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Summary: Ethan Rayne meets the owner of a strange Animate store. Halloween Fic

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Chapter 07 Fall opf Sunnydale part 2

Disclaimer and Notes see Chapter 1
(1)Inspiration from Naruto, Inuyasha, and others.Inspitation from Other Great Authors

(2)Warning: Blood, Exploding Bad Guys and Tony Harris’s Mouth!
Rating: Between [PG-13] and [R]

(3)My first try at an action-filled episode!
Don’t know how well the fight scene were done.
Quote KOF’s Iori Yagami
^_( Hm hm hm hm, heh heh heh heh, HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!

(4)There is no plan, no plot, no hope. I'm creating this as I go along.

(5) Card Crossover? Remove the Cute and you got Standard BTVS monsters, Plus I wanted Xander to gain more powers. IY Youkai are way too Big!

Chapter 07 The End of Sunnydale Pt 2
Abandoned Home Wednesday, November 05, 1997

Vampire Slayer Kendra. Jamaica born Slayer called when Buffy Summers ied at the hands of Heinrich Joseph Nest, the Master of Aurelius. Brought to Sunnydale to investigate a mysterious super powerful pulse of magic. Now obsessed with killing her Watcher's murderer Koharu.

Vampire Slayer Faith. A newbie Boston Slayer with a wild attitude, called when Kendra's heart stopped after Koharu's brutal attack. Brought to Sunnydale by the mysterious Tenma after he rescued her from a bunch of child killing demons.

How did they meet? 2 days ago, Kendra was on the hunt for Koharu, when she saw a dark haired woman staking vamps. There personalities may clash like fire and water, but they both agree Koharu has to die for killing Sam and to avenge there fallen Slayer sister.

"Do you have a bigger axe, K?"


"A bigger sword, K?"


"Are you going to say something else?"

"Don't call me K, Faith."

Now, if they can only kill the demons without killing each other.

Former Summers Home.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny are in the Kitchen. There wands rest in a small glass of glowing green liquid. Giles is nearby checking the wires on his gloves, while Jenny is practicing sword styles with Joyce outside.

"What is this goo, again?" says Ron

"Ron, seriously." says Hermione, "It's called Thoth's Wand Mender. Long ago, witches and wizards couldn't simple replace there wands, since resources were very low. A sorcerer of ancient Egypt discovered a potion that could repair magical objects over a period of time. If your wand was snapped like in your second year, the potion would repair it over a period of 3 month."

"Three months!?"

"The potion's main weakness is while working well, it works slowly" says Hermione, annoyed, "Normally, you would store your wand in a bottle of the stuff and take it out after the season. The ingredients are also very rare today and one ingredient, Unicorn horn, is now illegal. Why were using it is to protect our wands from Sunnydale ruptured magical lines"

"So, our wands will bloody work in this hell hole." says Ron.

Hermione glares at Ron

In the living room, Kaneda is typing a report on the costume and possible problems on his computer. Sam and Daniel, who were in a long explanation that only the top 1% of the scientific community could understand, stop and notice the number: 140!

"That many!?" says Daniel, "Those monsters were part of a card deck!?"

"Thankful, only a dozen of the costumes are permanent." says Sam, "The description of 'Lina Inverse's. Giga Slave' is terrifying."

"You think two geniuses would know not to look over a person's shoulder." says Kaneda

The duo blush.

"Where's Oz?" asks Kaneda

"He was a werewolf before the costume."says Willow walking in with Buffy, "His new form lacks the mindless animal bloodlust of his old form, so he called a mage he knows. He's wondering if he can convert the other infected wolves into his type, like the one who bit him, his baby cousin."

"Can he actually do that?" says a fascinated Sam.

"Oz's new breed of werewolf is semi-demonic instead of an infection. It may be able to overwhelm his cousins Lycanthropy."

"Problem is Jon Tailbain spends most of his time in his hybrid form." says Kaneda, "I should have picked a werewolf from the same series as Cordelia's. Those can change at will."

"I think that cause more problems" comes Cordelia's voice.

The group turns to see Cordelia/Brianna dressed in power armor, Harmony dressed in more modern demon-hunting gear, and an small army of Peebos lead by Peebochu Mk 4. and the Peebo Sisters. The new Peebos are silver and gray with gold "S"s on the backs.

"New Peebos?" asks Kaneda, "Let me guess, new anti-vamp anti-demon?"

"Yes and for the last time, Jack, I won't sell them!!"

Sunnydale Limits

Adora Adamina has arrived in Sunnydale. The leather clad woman is dressed in a hooded cloak stands on a near deserted road.

Suddenly, a car slams to a stop in front of her.

"Hey Bitch, get off the damn road." comes the drunken voice of a brute of a man.

"You are Tony Harris, father of Alexander Lavelle Harris?" says an ethereal voice.

"That's what the slut says. Get out the way, I don't give a shit about the little bastard."

"Where is your son?"

"I don't know, don't care, now out of way before I run you over, bitch!"

Adora raises her leather-clad hand, then drives it threw the hood of the car with ease. With the sound of rending metal, Adora rips the engine out of the car. Base oil, gear fluid, transmission oil, gasoline, and water flow out of the mangled machinery, but do not stick to the woman's unnatural perfect skin and polished leather.

"Where is Alexander?"

"Haven't scene him in days. He spends his time with a mousy girl, Willow or something," says a scared and drunk Jessica Harris, "and with blonde troublemaker named Bunny or Buffy or some other dumb thing."

"Thank you." says Adora tossing the engine behind her like a discarded soda can, then leaves.

"Damn freak bitch." says Tony, not realizing his level of stupidity in his drunken state.

There is faint wave of light, a golden line the thickness of hair, for less than second.

Tony's decapitated body collapses, his severed head rolling into a muddy ditch to join the rest of the trash.


Kijin has arrived in Sunnydale. The man cloaked in black and blood red moves without sound, his blood red eyes scanning for victims. He moves so quietly, three cloaked vamps burst into dust at the same time, in mid sentence.

"Hey, Pretty Boy." says a voice from an alley, "I have..."

The demon in alley doesn't get the chance to finish as a Kunai goes threw his right eye into it's brain. What's important is the demon has iron-hard thick muscle and thick stone-like hide. It's body is so well armored, an anti-tank shell can't cause major damage, and it's stone is resistant to heat and magical attacks. It's only weakness is it's soft yellow eyes, but Kijin found it in less than a second. The demon collapses and melts into sugary powder.


One of Sunnydale's remaining idiot citizens stops to see what happened. He's a typical high schooler with brown eyes and long brown hair. He carries a beer bottle and looks more than a little stoned. he's dressed in a dirty red shirt and jeans.

"Hey man, what happened here. Some one drop there coke?"

"Fool." says Kijin looking into man's eyes, his own glowing red.

The man's idiot face goes completely blank, then he smashes the beer bottle and stabs himself in the throat, over and over. Blood sprays but Kijin is untouched.



Reyals Nissassa Demons, Dretah and Raef have arrived in Sunnydale. They encountered two of the last police officers in Sunnydale.

