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Hidden Past

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Summary: What if a certain vampire had certain secrets in his past that come to light after his return from hell? (B/A)

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredhakuchihiroloverFR151968,06931822,1816 Jan 0512 May 05No

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Do not own characters used in this story.


Hidden Pasts

Chapter One

Professor Albus Dumbledore sat in his office, endlessly going through piles of notes and documents as he searched for information that had yet to become patent. He was searching through an endless back-history of piles of documentation from the department of underage magic. He had been doing this every day since Harry Potter's mysterious disappearance.

The boy had gone back to his Aunt and Uncle's house after his fourth year at Hogwarts and had been keeping in touch with his friends and godfather. Then, on the day of his fifteenth birthday, he had simply vanished from Number Four Privet Drive. After it had become evident that Harry had not been kidnapped or killed by Voldemort, the only possible explanation was that he had run away from the wizarding world.

After research had proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Harry was out of England and Europe, the next guess had been that he had gone to America. He had contacted the American Ministry and asked for their documentation of all magic outputs within the last year. After surfing through endless piles of irrelevant notes of levitation spells and zit-covering glamour spells, he was starting to despair of ever finding where the boy had gone.

As he flipped through piles and piles of boring and tedious notes, he finally came to something that looked interesting, if not for their quest to find Harry, then in the war against Voldemort. He checked the readings against some familiar chart of old magic readings. Finding out that it was the thing that he feared, he quickly sent for Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagel. The two soon arrived in his office, Minerva looking nervous and Snape trying to look bored, but secretly looking also as nervous as his rival. Severus spoke first,

"I don't suppose you've found out anything about the whereabouts of the Potter brat. Personally I think that the idiot boy is just doing this for attention."

Dumbledore smiled slightly, he found the stupid animosity Severus had for the son of James Potter highly amusing. Ignoring the aggravated look on Minerva's face, he spoke,

"Unfortunately, I have yet to find any information about Mr Potter's whereabouts. However, I have come across something interesting and highly disturbing in these records."

Both faculty members were instantly on the alert, Minerva asked,

"What is it Albus, do you have any news on you-know-who's whereabouts?"

Dumbledore shook his head,

"Unfortunately I have not discovered that piece of information, but this could be just as important. There has been a recent and highly disturbing magical emission from the town of Sunnydale, California. As you may or may not be aware, Sunnydale is a Hellmouth and therefore we would leave the happenings there to the Watcher's council and the slayer. However, this particular magical emission is one that should be familiar to both of you. I checked the records and it does appear to come from the infamous vampire, Angelus, the scourge of Europe. You have probably have heard of him. He supposedly disappeared one hundred years ago, but this is undeniably him. The spell concerned is indeterminable, but it was extremely powerful. I am concerned that Angelus may have teamed up with Voldemort. Of course, you do understand what that would mean."

The two teachers had paled considerably during this speech and were, for once, in complete agreement with each other.

"Of course, Albus. We must go to Sunnydale as soon as possible."

Albus nodded in agreement,

"Yes, I knew that you would say that, so I took the liberty of contacting the American ministry of magic to inform them that we will be apparating across the ocean to Sunnydale. We should be able to leave immediately if we take a portkey off the school grounds."

The two heads of house rolled their eyes at Albus' characteristic prescience. They then took hold of the empty sherbet lemon packet that had been charmed as a portkey to take them to Hogsmeade. Albus placed his hand on the portkey and activated it. The three disappeared from the office.


Buffy Summers sat in the cool entrance hall of the mansion on Crawford street that Angel had owned when he had been Angelus again. She had told her mum that she would be doing some research at the library with Faith and Giles thought that she was out patrolling with the other slayer. When she had asked Faith to cover for her, the dark-haired slayer had agreed and not asked why, for which Buffy was very grateful. She did not want to explain to everyone that the person who had killed and tortured them all when his demon had returned, whom they thought Buffy had sent to a hell dimension, was back.

She cast a glance up at the window to see how long it would be before Angel was up. The sun was just going through the final stages of setting and it would not be long before the vampire was up. Buffy wanted to talk to him so badly. She didn't even have to talk, she just wanted to be with him and feel his presence again. She had been alone for so long.

She was just about to go and see if Angel was getting up when a knock sounded on the door. She paled about ten shades, when she remembered that if Giles and the gang thought that she was alone with Angel, then they wouldn't knock. It was probably just some people selling stuff or asking if she wanted to join Jehovah's witnesses or some such.

She walked to the large doors and pulled one of them open a crack. What she saw made her mouth drop open and as the slayer she had seen a lot of really strange things. On the stoop stood two men and one woman. This would not seem too extraordinary, as it was no longer the dark ages and the idea of two men alone with a woman was no longer the heresy it used to be. It was the apparel of the three that shocked her.

The woman was wearing a loose black dress of some variety and a pointy black hat. She had a severe face that brought back memories to Buffy of time spent in the offices of various principals over the years. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun and she wore small glasses on the bridge of her nose.

The younger man was wearing a similar dress for some reason and there was a black hat one top of his greasy black hair. He shot Buffy a withering glare, but after meeting Angelus, she didn't scare easily.

The older man was perhaps the most eccentric of the group. He wore a red dress of the same style as the other two. He wore no hat, but had long flowing white hair and a beard. His crinkled blue eyes were hidden behind half-moon glasses and there was something about him that made Buffy think of her watcher, Giles.

Buffy fought hard not to laugh as she opened the door wider and stuck her head out,

"Can I help you?"

The three seemed vaguely surprised to see her, as if they had not expected to see a human girl there. The older man spoke though,

"We're here to see Angelus, it is very important that you let us in at once."

