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New Year's Eve

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Summary: Dawn's plans for New Year's Eve change at the last minute. Light, fluffy & short.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralElaineRhodesFR1322,829011,46130 Dec 0431 Dec 04Yes

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve (Characters: Dawn and Xander)

Originally written for the Open on Sunday “Celebrations” challenge (but not posted there because it’s 826 words too long).

Takes place: Post Season 7 Buffy

Characters: Xander and Dawn (and minor OC for what little plot there is to work)

Rating: PG (for semi-serious threats of violence).

Discailmer: I only own the computer this was written on, anyone you recognize belongs to Mutant Enemy


The doorbell to Buffy and Dawn’s Rome apartment chimed. Buffy had taken a trip with her boyfriend, The Immortal – what kind of name is that, anyway?—and so Xander had traveled from Egypt, so that Dawn wouldn’t be alone for the holidays.

“Xander, I’m not quite ready yet--will you get that, please?”

“Sure thing, Dawn,” he answered. As he made his way to the door, Xander rolled his shoulders, cracked his neck, and made sure his most intimidating scowl was in place. With a final, small adjustment to his eye patch, he opened the apartment door, to find a young man who could have just come from a GQ fashion shoot. The expensive suit, silk tie, and designer shoes were in sharp contrast to Xander’s much-battered suede jacket, faded denim work shirt, worn khakis, and dusty work boots. Other than that, they could have been brothers: the newcomer was approximately the same height and build as Xander, had dark hair, and brown eyes.

“Yes?” Xander said, with as much ice in his voice as he could manage.

The visitor hesitated slightly, and then smiled as he said, “Hello, I am Paolo, I am here for Dawn. You are her brother, yes?”

Xander nodded slightly. “Well, the closest thing to a brother. She’s still getting ready.” Xander stepped aside, without issuing a verbal invitation, because once a Sunnydale boy, always a Sunnydale boy. “I’m Xander,” he said as he offered his hand to Paolo.

“Pleased to meet you.” As they shook hands, Dawn entered the living room. She wore one of those “little black dresses” that every woman is required to own, elegant heels, and had her hair in a style that Xander knew had a French name, but couldn’t pronounce properly because he forgot that the “g” was silent.

Paolo smiled at his date, and took her hands in his. “Amperora, là è, il mio goddess bello! Venuto, lascilo eliminarlo per vedere Roma reale. Concederò il vostro ogni whim e mi diletto ciascuno dei vostri sensi stasera (1),” Paolo then kissed Dawn’s hand.

Dawn smothered a giggle – it was little over the top. Indulge her every whim? Well, OK, she could get behind that, but that thing about delighting each of her senses? That was little much for the first date. ‘It’s a good thing Xander doesn’t know Italian,’ she thought to herself. Not quite sure how to respond, she simply said “Sì, grazie.”

“Not so fast there, Paolo.” Xander may not understand Italian, but he knew guys, and he didn’t like the look in Paolo’s eyes when he spoke to Dawn.

Dawn let out a small sigh. She knew what was coming next.

Xander spared her a glance, then turned back to Paolo. “There are just a few simple rules. Hurt Dawn in any way, and I’ll kill you. Make Dawn cry, and I’ll kill you. Get Dawn back by one o’clock, or I’ll kill you.”

Dawn crossed her arms at the beginning of the spiel – she’d heard it all before, and it was just best to let Buffy or Xander say it, than to argue with it. But that last rule? That was new. Dawn now stood with arms akimbo. “One AM? On New Year’s Eve? Don’t be ridiculous, Xander.” Dawn turned to address her date. “Paolo, don’t take Xander’s threat seriously. He’s just being overprotective.”

“With good reason, or do I have to remind you of your first date?”

Dawn now turned to face Xander. “Oh, please! That was years ago! And anyway-first date, first kiss, first attempt on my life – that’s a Sunnydale hat trick!”

“Yeah, well, I just want to make sure that this guy (Xander unnecessarily waved his hand to indicate Paolo) doesn’t try to kill you, too.”

“You’re just a black pot living in a glass house, aren’t you?” Dawn spluttered. “I haven’t had nearly as many dates try to kill me as you’ve had try to kill you, so you don’t need to go around threatening to kill my dates, especially when I’m perfectly capable of killing my own dates!”

Paolo had, up until this point, been amused by the exchange. He himself had often found himself threatening the lives of boys interested in his little sister. This, however, had alarmed him. “Dawn, you can kill me?”

Xander cracked a feral grin. “Oh, yeah, in a New York minute!” She hadn’t spent all her time in the past three years studying classical languages; Dawn did enough training with Buffy that she could hold her own in a fight (well, against humans, at least).

Dawn scowled and replied, “Well, I would only kill you in self-defense!”

Paolo turned to the door and said “L'Oh, il mio dio. I due di voi sono insano-pazzeschi! Andare di I'm. La mia madre era di destra - gli Americani non sono a destra nella testa” (2) as he made his way to the exit.

Xander smiled a very self-satisfied smile. “Well, I guess my work here is done,” he said, as he sat down on the couch.

An angry Dawn paced back and forth next to him. “You did that on purpose!” she accused.

Xander rested his feet on the coffee table. “And what if I did? All that means is that we both spend a quiet night here.” Xander placed his hands behind his head, leaned back, and closed his eyes.

Dawn stopped her pacing and smiled in triumph. “Actually, it just means that you’re my date for New Year’s Eve this year. Now, go change your clothes-you’re taking me dancing!”

- - -

Translations to Italian via babelfish:

1-“Ah, there she is, my beautiful goddess! Come, let me take you out to see the real Rome. I will indulge your every whim, and delight each of your senses tonight.”

2-“Oh, my God. The two of you are insane-crazy! I'm leaving. My mother was right - Americans are not right in the head.”
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