Raef's immense fist crushed the front of the cruiser like an aluminum can. He then proceeded to rip off the door, dump out the cops, then toss the car like a discarded toy.

Dretah caught the bullets and sliced the guns to pieces along with the hands that held them.

There is now the loud grisly sound of tearing flesh and crunching bone, and the air reeks with the smell of blood.

"It's good to have a snack before a hunt." says Dretah with his double tone voice, while tearing the meat from a femur, "It will keep our strength up."

"Police. They don't have the same high fat as most Americans." says Raef.

"Like you care about your weight, brother."


Forest has arrived in Sunnydale. He encountered a street gang, an actual human street gang instead of local vamp gangs. The punks were leaving town with the rest of the populace, when they encountered what they thought was a potential victim. They were wrong.

Forest decided the fools would make good target practice. He was right.

Punk 1 lies dead in a pool of his own blood, his body covered in hundreds of thousands of tiny cuts. A few bloody leaves are scattered around.

Punk 2 has been sliced into pieces, the flesh and bone cut perfectly as if by a surgical blade.

Punk 3 is a dissolving skeleton in pool of corrosive green fluid. It's metal chains and blades hissing violently in contact with the acid.

Punk 4 is dead his body swollen and red-purple in color with blood flowing from eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. He looks like a monstrous poison shock victim.

Punk 5 is quickly dying, his wounds foaming and bubbling with sickly yellow liquid. The wounds slowly spreading as the yellow dissolves the flesh.

Punk 6 is cowering, holding a large knife as a pathetic defense.

Forest raises his hand to his face, opening his palm to reveal a small pale ovoid seed. With a faint blow, the speed shoots like a bullet into Punk 6's body. The Punk cries out and thrashes in agony. Then suddenly his body becomes as stiff and begins to vibrates. Thorns and tendrils burst from his rippling skin and blood sprays from his nose and mouth. Within the thug, the thorny limbs of a plant tear threw veins and organs, snapping bones they wrap around. Suddenly, the punk's body erupts into a crimson fountain leaving a huge viny demonic plant. The plant then glows faintly, reverting back into a seed. The seed floating in a bloody pool for a minute, then flies back into Forest's palm.

"Ready to Go."

Sunnydale Park

Xander/Naraku and Dawn/Tenten are training hard in the middle of Sunnydale Park. With the human populace mostly evacuated, it's a nice large quiet place to train.

Dawn possesses Tenten's natural ability with weapons. She throws senbon (needles), kunai (daggers), shuriken (throwing stars), and other bladed weapons ranging from knives to a full size glaive. With her skills and chakra-enhancement techniques she never misses! It's amazing how many weapons the loose dressed kunoichi can hide using summoning scrolls. It looks very strange to see her pull a 2 meter long sword of nowhere.

Xander counters with his long tentacles, whipping the blades out of the air. At close range, Xander was four purple spider-like legs coming out of his back. The four grotesque limbs easily block the folded steel blades.

"This isn't too hard." taunts Xander.

"Normal people bleed when you cut them" says Dawn throwing a dozen shuriken with a dozen more hidden in there shadows, "They don't instantly heal after releasing a spray of poison gas." As to prove her point, a couple shuriken make it threw and nick Xander. The wounds release Naraku's toxic purple shouki, then the wound closes without a blemish. The small tears in the baboon pelt also heal.

"Normal people can't pull 500 pounds of metal from nowhere and hit bull's eye every time."

Suddenly, they sense a dark presence and turn.

"What is that? I've never felt that before." says Dawn, "The only thing that came close was when Tenten sensed Naruto's red aura."

"It's a Jyaki- a demonic aura." says Xander, "Why didn't we sense them before?"

"Demonic like Kyubi, Naruto must" then Dawn pauses, "'Them'?"

"There are more than one. At least 5 major ones. Why didn't I...?"

"It's gone!"

"They can hide there auras. They must have been sending a warning or attacking someone."

Suddenly, they feel another set of Jyaki and there is a massive explosion. A huge fiery mushroom cloud rises into the sky.

Sunnydale College

Maggie Walsh had a plan.

First, the military would capture hostile subterrans (demons) for study and experimentation.

Second, she would develop a way to control the HSTs threw conditioning and neural microchips.

Third, she would use the research data and materials (demon parts) to create her super soldier project, ADAM.

She did not plan for a massive energy pulse scattering HST population and ruining the secrecy of her projects. She was forced to set up in a nearly abandoned town with gear for physics and metaphysics research. She's a specialist in genetics and cybernetics, not physics! Worthless bureaucrats!

She now sits at a large desk at a sleek computer. Around her are soldiers in camouflage gear and carrying her new taser rifles and HST sidearms

"What were the last reading from Sunnydale High area?" asks Dr. Walsh to an assistant.


"Past Readings were 599889 and 200008. It means the energy level is tripling daily."

"Dr. Walsh, doesn't that mean the area will reach critical???" says a worried assistant.

Suddenly, there is the sound of gunfire and screaming.

The doors explode off there hinges to reveal two 'people'. One is dressed in black with peach eyes and bone-white hair. The other, dressed in an untucked white shirt and skintight red leather pants, has hip-length straight hair the color of snow and glowing green eyes.

"Kamikaze no Shizuka." says the woman, "Quiet of the Divine Wind"

"Inui ta Daichi no Kaimetsumaru." says the man, "Annihilation of the Parched Earth".

"Wha??" says Dr. Walsh.

"It is who we are, Doctor Maggie Walsh." says Shizuka, "We are Incarnations of the Demon Lord Naraku."

"Why are you telling us this?" says the cowering assistant.

"I think you would like to know your killers." says Kaimetsumaru

Agent Riley Flinn bursts in with a taser rifle under one arm and a standard assault rifle under the other loaded with anti-HST rounds. The country boy tries to be a hero, but doesn't realize that if these two could slaughter there way into the inner sanctum, he doesn't stand a chance

Riley fires the anti-HST ammo into Kaimetsumaru's leather clad back, while using the taser on Shizuka. After a few minutes, Riley backs up in fear. The back of Shizuka's silk shirt is burnt, but the damage vanishes like incense smoke. The damage to Kaimetsumaru's leather jacket ripples like sand and vanishes.

Shizuka raises two fingers (index and middle) and the guns are torn from Riley's hands by an unseen wind. There is the grinding of metal and plastic, as the same demonic winds cut the rifles into pieces. With a flick of her wrist, the pieces fly into the hands of the assistant with a burst of red mist. There is a pause, then the assistant also falls into bloody pieces like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Riley tries to move but finds his feet trapped in sugar-fine black sand. The black sand rushes around him, entombing him in a coffin of sand. The dark powder contracts on it's victim, crushing bones and organs, until the frail body collapses. Crimson violently sprays out the sands. The sands then return to there master and meld back into his leather-clad form.

Dr. Walsh is about to make a break for it, when her body suddenly freezes.

"You wanted to learn about demons, but you will not interfere with master's plans." says Shizuka, "You shall be a witness to the end."

