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Fluffy Monsters

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Summary: After the defeat of the First, and the activation of the slayers, many demons hopped dimensions to get away from them. This broke the balance in other dimensions, so The PTB’s decided to have the ones who broke the balance, fix the balance.

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Chapter 2

Disclaimers: I own none of these characters. If I did, do you think I would be writing about them? Hell No! I’d be snuggled up on the couch between Oz and Spike, with Nathaniel at my feet thank you very much.

Summary: After the defeat of the First, and the activation of the slayers, many demons hopped dimensions to get away from them. This broke the balance in other dimensions, so The PTB’s decided to have the ones who broke the balance, fix the balance.

Reviews: Wow! Thanks for all the reviews. This is my first posted fanfic, so I am sorry for any inconsistencies in the characters or the worlds. This story is one in a multiple series, but unfortunately I have hit a mental block the size of the Great Wall of China with the other stories. Since this is the only story that I seem to be able to work with, I wanted to go ahead and post it to see if it would be worth my time to work through the mental block on the other stories.

Timeline: Set about 5 years after "Chosen" for BTVS and after "Cerulean Sins" for AB:VH.

Backstory: The new "International Council" is comprised of Slayers, Watchers, Magic Users, and Fighters. The IC needed help, so they started recruiting. This is how Oz came back. Wolves mate for life, so when Willow and Kennedy went their separate ways, Oz and Willow just sort of gravitated back towards one another. After alot of work, Willow was able to create a spell that allowed Oz to retain most of his control when he changed. Spike and Illyria were the only survivors of "NFA". Spike went back to Buffy, and since Illyria had no where else to go, she followed him. She choose Giles as her new Qwa'ha Xahn. There is more, but it is not really pertinent to this story.

Chapter 2

Anita had been in the shower for over an hour, and the water had long since gone cold, but she didn’t care. Her thoughts kept going over her conversation with Dolph after she had gone back into the house. She had tried to tell him that whatever had done this was not something that she was familiar with, that it was something much more dangerous then anything she had ever met. She couldn’t say exactly why she was so certain of this. She just knew. He refused to believe her, and accused her of protecting the monsters. He then had a patrolman escort her to the edge of the scene with instructions not to allow her back in. She saw Zebrowski looking between her and Dolph before she stormed over to her Jeep.

Her skin was bright red from all the scrubbing she had done, and she was getting ready to soap up again when she felt it. The magic crackling through the air was so strong, that Anita put a hand on the shower wall to steady herself. She shook her head, trying to clear it. Anita could feel Jean-Claude’s and Richard’s curiosity through the marks, but she ignored them. She jumped out of the shower and grabbed her Browning and a towel.

Anita reached the living room just in time to see a swirling vortex appear on the other side of the room. She glanced to her right and saw her leopards, while not exactly cowering, very obviously behind Micah. She went to stand in front of them. Micah automatically moved to her left side.

Nathaniel took the towel from her hand and finished wrapping it around her so she wouldn’t have to lower her gun. “What the hell’s going on?” She demanded.

Zane spoke up from where he stood by Cherry’s side. “We were just going to watch a movie.”

Micah shrugged and grinned at his nimir-ra. “I turned on the DVD player.”

“What!?” Anita knew the look of disbelief on her face was comical, but anything else she was going to say was interrupted by something flying out of the vortex.

Caleb danced back from where it had almost hit him. “It’s a bag.”

Cherry looked at him with distaste. “Way to state the obvious.”

Before Caleb could snarl back a reply, a small, blonde woman with a wicked looking ax stepped into the living room. Anita watched while the blonde stepped to the side to allow more people to come through.

There was a tall brunette, young, carrying a crossbow. She was followed by a dark haired man wearing an eye-patch and carrying a double bladed ax.

Next through came a delicate looking red-head carrying another bag. She was shadowed by a man with blue spiky hair. Anita didn’t see a visible weapon on either one of them.

The last to come through the portal was a bleach-blonde man in a long black leather duster. He was carrying another ax.

Anita watched in shock as the red-head turned to the vortex and started chanting in a language she didn’t recognize. With one last pulse of light the vortex was gone, and she was left staring at 6 strangers in the middle of her living room.

The red-head speaking jolted Anita out of her daze. “People? There’s not supposed to be humans around. The spell was specific about that.”

Anita realized that the red-head looked troubled, but it was what the blonde woman said next that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

“They’re not human, Wills.” Anita could feel her pard moving restlessly behind her as the blonde’s gaze settled on them each in turn. “They’re setting off my spidey-sense, but not in an evil, demoney, need to be slayed, kind of way.”

Anita had her gun aimed and was ready to shoot the blonde woman when her view was blocked by the blonde in the leather duster. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, pet. Red there really hates guns. And shooting the Slayer, well, that would be very bad for your continued health.”

She looked up into crystal blue eyes that she could have sworn were just gold, and felt a shiver of fear slide down her spine. She didn’t know what he was, but she knew that he was dead. Her power flared, but couldn’t grasp onto anything in him.

“Now, now, pet,” he said with a chilling grin. “Let’s all play fair.”

She realized that whatever it was that was blocking her necromancy was a faint echo of what she had felt at the crime scene earlier.

Anita didn’t know how much damage shooting him would do, but she figured that it would do enough to slow him down. She let herself go to that quiet place she went to when she killed, showing him cold, dead eyes. The only response she got was an eyebrow raised in amusement.


The blonde man, ‘Spike’, turned his back on her without a second thought. “Yea, luv?”

Anita’s attention shifted to the woman who had come through first. The blonde rolled her eyes, “Stop scaring the locals. The PTB’s obviously sent us here for a reason, which means that one of them,” the woman gestured vaguely in their direction, “is probably supposed to help us somehow.”

Anita had had enough. She could feel Jean-Claude coming, but she wasn’t going to wait any longer. “Who the fuck are you people?”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Fluffy Monsters" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Jan 05.

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