bundled sheets at the stranger, he took the moment of distraction to tackle the man.

Wrestling for the weapon, Xander finally forced it out of his hand before plunging it into his attacker’s chest. Gasping for breath for a moment the young man finally started to feel a pain in his side. Looking down to the rapidly reddening shirt in shock before a single thought dominated his mind, ‘Anya’

Leaving the cooling corpse behind him, Xander stood as a wave of dizziness washed over him and left the bedroom in a rush. Stumbling towards the front room he momentarily wondered why he was loosing feeling in his extremities before he saw her lying near the front door.

Dropping to his knees beside her as the world started to swim, Xander wondered how he was going to find a joke now before darkness claimed him and he passed out as the poison from the assassin’s knife finally took hold.


Slowly opening his eyes he watched as light after light passed by in front of him and he distantly heard a conversation nearby.

“Will he be okay?” an oddly familiar voice asked as he focused on a redhead and blond walking beside him.

“We don’t know until we start a blood transfusion, we need to get the poison out of him as fast as possible.” An unknown voice responded before a third interrupted from a person he couldn’t see.

“Do you know this young man?” the third voice asked as the redhead nodded in confirmation. “Would you mind telling me why he was found in his apartment with a dead woman we can’t find any records for before ‘99 and a dead man with a knife in his chest?” the voice asked snidely and Xander idly thought he disliked this new voice. Before he thought anything else the blond and redhead disappeared from view.

By the time Willow and Tara had managed to deal with the detective Xander was already being treated and they were not allowed past.


There was sand.

That was the only thing he saw as he slowly turned around until he was quite sure he had done more than one circle. He couldn’t tell for sure because everything looked the same as far as the eye could see.

He had a name, he was sure he had a name.

As he fought desperately to remember even that tiny sliver of himself he finally noticed something different. She was there.

Where before there had been only sand, now a woman was slowly walking towards him. As she approached he was sure he knew her from somewhere before.

When she finally reached him he stared for several minutes before he was able to speak.

“You’re here.” He said simply though he had no clue where ‘here’ was.

“I have always been here Alexander; you merely needed to find me.” She responded before looking up as the sun was eclipsed. “It is time Alexander; you must find your ancestors and help them… or be lost in the sands of time.” She warned.

Looking up Xander saw a huge black scorpion blotting out the sun.

As he faded away Cassandra smile slowly and things were set in motion. “The prophecy is upon us.” She whispered before fading away as well.

And only the sand remained.


Xander started awake and for a moment he couldn’t place where he was, until the steady beeping of the monitor brought back the memories in force.

Slowly closing his eyes he felt a hot tear burn its way out of his eye before sliding down towards his ear and being soaked up by the cheap hospital pillow he was lying against.

As the damp spot continued to grow he found he couldn’t muster the strength to care.


Willow carefully stuck her head in the door and smiled sadly as she saw Xander sitting up and poking at the food on his tray with a fork.

“Xander?” She said cautiously as her lifelong friend continued to stare at his food.

“She’s dead isn’t she.” He stated more than asked before looking up at Willow again. “I slept as she was killed.” He said before looking down at his food again. “I slept as she was murdered.” He whispered again, more to himself.

“Xander you can’t say that.” Willow said as she sat on his bed carefully to avoid his injured side. “You can’t blame yourself for Anya’s death anymore than you can for Buffy’s.” Willow trailed off as she saw Xander slump a bit more. “Xander you can NOT blame yourself for Buffy’s death.” Willow intoned as she tried to keep him from slipping anymore than he already had.

“Why not.” He growled as he threw the food away forcefully. “I failed Anya because I was asleep, I failed Buffy because I wasn’t fast enough to stop her. I failed Kendra because I wasn’t smart enough to see the trap until it was too late. I failed Miss Calendar because I wasn’t brave enough to stand up to Buffy and make her stake Angelus. And I failed Jesse because I wasn’t strong enough to stop them from taking him.” He finished before a sharp pain on his cheek forced him to stop in shock.

Willow glared through the tears in her eyes as she tried to keep herself from slapping Xander again. “You listen to ME, Alexander Lavelle Harris.” She growled as Xander stared at her, too shocked from the hit to respond. “Jesse died because an insane master vampire decided he was hungry. Miss Calendar died because Angelus saw her as a the only one that could return his soul. Kendra died fighting Drucilla who had already killed TWO other slayers. Anya died because an Assassin decided to take up a contract on our heads from our high school years and Buffy died to Save the WORLD!” she all but shouted before lowering her voice to a much more dangerous hissing whisper. “So don’t you ever let me hear you talk about them like it’s your fault again or so help me God I will make you wish you had never heard the word Twinkie.” She said before her words caught up with her.

Watching as her hair slowly turned from the black it was to a much more recognizable red Xander tried to process what she had said. “Did you just threaten a snack cake?” he asked in confusion as his oldest friend collapsed in the chair beside the bed and held her face in her hands.

“I had such a great rant going against you too.” She mumbled from around her hands before looking up at him again “Sorry for slapping you.” She apologized as she saw the red imprint her hand had left.

Rubbing his cheek carefully Xander let his regrets slide back behind the mask he had worn for so long before shrugging off Willows apology. “No problem wills, I’m sorry for brooding like Angel there for a bit.”

“You could never brood like Angel, Xander.” Willow said with a laugh as she leaned over to hug him “You don’t have the hair.” She whispered before a thump behind her drew her attention to the door. Eyes widening in alarm at the sight, “Tara!”


Tara walked in and smiled as her girlfriend leaned over and hugged Xander carefully.

It wasn’t until Xander hugged back that she saw the large black Scorpion tattoo on his hand moments before her eyes rolled back and she passed out.
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