Kaimetsumaru forms several hand seals with his glowing hands. As the hands glow gold, white symbols flare with each symbol.
Dr. Walsh's body begins to change from her skin to her teeth to her clothing. In seconds her body is a statue of dark red amber, the color of fresh blood.

"You know I like destruction." says Kaimetsumaru, extinguishing her spirit flames, "It's a part of my name."

"The spell I gave you is more poetic, brother." says Shizuka, "You can still *Storm* the building with me."

Kaimetsumaru grins, generating a blazing golden aura. The black sand reappears in high-velocity bands around his body.

"KUROSUNA NO ARASHI " (Storm of the Black Sand)

Shizuka generates a swirling aura of cold demonic wind

"KIJIN NO MAI!!" (Dance of the Demon God)

There is a howling sound as blades of air cut threw walls and utility pipes. Storms of wind and black crystals tear threw hall, shattering and grinding everything. Windows explode out by sound and air pressure, while the floor are torn apart by the waves of destruction. Finally the storm of vacuum, wind and sand reaches the basement cutting the electrical and gas lines. The lines detonate into a conflagration and winds swirl it into a violent firestorm in the halls.

The building explodes scattering burning fragments across near deserted town. All that's left behind is a crater of burning rubble and a crimson statue.

Two buildings of education annihilated in less than a week. must be a record.

Not so Abandoned Home

Faith looks down a two pieces of rubble on the ground, after running out to see the fireball.

One is a mangled cheerleadering trophy from Sunnydale High, the other is a smoking broken sign reading "College".

"I think I'm going to like this town."

Sunnydale Limits

Many strange things have arrived in Sunnydale from demons to evil humans to weird mystical objects to cursed tomes. This is the first time, a man has arrived in an expensive fashionable dress surrounded by demon minions.

"Is this where the Key is?"

"Yes, Glorious One."

"My names Ben!" says the man in the dress, "Glory is the Bitch within."

"Do not speak ill of Glorificus, human." says the Leader, "You should feel honored to be her vessel."

Suddenly, the group stops. In front of them is a small pale girl with long white hair done with pale lotus flowers. She's dressed in a white kimono, which Ben recognizes from his Asian trip. She holds up a polished silver mirror and begins to chant with her cold, but beautiful voice.

The image in mirror shifts, Ben's confused face morph. into the shocked face of the hell goddess Glorificus, also known these days as Glory. A five-pointed star of light forms on the mirror image, sealing it.

"Hey! You can't do this! I'm a Goddess." comes Glory's distorted voice from the mirror.

"Wha..What did you do??" says Ben.

"Sealed Glory's mind." says the little girl without emotion. She flips the mirror to reveal a second mirror face. She begins to chant again, same as before, with a couple different tones.

Ben doesn't get a chance to scream as his body becomes ghost-like and pulled into the mirror like light into a black hole. Another star of light forms on the Ben's horror-stricken reflection.

"Sealed Glory's power."

The demon minions attack the little girl to rescue there goddess, but are bounced by a barrier of demonic energy. Shirayuri, smallest of Naraku's new incarnations pulls out a small striped orange ball. It's no child's toy, it's the nest of the dreaded Saimyoushou- Insects of Hell. With a faint squeeze, the Saimyoushou emerge from there transfinite home. The giant wasps with there long wings fix there blood red human eyes on the terrified minions.

"Kill them."

The hell wasps emerge from the barrier and swarm the minions, stinging them violently. Japanese Hornets are some of most dangerous insects on earth and vicious fighters. The giant wasps of Japan have been known to attack hives of bees each killing a 100. There venom is a nasty mix of toxins designed to induce pain and cause living tissue to dissolve. The venom of the Saimyoushou also contains the shouki poisons of there master Naraku and is enhanced by youki- demon energy, which is anthropic to human flesh.

The demon minions die nightmarish deaths, there bodies bloated with venom. Shirayuki vanishes without a sound.

Naraku's Castle

The Incarnations of Demon of Hell, Naraku, have gathered.

"Courage. We fill the Dead Souls with Fear. Friendship. We fill the Dead Souls with Vengeance. Wisdom. We fill the Dead Souls with Darkness. Love. He fill the Dead Souls with Hate. We draw our power from the Dead Souls, we give power to the Shikon."

Kaimetsumaru of Earth has brought Watcher's Journals and there archive of demonology. Knowledge is power and with these texts Naraku will be able to form new plans.

Daishiromaru of Wood has brought Naraku the Hearts of Debara, the cores of Debara's most powerful demons and control of Debara's army.

Tenma of Fire has eliminated most threats on the West Coast and has brought the pawn, Faith into play.

Shizuka of Wind has manipulated the events in Sunnydale and brought the pawn, Kendra into play.
Alexandra of Ice has brought three leather-bound books with the symbols, Wolf, Ram, and Hart. The books contain the contracts she made with the Senior partners.

Shirayuri of the Void has brought the most powerful gift, the Hell Goddess Glorificus. A gift that will complete Naraku's new form.

The six new Incarnations form a 5-pointed star of the Chinese Elements, with the sixth floating high above Naraku's immense form.

"Courage. We fill the Dead Souls with Fear. Friendship. We fill the Dead Souls with Vengence. Wisdom. We fill the Dead Souls with Darkness. Love. He fill the Dead Souls with Hate. We draw our power from the Dead Souls, we give power to the Shikon."

There are six wet bursting sound, as six more Incarnation, each 6 times more powerful than there older "siblings" tear free from there containers.

Streets of Sunnydale
(Thanks to Ed Becerra's Exotic Ammunition and vampires)

Three days ago, Colonel O'Neill made the call to his superiors for backup. Four dozen heavily armed soldiers from the SGC have arrived. There weapons range from the start P-90 and handgun to Jaffa staff weapons and the recently discovered Zatn'kitel Energy Pistols (also known as Zats). They also have specialized ammo such as German BAT rounds, hydraulic rounds, incinerary rounds, and Glaser slugs. It's amazing how fast the ammo can be made when funded by a secret military project.

"Hey man, do you what's in these things?" asks one soldier to his fellow guard.

"BAT are bullets made solid copper, with a plastic nose-cap. They're used to take down livestock in Germany's farmlands. They make BIG holes. Hydraulic rounds are thin-skinned bullets filled with liquid, usually mercury or water. When they hit, the liquid sprays at a speed that can cut stone. Incinerary rounds are like modified flares/tracer rounds. The Glaser "slugs" consists of small capsules filled with a mixture of birdshot and liquid Teflon. In our case, it's gelatine."

"Gelatine!? As in Jell-O??" says the first guard, "Are they nuts?"

"The Glasers and Hydraulic bullets are made with holy water. Even, the birdshot is made of ground crosses. Vamps don't stand a chance."

"You know the brass want to call them Hostile Sub-Ts."

"A vamp is a vamp. I wish we had HK69s the HQ guards have."

"Could be worse. We could be like Mike's group and have paint ball guns with the balls full of holy gelatin."

