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Hidden Past

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Summary: What if a certain vampire had certain secrets in his past that come to light after his return from hell? (B/A)

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredhakuchihiroloverFR151968,06931822,1126 Jan 0512 May 05No

Chapter 19



Chapter Nineteen

Buffy chuckled slightly and turned to Giles.

"So, First Evil, I'm guessing that it's evil."

Cordelia raised an eyebrow and Xander snorted loudly. Giles looked seriously unimpressed.

"This is no time for jokes Buffy."

Buffy scowled,

"I'm not joking Giles. So it's evil, so what? I've fought evil before and I've won. How is this any different?"

Giles sighed,

"Buffy, I can't emphasise how much danger we are all in right now, especially you and Faith, if the First Evil has really come to Sunnydale."

Buffy frowned,

"You've said that before Giles and we've dealt. What's so different with this first evil person?"

Giles shook his head and turned to Angel for support. Angel sighed and turned to Buffy.

"You have to understand Buffy. This is nothing like anything we've ever faced before. The First makes the Judge look like nothing."

Buffy frowned,

"You think I can't handle it?"

Angel shook his head,

"It's not that. Even vampires are afraid of the First. The master himself feared it. I'm not doubting your abilities, or Faith's, I just want you to be careful."

Buffy scowled,

"Okay, it's evil. So why's it after my mother?"

Angel frowned,

"I'm not sure about that."

Buffy turned to her watcher,

"Giles, any clues?"

Giles shook his head,

"Other than to get at you, Buffy, I can't really think of any reason why the First would target your mother."

Buffy turned to Faith,

"Faith, can you think of any reason why this First Evil would target my mother?"

The dark-haired slayer looked slightly uncomfortable as she looked anywhere but at the older slayer. Eventually she turned back to her sister slayer.

"B, I don't think that this First Evil dude is just after you. I think it's got a thing after Angel as well as you."

Buffy stared,

"I still don't get what this has to do with my mom."

Faith scowled,

"See, B, I think that the First went after your mom because it only had to work on feelings that were already there."

Buffy frowned,

"What do you mean, F?"

Faith shifted uncomfortably,

"Well, B, I think that the first went after your mom because there was the most anger there to begin with."

Buffy frowned,

"What does that mean, F?"

Faith shifted again,

"Well, B, your mother's never been exactly too fond of Angel and she's on this kick where she wants you to have a normal life or some shit. She's not exactly too keen on you being with Angel and the First just hit on that."

Buffy frowned,

"Well, I can still kill it, then I can deal with my mom. Giles, how do I kill this First Evil?"

Giles sighed,

"It isn't in any of the books that I have…"

Buffy scowled and turned back to Faith,

"F, your watcher's here, isn't he?"

Faith nodded,

"Wes, yeah. Why?"

Buffy scowled,

"Get him to come here. He might be able to help. I want this First Evil gone."

Faith quickly left the room and the mansion to go and find her watcher. Buffy turned to her lover.

"Angel, would any of the books from the vault have any information we could use?"

Angel thought about this for a minute,

"I'm not sure, love, I'll go and see if there's anything we could use.

Buffy smiled slightly as her lover left the room. Even though Angel had been back for over three months now, she was still amazed at having him back again. Aside from the matter of Voldemort, Spike, Drusilla, The ministry of magic and the ultimate evil that was targeting Buffy's mother, it seemed that things were starting to work out for the two of them.

Buffy reviewed the previous thought in her head and decided that she had been living on the Hellmouth for far too long. Shame about that sacred duty and destiny stuff, but if it weren't for that Buffy decided that she would probably be better off moving from good old Sunnyhell. Maybe she and Faith could work something out.

Buffy wondered what kind of person she would be if she had never come to Sunnydale, if she and her mother had found a school that would take her that wasn't on the mouth of hell. In some ways Buffy was glad that she had been chosen as the slayer, as the person she had been before had been so completely shallow. Maybe if she had been able to have some kind of reality check without the low life-expectancy, less than minimal wage and of course the fact that she couldn’t tell anyone about it without being shipped off to the nearest mental institution.

Buffy shivered as she remembered the time she spent in an institution when she had first been called as the slayer. Maybe it would have been better if she had never been called as the slayer, if she had stayed the same. Sometimes the truth was worse than the lies that she told herself when she was that other Buffy.

But if she hadn't been the slayer, then she would have never met Angel. She would have never been friends with Xander, Willow and Oz and she would have never met Giles, the man she loved as the closest thing she had to a real father. It was pointless to think about things that could have been, anyway.

"…Buffy. Earth calling planet Buffster."

Xander's voice drew Buffy from her thoughts. She turned to her Xander-shaped friend and smiled,

"Xander, I don't know what I find more disturbing, you referring to me as a planet or you referring to yourself as a representative of planet earth."

Xander pouted in a mock hurt manner and turned to his girlfriend,

"Cordy, the big, bad Slayer's picking on me."

Cordelia smirked and winked at Buffy before she lectured in a mock paternal tone.

"Buffy, you know it's not fair to prey on the weak."

Willow smiled at the exchange and turned to her best-friend since kindergarten,

"Hiding behind Cordy's skirts, Xander?"

Xander smirked,

"Yeah, well, I get a great view of her arse from there."

Willow blushed as red as her hair and made an excellent impression of a duck trying to swallow her tongue. Cordy remained calm and just whacked her boyfriend around the head. Xander raised his arms over his head in a show of protecting himself,

"Hey, watch it with the Xander abuse."

It was at this exact moment that Faith decided to enter the room, her new watcher panting behind her, trying to catch his breath as he ran.











