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Bringing back Terra

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Summary: Slade hires Ethan to bring back Terra; now Teen Titans and the new Watchers' Council has to do something about it.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansDmitriFR1383,593055,0711 Jan 051 Jan 05Yes

Bringing back Terra

Disclaimer: Teen Titans belong to DC; Ethan and Co. - to Joss Whedon.

Chapter 1 “What do you mean, bring her back?”

“…What do you mean, you won’t bring her back?” the criminal mastermind known to the world as Slade stared incredulously at the Englishman before him.

“Look, Mr. Slade,” Ethan Rayne tried to act placating to the powerful, armored figure before him – Slade had the power to reduce him to chutney single-handedly, without any need to use magic, so he had to tread warily – “it’s not that I am un-grateful that you’ve rescued me from that federal research facility, it’s just that I think that you’ve got a really customized job here, and I don’t do customized jobs really well. At least-“his mind flashed back to the deceased mayor of Sunnydale and the band candy job “-not lately. I really think that you need to get a profes-sional necromancer to help you with that.”

“I don’t want the services of a professional necromancer. They tend to stab you in the back too often.”

“And I don’t?” Ethan actually sounded partially insulted.

“Let’s just say that in this case you’re the lesser evil.”

“Oh, well, thanks. Now I’m really motivated to help you bring that young super-hero back, and it’s already a complicated process. I mean, look, there are only so many ways in which you can bring a body to unlife, and most of the powerful op-tions don’t apply here. The only way you may be able to get what I want if you got her back as a ghost.”

Slade paused, thinking of a reply. “I don’t really like that option, Mr. Rayne. Ghosts aren’t very easy to control, and I had problems controlling Terra when she was alive and breathing… this is just asking for trouble, in my opinion.”

“Ah, so you are starting to see my point!” Ethan beamed. “Look, Mr. Slade, if you are so interested in controlling the element of earth, I can sell you certain spell-books about that-“

“No. No need. If I wanted that kind of controlling of the element of earth, I’d con-tacted an elemental savant already. What I want is Terra. With powers over earth. As my puppet.”

For many, many years now Ethan Rayne had dealt and traded with many unspeak-able and evil men and creatures in both this world and others. But for some reason the last statement of Slade’s had really sent shivers down the back.

And then he remembered the federal containing unit from which Slade’s robot minions had freed him from, and turned thoughtful. He began to slowly re-look through Terra’s folder, then through his own materials.

After this has gone long enough in his estimation, Slade asked – “Well?”

Ethan looked away from a book with a ghostly warrior on its cover. “Well, Mr. Slade, the thing is I can bring back a workable version of Terra back. By “worka-ble” I mean that she’ll have powers over earth, and you will be controlling her.”

“And the catch?”

‘The man knows how I work too well, got to do something about this,’ Ethan thought, but what he said was “Well, she won’t be much of a human when I’m through with her, but she will still feel all sort of negative emotions towards you.”

“You mean she’ll hate me?”

“Yes,” Ethan nodded; keeping to himself that in his opinion, the word “hatred” re-lated to the feelings of loathing and disgust that non-Terra would feel, in the same way that a hungry piranha related to a starving and blood-frenzied white shark –more differences than similarities, at least in his opinion. But outloud he said noth-ing.

“I can handle hatred,” Slade said, unaware of what Ethan thought.

‘Good for you,’ Ethan thought, but what he said was – “I’ll get busy, then.”

And he did.
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