The first guard pulls out a dagger. It's a heavy throwing dagger with a wrapped handle and a ring on the end. At close look it's made a dark polished wood and tiny symbols edged in. The blade is slightly wet and holster was a sponge-like padding.

"New Aku Zoku Zen Kunai" he says, "This thing isn't made of steel, instead it's steel-hard Teac wood with a cold iron core and a silver edge. The entire thing is blessed in holy water and edged in holy symbols. Some technician liked Japanese films and comics and decided to make them"

"Amazing. What enough funds and a couple *cough* illegal *cough* connections can do."

The guards turn at the feminine voice. They see a woman with long white hair clad in skimpy leather. In her hand is a gold-color sword.

Suddenly, a golden light streaks by them. The blade part of the A2Z Kunai falls to the ground followed by two decapitated heads.

Summers House/Alliance HQ

The Alliance is a weird mix of the American Military's SGC, Hogwarts magical heroes, and the Sunnydale Scoobies.

"Buffy seems to love the A2Z Kunai daggers." says Miss Calender, "but she doesn't like the guns."

"I've noticed she has a aversion to weapons." says Giles, "It's gotten better since Halloween, but she prefers her fists."

"Xander and Dawn are do back soon." says Miss Calender, "The soldiers were upset about them leaving, but it's not like they could top them."

"Dawn has many shinobi techniques, most involve stealth." says Giles, "Xander can make himself look like anybody with his shape shifting ability"

Suddenly, they hear the sounds of death and suffering and run out to find dozens of soldiers dead. They have been cut to pieces and the street and lawn are covered in blood. The killer stands with her blade at her side.

"Hold it!" yells another soldier coming out of hiding with six others. They are all armed with heavy assault weapons with grenade launcher.

"My name is Adora Adamina, Elite of the Order of Teraka." she says gripping her sword, "You will not stop me."

Adora's body seems to split into several images, but in reality she's moving at an insane speed. Her gold sword flashes, cutting threw steel, clothing, flesh, and bone with the ease of a sharpened scythe threw rotten reeds. The air is filled with a crimson as the lightning fast blade sprays blood into a fine mist. As Adora stops, the circle of soldiers fall clockwise. There bodies collapse into a piles of bloody parts with a wet splash. Even, the weapons have also been cut cleanly into pieces.

"Glory of the Red Earth. The Beauty of Blood and Battle."

Adora moves forward with the speed and grace of cat, swinging the blade to kill two of her lesser targets. Just as her blade is about to hit, she sees the faint shining of a spider web or a web of fine wire. Giles' mono-filament wires cut deep into different places on her body and completely sever her sword arm halfway between her wrist and elbow. Adora even with her "god speed" doesn't have time to avoid Jenny and her Walther PPK-S. She fires four of her clips seven blessed Mercury Ignition Rounds into Adora forehead. As she falls back Giles drives his rapier (one he kept at his home) threw the Terakan's chest and out the back.

There is a pause, then the Hellsing Scoobies notice there's no blood. The wound are not bone and flesh leaking fluids, but blood red stone. Adora turns her head and fixes her cold blue eyes on Giles, they seem to say, Nice Try. Then Adora delivers a side kick that sends Giles flying. The Brit-turned-Brit lands on the roof of a neighbor's home. The wound close and vanish, like soft clay in a mold. The severed hand collapses into red earth that spirals threw the air to Adora's stump and reforms back into a hand. The gold sword pulsates with energy then flies back into her hand. With a slashing motion, Adora points her blade's tip at Jenny. Jenny ducks as a rippling wave of energy shoots from the sword and tears threw the house like an anti-tank shell!

"I Gave my Blood to the Earth and she Gave her Blood to me."

Adora makes another slashing motion and a 3 meter wide paper-thin crescent of golden light shoots forward. Giles manages to roll off the roof, before the energy wave hits the abandoned house. The house is cut completely in half before exploding as the gas lines are cut.

"The Sword was Forged from Earth and my Flesh and is a Part of Me and the Earth."

She raises her sword in salute.

"I am the Glory of the Red Earth. I am Adora Adamina."

Why do they insist on speeches, thinks Jenny, damn freaks.

Sunnydale Park

Xander and Dawn have just finished practice and are about to return home.


They jump clear as several kunai embed themselves into the tree they were next to. The pieces of sharpened metal hit hard enough to shatter the bark and underlying wood.

They turn to see a man standing a nearby tree limb. A young man with crimson eyes, tanned skin, and chin-length black hair. A man dressed in red and black.

Dawn's face pales several shades. The man resembles another from Tenten's memories. Uchiha Itachi. S-Class Criminal Missing Nin. A man who slaughtered his own clan for power and was so powerful, the feared Orochimaru was scared of him. The red eyes are the worst part, they resemble Itachi's most dreaded ability, his bloodline limit the Mangekyou Sharingan. A ability that enables him to send a victim threw 72 hours of hell in 3 seconds!

"I am Kijin, Elite of the Terakans. Today, you Die."

Xander throws his hand forwards and fires a shower of purple Youki fireballs, but Kijin jumps clear as the tree branch is annihilated. Dawn fires a shower of Shurikan at Kijin's airborne form, but the assassin is able to avoid every single one. As he lands, Xander fires his spear-like tentacles, but Kijin rushes forward with a sword cutting the pieces of demonic flesh. Dawn fires a storm of Kunai, but Kijin leaps back into the air and fires his own storm of kunai. Dawn is hit, but smoke clear to reveal a log turned pin cushion ('Kawarimi no Jutsu/ Art of Replacement). Dawn appears from behind a tree and fires another shower of bladed weaponry, only for Kijin in turn into a log. Kijin appears behind Xander, sword ready, but Xander forms his purple cloud of Shouki. Kijin leaps back removing his coat, then uses the weighted cloth like a fan to blow the poison gas at Dawn. Dawn leaps to avoid only be in the path of Kijin senbon (needles), which cut into her arms and legs. Xander attacks Kijin with his Demon Summon claw, only to be blinded by the cloak, then stabbed with a katana.

"Xander!" yells Dawn, running despite the numerous puncture wounds.

Kijin's eyes glow a bright red and the worlds of Xander and Dawn shatter.


"Wake up, Boy!" comes a drunken voice.

Xander wakes up on his bed, in his Xander-shaped boy instead of his Naraku-shaped one.

Then, he notices his father holding a beer bottle and a piece of wood.

"Lousy little punk, I work all night and you think you can sleep in. You little bastard, I'll show you whose in charge."

Xander watches as his father raises the piece of wood.


"The Key of Dagon shall return to as it was."

Dawn awakens to find herself being dragged by a bunch of monks in a old temple. She also notices she's no longer Tenten.

"What's happening!?!? Who are you!?"

"You are nothing. The Key was entrusted to the Slayer's care. It was given human form to hide it. Now you will return to your true form."

"What!? No Let Go!?


Kijin stands above the collapsed forms of Xander/Naraku and Dawn/Tenten with a Kunai held high.

A few minutes from Summer's Home

Kaneda and Joyce were on there way back from Joyce's gallery, when they saw the explosion. They were about to run to help, when two Demons appeared.

"Who are you and your business?" says Kaneda

"I'm Dretah of Reyals Nissassa Clan." says the thin one

"I'm Raef of Reyals Nissassa Clan." says the muscular one

"We are Elites of the Order of Teraka" says Dretah

"You are two of our targets." says Raef

"Do you always announce that your assassins?" says Kaneda

"Elites leave no survivors, so where allowed to boast." says Dretah

Kaneda turns to Joyce, while pulling there swords, almost to say "Raphy is mine."

Kaneda does Jubei's vacuum slash technique, while Joyce does Twilight Suzuka's air slash.

The skilled chi charged blades hits dark brown scales of the two demons and only cause minor scratches.

"The secrets of the Reyals Nissassa" says Dretah, flaring it's blades and tail barb, "Our scales were designed to stop all weapons of the Slayer and the Champions, even the Scythe used by the First Slayer to kill the last True Demon. We have great regenerative abilities and our body fluids contain paralyzing toxins."

"If your so invincible, why haven't more of you appeared in Slayer history. You think every bad guy would want one on there team." says Kaneda forming a plan

"Even the invulnerable need to breathe. The clan was small thanks to our long life spans and low birth rates, but most of our clan was concentrated in caves beneath two islands. The plan was a double attack on there advance civilizations, but both islands sank. It wiped out most of the breeders and as result me and my brother are the last."

Suddenly, Raef rushes forward to attack Kaneda. Kaneda leaps up to avoid the punch that makes a meter wide crater in the street, but is unable to avoid the demon's club like tail. Kaneda crashes into mailbox hard enough to crush it like a soda can! Kaneda looks up to see Raef somersaulting towards him like a giant cannonball! He manages to leap clear, as Raef-cannonball straightens and drives his fists into the ground where Kaneda was. There is massive explosion leaving a deep 3 meter wide crater! Kaneda blocks the following tail attack with his sword, only to be sprayed with toxic purple blood as the edge cuts were the scales and bone tip meet. Raef then spins and delivers a second tail strike to Kaneda sending flying several meters threw a wood sign!

As Kaneda coughs up blood, he wonders why he picked Jubei. Jubei lost a pint of blood and teeth in the Ninja Scroll movie alone!

Joyce is doing badly as well. The extra reach of her bokken is countered by the monsters long arms and it takes all of her chi control to prevent the wooden sword from shattering from Dretah's lightning fast moves. Even with the enhancement, the bone blades cut deeper and deeper, millimeter by millimeter, with each strike. Her Kimono is covered a tears, nearly torn to pieces. It's also stained with blood from numerous little cuts and lacerations. Suddenly, she feels a surge of pain in her stomach and wraps one arm around the new cuts on her torso. Dretah grins while wagging it's barbed tail.

Near Sunnydale High School Ruins

Cordelia, Harmony, and Oz have been looting the mall for supplies and are now on there way home. Cordelia subjected they check the school for salvage.

"Nothing much here." says Oz and Harmony is about to comment.

Suddenly, four thorny vines explode from the rubble and pierce threw Oz's body. One threw a leg, the second threw his side, the fourth threw a shoulder, and the fourth is deflected by a tool belt Oz was carrying into his other shoulder. If the last vine had been on target it would have torn into threw the heart. Oz has a shocked face as blood drips and sprays.

The rubble explodes upward to reveal a tall thin demon with green-black skin, pupil less black eyes, and long thick vines for hair. He has sharp claws, spine-like teeth, and rows of dagger-like thorns on it's arms and legs. The thorny vines threw Oz are coming out of the monster's right wrist

The creature opens it's doll-like mouth and releases a bright green spray at Harmony. The liquid wraps around Harmony's body and sticks like epoxy to her skin and clothing. She collapses to the ground encased in a tight cocoon of thick green goo.
"My name is Forest. Elite Assassin of the Order of Teraka. You are my targets."

"Go back to hell, green boy!" yells Cordelia/Brianna pulling out her new blaster and firing shot after shot of blue-white energy. The plasma bolts tear threw the wrist vines freeing Oz, then half a dozen more shots tear into Forest's chest and torso. Forest falls back as the concrete rubble behind him explodes, from the bolts that went threw him!

"Take that!"

"Nice try." says Forest rising from the ground. The other Forest's body rapidly rots and dissolves. "I let my branch clones kill weaker targets. I say you hurry, 'Oz' is bleeding to death and 'Harmony' is trapped in my acid cocoon. In a few minutes, a reaction will occur and all that will remain will be the chemical-filled membrane."

Forest then raises his arm and releases a immense dense cloud of dark purple powder

Summers House/Alliance HQ

The battle between Giles and Jenny and the Teraka assassin Adora is going bad. Adora not only possesses far superior strength and speed, but instant regeneration and the ability to fire massive energy attacks from her golden sword. The sword, which Adora has revealed to be called Aurelian, can produce crushing beams of force, cutting waves of energy, showers of penetrating energy needles, and even a blast of mystical lightning.

A car explodes violently as the needles tear it to pieces. Another house collapses as it's cut in two. A ripple beam tears a trench in the road.

Giles and Jenny use all there experience, skills, and karmic luck to survive. It's especially hard with Giles' cracked ribs and the splinters in Jenny's arms.

Adora is about to deliver a fatal blow with Jenny trapped by a piece of rubble, when Giles manages to loop his wires around the hilt of the Aurelian.

"Fool" says Adora releasing her mystical lightning down the thin wires. Giles grits at the pain of electrocution and then yanks Hard! One wire severed Adors's thumb, while the rest send the sword flying. The blade spins several times before embedding itself in the road. The Aurelian vibrates and the magic-based electrical forces storm around it. Finally, there is a small, but intense explosion that leaves a 2 meter radius crater. In the smoking hemisphere, al that remains is the hilt and a shard of the blade.

"Aurelian is a part of me. You will pay."

Adora raises her hands and blasts of power nail both Jenny and Giles, sending them flying and in unconsciousness.

"Hold it!"

Adora turns to see Buffy/Nancy and Willow/Yomiko. They had been helping get supplies from the hospital and returned to find the war zone.

"My name is Adora Adamina, Elite of the Order of Teraka. Glory of the Red Earth. You are my Prey."

Adora rushes forward with a series of sound fast punch, each strong enough to shatter reinforced concrete. Buffy by reflex uses her phasing ability and the glowing fists pass threw her body leaving faint sparkling gold trails. Buffy tries her own fists, but quickly learns Adora doesn't possess normal human anatomy like organs. The fight between Terakan and Slayer is pointless, neither able to hurt the other. Then Adora focuses her energy into one of her hands. A brightly glowing fist crackling with energy manages to knock her ghost-like form across the street.

