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The Prisoner of Azkaban

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Summary: Buffy was asked to protect Hogwarts. Everything she knew about the job was clear until she ends up saving one of the most wanted murderers in both the Wizard and Muggle World. And that's just the beginning. A BtVSHP crossover.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Hogwarts TeacherPrecariousPersonataFR15712,351199,25530 Dec 0418 Jul 05No

Special Notice

I know I haven't been updating this little story, and I do apologize for the long wait and ask to hold those little...erm, weapons until I told the entire situation. See, this story has already been posted up in another site by yours truly, and I used as away to reedit and revise the whole thing. And since I am doing a poor job of doing this, I just decided to hell with it and put you all out of your waiting and give you the link. Hosted in: , the story is well updated up to chapter 9 but I can't say that it was as nicely written as the first two chapters I posted here.

However, I have decided to officially put the story on hiatus simply because my muse haven't been able to come around the corner and help me out. If you want my whole sorry excuse, view my account at the same site: and drop by tid bit or two although I will be a little testy if anyone totally bashes the fact that this pathetic author haven't been able to update. It's well out of my hands and head and I really and truly can't help it. If I force myself to do it, it won't be able to compare as well as earlier chapters when the story just...flowed.

I truly am sorry to those who have been enjoying this story and hopefully the added chapters would be able to satisfy you guys for now. Thank you for reviewing, and I would like to hear your opinions about the story or any questions at all at either here, via email, or drop a review on the other link.

Thank you for understanding

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Prisoner of Azkaban" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jul 05.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking