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Creature Chews

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Summary: Creature Chews: A different creature with every bite!

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Harry Potter > GeneralKneazlesFR1331,398082,6685 Jan 0521 Feb 05Yes

Creations and Tests

Title: Creature Chews
Author: Kneazles
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and friends belong to JKR. Buffy and gang belong to Joss Whedon. I’m just borrowing them for a while.
Note: This is for EllandrahSylver since she liked the ‘Creature Chews’ ficlet I used for the FFA. The story shouldn’t be too long, three to five chapters at the most.

The floor of the twin’s workroom was cluttered with spare ingredients, diagrams, trial products and equipment. The twins were currently huddled around a cauldron.

George scratched his head with the quill. “Like our usual transfiguring sweets, we probably should use a modified polyjuice base…”

“Yeah,” Fred said, “Since we are attempting to transform the consumer into a humanoid, the base shouldn’t be as altered as the base we used for the Canary Creams, I would say the ingredients we should use include leeches, fluxweed, boomslang skin, and something of the projected subject, like blood.”

George nodded. “Yeah, I think its safe to leave off the lacewings, they tend to react badly with the sugar.” He wrote that down. “Blood would probably be the best thing to use especially since we’ll have to counter act some of the worse features of the targeted creature like the werewolf’s ferocity, the vampire’s bloodlust or the dementor’s kiss.”

“I think our first attempt should be the ghoul, since we can always borrow some ghoul ectoplasm from the ghoul at the Burrow… ectoplasm is the closest thing to blood that a ghoul has…” Fred said. “We’ll need to talk to Dung about getting a hold of the other ingredients, most are probably restricted…”

Fred looked at the cauldron. “I think it’s ready for the first test… Do you want to test it first or shall I?”

George stood up. “I should test it first, since you are better at potions than I am.”

“So a spoonful should do it?” Fred asked spooning up some of the pale grey potion.

George took the spoon and swallowed the potion. He grimaced in disgust. “Yuck. I feel a slight burning sensation spreading from my center ouuch!” He fell to the floor and started shaking in pain.

Fred dropped the quill and knelt beside his brother. He put a hand on his brother’s shoulder and felt it give under the slight pressure. “I think the pain’s related to becoming phantomlike,” he said, “you look like and feel like a ghoul.”

“Pain’s fading to a dull ache.” George said through clenched teeth.

“The effects of the potion should fade in half an hour… do you think your solid enough to take some pain relief potion?” Fred asked. “If you don't revert back to normal, we'll just treat it like a botched polyjuice potion.”

George nodded as he stood. “Moving feels strange, sort of like I was hit with a Cheering Charm after taking a muscle relaxing potion.” George said as he picked up the flask of pain relief potion and took a swallow. He sighed in relief as the potion took effect.

Fred nodded as he picked up his quill and recorded that. “So the potion does cause the transformation, we'll need to work in something to prevent the pain. Any ideas?”
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