Willow pulls out handfuls of paper slips and throws them at Adora. The slips become like steel shuriken causing several dozen cuts and lacerations, which heal in seconds. Even the few that penetrate like darts fall out from the clay-like healing. Adora jumps and does a spinning backhand at Willow, who manages to avoid the strike barely. The young vamp-hunting-bookworm-turned-metahuman-librarian counters with a another shower of paper, this time the paper sticks like stickers and magnets, wrapping tightens on Adora's skin and clothing like vacuum sealing. Adora continues to fight as the thin papers turn her into a craft mummy. The slips, which turn out to be Willow's new exploding notes, detonate in a huge fireball. Adora's fragmented body showers down in cloud of smoking red earth.

"Way to go, Willow!" says Buffy, sitting on the road from her trip.

Suddenly, the air is filled with a faint evil laugh. The blood red fragments begin to move and swirl around, drawing into a central mass. As the mass grows it takes a humanoid shape. Within a minute, Adora is back to 'normal', hair in place and clothing included. A cold wind begins to blow and Adora's eyes become unholy lights. The assassin's arms at her sides glow brightly, pulsating with power and magic-fueled lightning. As she brings them forward, the energies swirl and condense into a sphere of light. The sphere then erupts into a beam of gold-white fire. Willow manages to form a spherical shield of paper around her, but the ball is sent flying into the air. The paper shield is soon burnt to ashes by the intensity of the blast and Willow's form thankfully survives. She falls clear of the blast and lands on a mailbox crushing it.

Buffy attacks, but Adora sword flies into her hand and delivers a slash. Buffy despite using Miss Deep's phasing ability is hit. There is a bright shower of light particles and Buffy lands solid with a deep cut in her shoulder.

"The sword even broken is a part of me." says Adora, "Nothing can stand in it's way."

Suddenly, four curse spells ram into Adora's back freezing her "muscles". Behind Adora, down the street, the Hogwarts heroes and SG-1 have returned. The P90s of military gatekeepers fire round after round of hydraulic ammo into the Terakan's back, knocking the assassin to her knees. Buffy pulls out her A2Z Kunai dagger and cuts off Adora's sword hand at the wrist. With the other hand, she drives the broken Aurelian into it's owner's chest and out the back.

"Not even you?" says Buffy.

Adora looks down at her chest, as crimson spread from the sword across her flesh. She looks up as the crimson covers her entire body, then starts to turn black. As the matte black spread, the body begins to dissolve into smoke and dust. Adora stares at Buffy and smiles before her face becomes a skull, then collapses into powdered earth. Not only the body, but clothing as well turns to black dust leaving behind the Aurelian. The ancient sword pulsates with energy, then shatters into sparkling gold dust

The Adamina were once protectors fueled by the power of an Earth spirit. Then, there Adamina spirit began to absorb the power from demons and became corrupt. Instead of the chosen being given the power to fight the darkness, they became possessed by a demon of bloodlust. Now, with no other members of the Adamina bloodline, the rest killed by Adora and other assassins, the spirit returns to mother earth to be cleansed. The souls of the past chosen and there creators can now rest.

Sunnydale Park

Kijin finished cutting Xander to pieces and was about to slay Dawn, when the young girl vanishes into a shower of sparks. He scans with his red eyes for his target and barely manages to avoid a shower of Kunai. Kijin fires his own blades into the trees. The blades tear deep into the bark and wood, some even cut threw branches. As part of the canopy falls, Dawn stands protected by a giant Tessen- a folding fan with an iron frame. Dawn leaps away from tree and another shower, throwing about a hundred senbon.

As Dawn lands she unrolls two long scrolls covered in symbols.

"SOUSHOURYU!!!!" (Rising Twin Dragons)

Kijin has to use all of his skill and speed to avoid a storm of Kunai, Shuriken, Senbon, Kama (sickle), ono (battle axe), tanto (small dagger), sais (3-prong fork), hoko (sai on staff), darts, maces, sharpened link chains, full length scythe, and every imaginable Asian weapon. More lethal weapons than Kijin has ever scene and he's a Elite of freakish Terakans.

Kijin's eyes glow red and vision turns crimson with projected weapon flight paths in the form of white ribbons. Kijin moves with insane agility, gymnastic ability, and flexibility. Jumps, somersaulting, flipping, and twisting avoiding the lethal edges by millimeters. Finally, he's close enough to deliver a kick to Dawn's face sending her flying towards a tree. She would have hit hard and broke many bones, if she didn't vanish in another shower of sparks. Kijin shifts to the side to avoid three senbon that would have pierced his spine.

"Ok, little Genin. Time to face a real Jounin."

With those words, Kijin tosses off his cloak which creates a explosion of earth as it lands, then his fishnet top, which appears to be made of heavy metal wire. Dawn realizes the cloak must weigh 500 kilos! (1100lb). Kijin also removes leg weighs which Dawn estimates at 200 k (440lb) each. Dawn is reminded of Tenten's teammate Rock Lee. The strange boy with thick eyebrows, intense eyes, and an ugly green jumpsuit. Everybody underestimated Rock because of lack of ninjutsu (elemental attacks) and genjutsu (illusionary attacks), but Rock was an expert in Taijutsu (physical/hand to hand combat). He could rip a hundred year tree out the ground by the roots and was the fastest ninja in Konoha without his weights. It's bad to fight a hard working taijutsu master, it worse to fight a bloodline limit jounin, it suicide to fight both!

"Shit." says Dawn preparing herself.

On the grass, the bloody remains of Xander begin to move and glow a faint red-purple. On the back of Xander's torso, a spider-shaped burn mark glows a evil crimson. The pieces of blood meat become malleable and begin to move like separate life forms. The scattered bits of demonic tissue pull themselves together under the tattered baboon pelt

Kijin becomes a blur of motion and Dawn vanishes again only to be hit when Kijin spins around. Kijin delivers brutal blow after blow, cracking bone and spilling blood. Every time she's hit she goes flying threw the air, but before she can land or collide with a tree, Kijin appears and hits her again. Tenten is able to block Kijin's lethal blows with her blades, to prevent her bones from shattering and her muscles from liquefying. Kijin doesn’t feel the edge of the blades and the metal is breaking bit by bit.

Finally, her blades shatter and Kijin drives a Kunai threw her shoulder into the tree behind her. Dawn watches as Kijin pulls back for the finishing blow, when there's an explosion of purple light. Kijin lets go the blade in that moment of shock and Dawn makes a seal. Kijin tries to finish his kill, only for Dawn to turn into a log! Kijin turns to see Xander arm extended with Dawn holding her arm next to him!

Kijin forms a seal and appears behind the duo with a glowing red arm. Kijin watches as his limbs tears Xander and Dawn in half, only to reveal dirt, paper, and little wooden dolls in there centers. The demon puppets then explode into blinding fireballs that leave burning trenches in Kijin's flesh.

Xander and Dawn stand across from were the clones were in the same positions, like mirror images.

"Exploding Puppets. Inspired by Bakuretsu Kage Bushin no Jutsu- exploding shadow clone." says Dawn, " Ironically used by a guy named Itachi, who you resemble."