Wesley Windham-Price ran into the living room of the Crawford Street mansion after his slayer, greatly out of breath and doing a remarkable impression of an asthmatic goldfish with heavy shopping, though the dignified gentleman would never admit it. His slayer had turned up at the High School library, the guardianship of which Wesley had taken over after his compatriot Rupert Giles had returned to England with his Slayer.

Faith, in her typically irrational manner, had not told him where she was going, she had just turned up and told him to follow her. He had thought it had been about some vampire nest and had been just preparing to tell her that it was the duty of the slayer to take care of such places, not the responsibility of her watcher. Faith had never understood what it meant to be the slayer, she had no comprehension of her responsibilities.

Wesley had been surprised when the infuriating girl had brought him to the Crawford Street mansion. He was also annoyed with the fact that the Watcher of the other slayer, two slayers, how ridiculous, had taken his diaries with him when he and his slayer had left the hellmouth for an unknown destination. But, despite Miss Summers's somewhat anomalous behaviour and her reputation as something of a wild card, he had the greatest confidence that the senior slayer would be far more respectful of the council and her duty than Faith was.

When the irreverent slayer had arrived in the library at a run that evening, she had basically ordered him to come with her as they had a problem and requested that he provide what assistance he could. Wesley had been quietly furious, but as Faith had offered no further explanation, he had followed her as she run out of the library.

He had attempted to make Faith slow down, but the infuriating girl had either not heard him or ignored his orders. Thus he had had to run full pelt towards a mansion on Crawford Street. He had once again inquired what they were doing at the mansion, but Faith had once again ignored him. She had merely run up the steps and pulled open the unlocked doors. Wesley had followed her inside, trying not to stare around at the grand entrance hall, with its huge fireplace and the incongruous note of a pair of chains hanging from one wall.

Faith had pulled open another set of doors, these ones leading into what appeared to be a smaller sitting room, the Slayer had entered this room and Wesley had followed his charge into the room.

The Watcher had been right in his assumption that the other room was a small sitting room, and Wesley mentally congratulated himself on this fact. However, as he looked around the room, his sense of self-accomplishment dimmed.

There was a fairly large group of people in the room, which in itself was odd, as Wesley had been indoctrinated with the belief that Slayers worked alone. He had of course heard the rumour that the Older Slayer worked with civilians, but he had had no idea that their presence was on such a large scale.

Wesley looked at each of the people in turn. The first one he saw was a distinguished looking older gentleman with silvery hair, dressed in tweed and looking over the group with a rather parental expression, this one Wesley could only assume to be the Slayer's watcher, Mr Giles.

The next person the Wesley saw was a slender laconic looking boy with red died hair and piercing eyes that made Wesley think he was thinking about something terribly important, but terribly distant.

Standing close to the boy was a red-haired girl with smiling eyes. There was an aura of innocence around the girl, but also a great sense of power, that even somebody as inherently insensitive as Wesley could sense.

Close by, another dark-haired couple stood, apparently in the middle of a friendly spat. The woman was very attractive and dressed in what Wesley presumed to be the latest fashions, whilst the boy was at best endearing in his goofiness.

The last person in the room had to be the slayer. The petite slender blonde was not the person whom Wesley expected to see. In his subconscious, he had expected the Slayer to at least be taller. But, her diminutive appearance aside, the Slayer seemed to be everything that he had been told. With pale blonde hair and a slender figure, Wesley assumed that the slayer might appear not in the least bit threatening to someone who didn't know what she was.

But at second glance, it was obvious just how much this waif-like girl had earned her title as Slayer. The girl was dressed for fighting in black leather pants and a black corset-top. Black boots and a long black trench completed the outfit, making a deadly impression that was only strengthened by the various weaponry strapped to her body, including a long sword strapped to her back. A look in her eyes showed the shadowed age of an early wisdom that came from being the Slayer.

But, even as he recognised the deadly steel edge that the Slayer possessed, he also recognised the validity of the arguments of certain factions within the council. Though, undoubtedly a force to be feared by the demonic world, this Slayer was wild and unpredictable, her better judgement skewed by unnecessary contact with the outside world. The Slayer would probably just as easily turn against the council as attack demons. But, most worryingly, was the complete lack of understanding for the serious nature of the fight that she undertook.

By allowing civilians to assist her in her fight, which should be her fight and hers alone, the reckless child showed not only disrespect for the traditions of the council, but also a complete disregard for the human lives she was risking. The ratification of these rumours disturbed Wesley, as it meant not only the consequences of these choices, but gave extra credence to the disturbing rumours about the Slayer's other misdemeanours, such as her dalliance with the vampire Angelus.

Before Wesley could ruminate further on these disturbing thoughts, the occupants of the room, including the slayer, noticed his presence. The Slayer turned from a laughing conversation with the human boy and whirled around to fix a glare on him. When she spoke, the Slayer's voice was icy,

"You're Faith's new Watcher?"

There was a shocking lack of respect in the Slayer's voice, something else that Wesley had heard about the elder Slayer. But Wesley endeavoured not to get off on a bad start with the infamous Miss Summers, so he answered politely,

"Yes, Wesley Windham-Price, at your service."

The impudent Slayer seemed to find this polite comment humorous, and, instead of satisfying basic courtesy by providing a similar introduction, snorted indelicately. Her snort was echoed by the others in the room, even Mr Giles. The Slayer spoke then, her voice condescending,

"And what service can you possibly provide me, apart from the skill of screaming like a girl and running away?"

Everyone snorted at this, even Mr Giles once again echoing the immaturity of his charge and her peers. Wesley felt a headache coming on, somehow, he knew this group was going to be even worse than Faith.





Sorry it's been so long and it's so short, but there are serious time issues at the moment.




The End?

You have reached the end of "Hidden Past" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 May 05.

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