Buffy shrugged, she didn't sense any danger from the three and could only presume that they knew something about how Angel had returned from the hell dimension.

"Come in, he's still asleep at the moment, 'cos he needs a lot of rest now. I'll show you somewhere you can sit down and then I'll go wake him up."

The woman spoke in a kindly tone,

"Thank you dear, but are you sure it's safe for you to go and wake him on your own?"

Buffy smiled,

"Angel would never hurt me. He's not going by Angelus any more by the way, and I'd prefer it if you didn't call him that."

The three either accepted this or realised that it was the closest thing to a reassurance that they were likely to get. Buffy led them to a small drawing room with high windows, which wouldn't cast any of the last remnants of daylight onto Angel. She then left the three there and went up to Angel's bedroom.


Severus Snape sat in an armchair in the small room that the girl had led them to. He noticed that there was no light entering the room, so he assumed that she knew that Angelus was a vampire. He had been slightly bemused by her comment that Angel would never hurt her and that Angelus was no longer going by that name. Something about the girl had greatly annoyed him and he disliked her casual manner.

He was just about to comment on the aggravating female when the door swung open. He half rose, suspecting it to be Angelus, but instead it was the annoying blonde. She scowled at him and he sat down again, though he brought his wand out of its holster. She noticed this and her face turned serious.

"Okay, hand over all long pointy wooden objects."

Severus was unwilling to hand over his wand to such an disrespectful woman, but a look from Professor Dumbledore forced him to hand his wand to the petite blonde. She scowled at him and spoke, once she had pocketed all three wands.

"Alright, I have woken up Angel, and he wasn't having any nightmares so you're all in big trouble for disturbing him by the way. He's just getting dressed, so he should be down here soon. He needs to eat as well and I've left him some breakfast, he'll probably eat in his room though. I have to go and fetch some people quickly, but before I go, can I get you anything? Coffee, tea, extra greasy shampoo?"

Severus turned his most fearsome glare on her at this point, but all she did was smirk at him. Professor Dumbledore asked for tea and glared at him until he requested a cup of strong black coffee. These she fetched and then went out of the room again, closing the door behind her as she went.


Rupert Giles sat in the library of Sunnydale High School, doing some research into the experiments that Buffy's new boyfriends friend had carried out. Buffy was out on patrol with Faith, something she seemed to be doing a lot of recently. It wasn't that he was disappointed with her, it was much better for everyone now that the two slayers were friends. It was just that Buffy was always out as soon as she left school and rarely turned up to help with research any more. He knew that she was having difficulty coping with killing Angel, but this was uncharacteristic for her.

He was still pondering the enigma when the doors to the library swung inwards. He, Xander, Oz, Faith, whom apparently had left Buffy to patrol on her own while she came to help, Cordelia and Willow, who had all turned up to help with the research, were on their feet within seconds.

All six of them let out breaths of relief once they saw that it was Buffy who had entered the library. Giles was moving to pull up a chair for the slayer, but the look on her face stopped him. She had obviously run all the way here from wherever she had been before. After a moment, she spoke,

"Please don't ask any questions, you all just need to come with me."

Giles and the others all started to move towards the door. Buffy seemed relieved that they weren't asking what was going on and that was a bad sign to Giles, particularly considering her recent interest in the possibility of Angel returning from the hell dimension where Acathla had sent him. The English watcher sincerely hoped that this was not the case, as he knew Buffy still had feelings for the vampire, but it would be difficult for the others to ever accept Angel again, even if he really was re-souled.

All his hopes of this being a normal emergency were dashed when they were in Oz's van and he asked Buffy where they were to go. Buffy glanced around her for a minute before she replied,

"That house on Crawford Street that Angelus used to summon Acathla."

He hoped that Buffy had not thought up some half-baked plan to rescue Angel from the hell dimension, as he would hate to see the hurt on her face if they refused to help her. The journey took place mostly in silence, though Buffy seemed very anxious that they got there quickly.

When they arrived, Buffy practically jumped from the van before it had even stopped moving. To Giles' astonishment and horror, lights were on in the mansion and it seemed to have been frequently visited. He turned a disappointed gaze onto his slayer, who promptly ignored it. She hurried them all inside and quickly up several flights of stairs until she reached a closed door. As she turned the handle, Giles steeled himself for what might be inside.

It was nothing like he suspected. Giles had of course heard of the wizarding world, but he would have never suspected to see Albus Dumbledore and two other members of this world sitting calmly in a house belonging to Angelus, drinking tea. When Buffy ushered the six of them inside, the younger male looked up and scowled belligerently at Buffy, proof that he didn't know that she was the slayer. When he spoke his voice was honeyed with malice,

"Girl, where is he?"

Giles winced when the stranger called Buffy 'girl' but fortunately, Buffy remained in control of her temper as she replied,

"I think he probably went for a shower before he got dressed."

As she said this, Giles sincerely hoped that the 'he' Buffy was referring to was not Angelus, but it was getting less and less likely by the minute. For a time they sat in silence, then Buffy smiled and rose from where she sat and went to open the door.

What Giles saw there had been in his nightmares for weeks. It was Angelus, dressed in black leather trousers, a black turtleneck and a black leather duster. He had just had a shower and there was a slight tint to his skin that indicated that he had recently fed. He glanced around the room, his gaze resting for the longest on the three strangers, not the six of them as Giles had thought it would. Buffy smiled at him as he entered at gestured for him to take a seat. After he had ensconced himself in a chair in a corner of the room. The other four of them who knew Angel stared at him in shock, but managed to refrain from saying anything. Then Angel spoke,

"Giles, Oz, Xander, Cordelia, Willow, it's very good to see you again. It's been far too long. Professor Dumbledore, I take it this is not a social visit?"

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