Kijin in pain charges only for Xander to pull his other arm, the Demon Summon arm. There is an explosion of crimson lightning and Kijin's cry of pain as his precious demon eyes are blinded. The blood red orbs are melted in there sockets.

Kijin pulls his kunai to defend, but Xander tentacles tear threw his body into the tree behind him. Crimson sprays and drips forming a pool under Kijin's feet.

Kijin's eyes glow and begin to heal, when two senbon pierce them. Dawn smiles despite the pain in her shoulder. Xander gathers energy in his palms and fires a youki fireball at Kijin's screaming head. A charred skull, senbon still in the sockets bounces off a tree leaving ash and scorch marks. The Naraku Incarnation then spreads his tentacles ripping the body to pieces before retracting them. The pieces burnt into flames, Kijin's built-in reduce any evidence to ash. Xander then morph. his arm back to normal and turns back to Dawn

"Who needs my Sis?" says Dawn with a smile.

"Would be nice." says Xander, "I have to pull myself together sometimes, but usually not literal"

"At least you don't still have a hole in your shoulder." says Dawn, then says sweetly, "Carry me?"

"Whatever you say, Dawn Patrol."

A few minutes from Summer's Home

Kaneda/Jubei is held in Raef's thick claws. His face is bruised and body, and so the rest of him. One arm is definently busted and by the way he moves, some ribs must be cracked. He wonders again why he picked Jubei, the guy lost a pint of blood and a tooth in the first movie. He also wish he had destructive wards, like Dwwn/Tenten's exploding notes

Dretah still has Joyce on the defense, but Joyce/Twilight Suzuka is now wielding her backup bokken (Kaneda's idea), as her primary has been cut to pieces! Joyce's arms and legs are covered in small cuts, scratches, and lacerations. The clothing around her chest, which includes a bulletproof vest from Jack, protected her from Dretah's most lethal tail strikes. A strike minutes ago would have disemboweled her if they the vest hadn't reduced it to small cuts.

Joyce sees Kaneda's problem and after blinding Dretah with strip of her tattered stained Kimono, she delivers her air slash to Raef's back. The blade of compressed air does cut threw the scales, but does jolt the demon enough for Kaneda to escape the demon's grip. Kaneda jumps off the shoulders into the air and as the monster looks up, he fires a vacuum slash down the things throat. Blood fountains several feet into the air, as the attack bypass the scales and shreds.

"BROTHER!" yells Dretah racing past Joyce to his fallen sibling.

Dretah holds the shaking form of his massive brother. "RAEF!"

Raef stares into Dretah eyes with his own golden eyes. "take... it... kill.... them."

Dretah nods them begins to chant. As Raef dies, the dark brown scales begin to glow a faint gold. His purple hair glows faintly like fiberoptic lights. A swirling vortex of glowing wind forms around the brothers and Raef's body ignites into ethereal white flames. The swirling around Dretah and melding with him causing his own scales to glow. With a roar, the tornado becomes a pillar of white fire.

"This is not good." says Kaneda.

"As my daughter would say. 'No Shit!'"

The pillar of light grows and grows, then collapses with a crack. Dretah once stood 2 meters tall (6'7") with a lean build, he now stands 4 meters tall (13'1") with a more muscular build. It's scales have changed from dark brown to gold-yellow. It's sea urchin purple hair is now jet-black and still proportional. His eyes have also changed from gold to dark purple. The face has ridges like those of the vampires. He now has long muscular arms covered in bony spikes and long saber-like claws. His body has many sharp horns including a crown on his ridged forehead. Finally, he thick muscular tail with sharp bone halberd on the end. He's only clad in black leathery pants.


Dretah level 2 does Raef's 'Cannonball Strike'. The CS creates a massive crater in the road, shattering asphalt and windows of the houses. the shockwave shakes cars off there wheels and snaps poles. A fire hydrant explodes into a geyser and a gasoline creates a geyser of fire a few meters away. Joyce jumped back from the blast, but Kaneda jumped up to deliver a vacuum slash to one of thing's unnatural eyes. Unfortunately for him, Dretah anticipated and delivered a strike with his new tail.

Kaneda crashes into a local house unconscious, many bones broken and several wounds from where the spines impaled him during the strike. The impact is strong enough to shatters thick glass window, a Oak desk, a layer of plaster, and a wood panel. Kaneda's sword, blade bend, is still held in his hand.

Dretah opens it's mouth and a bright light can be scene pulsating. With a roar, a blast of white fire erupts at Joyce. The blast hits with a thunderous explosion and leaves behind a crater of bubbling molten asphalt, metal, and stone. The crater is so hot, the molten materials flow like water and the air is filled with rising embers and sparks.

Dretah's nostrils flare and he turns his hair to see Joyce on a nearby roof with a bandaged Dawn. He's about to release another firestorm, when a purple ball of energy rips into the side of his face. The dark energy destroys an eye and carves bone and flesh, nearly tearing a third of his head off. As fragments fall they burst into gold flame, turning to ash. The Uber-Demon turns to see Xander on another roof and fires another blast.

The house shatters and explodes into burning rubble as the massive blast rips threw the building. Fragments of molten glass, burning wood, and broken stone fall for miles.

Summers House/Alliance HQ

"My name is Forest. Elite Assassin of the Order of Teraka. You are my targets."

The badly beaten forms of Cordelia, Harmony, and Oz, nearly cocooned in thorny vines, hang from a lamb post like perverse pinata. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny tried to use there wands, but Forest being a master of plant-life turned there wands into venomous snake-like creatures that bite them. Thin tendrils and vines burst from the road and now hold them like thick steel wires. There wands are near still hissing at them. Colonel O'Neill, Captain Carter, Dr. Jackson, and Teal'c tried to help with there combo of paramilitary and Goa'uld weapons, but Forest's cloud of poison pollen quickly paralyzed them and poison thorns overwhelmed Teal'c's symbiote healing.

The remaining fighters are Buffy, Willow, Giles, and Jenny, the later two drained badly from fighting Adora.

Forest spreads his arms and releases a massive poison cloud from his mouth. As the dark purple cloud clears, Forest notices his attack failed. Buffy jumps back out o the ground dragging Giles. The purple-stained paper bubbles collapses to reveal Willow and Jenny, unharmed.

"Talk about Bad breath." quips Buffy.

Willow counters with a storm of paper cranes and paper airplanes, each one hard as steel and scalpel sharp. The little paper projectiles pierce Forest's body, but to her shock the paper dissolves into bubbling pulp. Pulp which is absorbed into the demon's flesh healing the wounds. She then makes the connection, paper is made from wood fiber from trees. This thing is a plant demon! It could eat all of her paper weapons or worse her books!

Forest fires a green spray from his mouth at Willow, but she manages to erect another paper barrier. A barrier which dissolves due to the spray being composed acid and toxins

"Got Mouthwash." adds Willow.

Giles moves with his remaining strength and releases his wires, which trap the plant demon in a web of glittering metal lines. With a hard pull, demon Forest is shredded, but unfortunately his wires are broken by the acids. What's worse is the pile of vegetarian sushi is still moving. In seconds, the pile of parts becomes a mass of green goo, vines, roots, and tendrils. The dark demonic plant mass reforms into an unhurt Forest.

"This could go on forever" says the plant man.

Forest then fires dart-like thorns between Buffy and Giles separating them. The last set of thorns burst open to reveal purple flowers that produce another poison storm. Giles unable to escape this time falls unconscious.

"or not." says the smug Forest.

Forest launches his thorny vines at Buffy, but she phases and dives into the street.

Forest turns and whips the vines at Willow and Jenny, unable to get out the way they pull there blades. Jenny's steel sword and Willow's paper swords held edge forwards easily severe the vines, preventing them from cracking bone. Unfortunately, the vines are filled with watery liquid poison. Willow collapses, but Jenny struggles to remain awake.

Buffy appears behind Forest and tosses several red containers at Forest. Forest's arms lengthens and morph into sword blades as he turns. He cuts the flying objects apart only to discover there gasoline and fuel containers. Gas and fuel that splashes across his hard green skin. Buffy pulls out a lighter, but Forest leaps forward a wicked sword of thorns erupting from his open mouth like a reverse swallower. Buffy ducks the attack, but the sword nicks the side of her arm.

Buffy raises her lighter, then collapses. Forest's sword retreats down his throat, then he smiles.

"I coat all my thorns with toxin." says Forest, "A scratch is all it takes."

A gunshot rings out and a mercury bullet penetrates his armor. It creates enough sparks to ignite the gas fumes, which ignite the fuel-covered Forest.

"sometimes... it... takes... more." says Jenny as she finally falls.

Forest, now a walking torch, calmly walks over to a hydrant and one blow shatters it. The high pressure water is enough to put out the petrol flames. Forest stand charred black and smoking for several minutes, then the elite assassin flexes. The char and burnt flesh falls from his body, and his new flesh is generated.

"You think that was first time I was set ablaze?" says Forest, "Your lucky I need you to attract the last four targets."

A few minutes from Summer's Home

Xander appears in front of Dretah and the demon tries to deliver a massive strike, only for Xander to catch it! Dretah and former Summers women are shocked.

Naraku's incarnation Hakudoshi resembled a little 5 year old boy with long white hair. The small boy was strong enough and fast enough to slaughter a entire temple with his bare hands! Xander, a Incarnation born from Naraku's core, is A LOT stronger! Xander's grip tightens and then injects his shouki, the gaseous purple poisons spreads threw the limb. The arm, now gray, lifeless, and oozing purple mist, drops to Dretah's side.

(A/N: Inuyasha anime/manga: Naraku destroyed the claw of Inutaisho that sealed the demon dragon Ryukotsei. The claw was the size of a truck and all it took was a palm.)

Dretah grabs his dead arm as flame gold flames begin to ignite across it. With a roar the massive demon tears it's own arm off in a burst of purple blood and gold flame. As necrotic severed limb lands the entire arm bursts into flames. Dretah releases a small burst of fire from it's mouth, then swings to catch the reappearing Xander in it's claws. The demon crushes Xander digging his claws in deep, then realizes he doesn't smell human blood. Instead he smells dirt?


The exploding demon puppet in Dretah's remaining hand explodes, like a bundle of illegal fireworks held tightly in a kid's fist. The hand disintegrates and over half the forearm us shredded into bloody pulp and bone fragments.


"I think your cursed." says Xander balancing on Dretah's soldier, "You have me for an opponent."

Xander jumps away from Dretah, as demon uses it's tail. The edge of the bone halberd manages to cut deeply into the demon's own shoulder.

"Careful. You could hurt yourself." says Xander taunting, "That's my job."

The demon growls in rage and pain, then begins to laugh.

"What's funny, other than how you look?"


"yeah... very Godzilla like."


"Keeping your Mouth closed is Good." says Xander, not worried in the slightest

Dretah clenches it's jaws and his gold scaled body begins to glow and emits small pulses of energy. The energy within it's body continues to build, growing second by second.

"I may not be the smartest Scooby, but even I see a bug in the plan." says Xander form a dark purple spear out of his flesh. "Your body is like a big ugly balloon filling up to the bursting." Xander then rises into the air, the spear beginning to glow, "POP!"

Xander throws the demon spear like a high velocity missile at Dretah and the harder-than-steel projectile tears threw with ease straight into shattered road.

There is a pause, then gold fire erupts from both sides of Dretah forming a pillar. In a massive explosion of gold-white plasma, Dretah's colossal body is blown into billions of tiny dissolving pieces.

Xander protected by a purple-tinted barrier lands next to Joyce and Dawn, who were protected by Dawn's Tessen. She's glad Tenten started carrying on in storage after her lose to Temari at the Chunnin exam. It was embarrassing to lose to a wind-wielding sand kunoichi

"We better get Kaneda out of the rubble." says Xander, "Fighting that Terakan ninja boy was one thing..."

"Wait! Terakan." says Joyce, "That thing was two demons who called themselves 'Elites of the Order of Teraka'."

"A few minutes ago, I felt a pulse of demon energy from home." says Xander, "It was nearly as powerful as the guy, me and dawn fought. We turned when we sensed the golden boy"

"Not good."

"Gets worse. I sense another demon, strongest yet."

Summers House/Alliance HQ minutes later.

Forest stares at the bunch of little round machines in his net of green goo.

"What the hell, that one looks like that weird demon Hongo summoned in Japan."

"You go boom, soon." says Peebochu.

"At least when I crush you tin freaks, your insides won't smell like manure."

"Hey, Greeny!"

Forest turns to see Xander a few meters away, his white baboon pelt flowing in a strange cold wind

"My name is Forest. Elite Assassin of the Order of Ter..."

"I know. I already killed Kijin and those demon brothers."

"Your friends managed to kill Adora, but were helpless against a demon of my level."

"I used to be average." says Xander, "but now, I know I can win."

"Then lets begin."

With those words, Xander erupts into a huge thick cloud of purple shouki and Forest releases his own toxic cloud of purple pollen dust. The two clouds collide and war like giant creatures, both propelled by the cold wind and Youryouku (demon powers) The virulent pollen particles absorbs the toxic gases, then burst in violent chemical/spiritual reactions. The reactions heat the chemicals and produce electrical charges, creating a massive chemical storm cloud. Finally, the cloud detonates into gas explosion, that leaves the air surprisingly clear. Xander and Forest stare at each other like hero and bad guy in a Hong Kong martial arts film.

Xander released his fleshy crimson tentacles covered in barbs, while Forest fires his thorny vines. The tentacles and vines move at blinding speeds, the air filled with cracks of there supersonic tips. The vines finally break spraying acidic fluid, that eats into the tentacles. The tentacles finally break spraying corrosive blood, that eats into the vines.

Xander forms wicked bone swords from his arms, while Forest forms wicked thorn swords from his arms. The two warriors blur again and the air is fille with the sound of blade. Every few seconds that clash violently in a flash of energy and sound, sometimes Forest is winning, sometimes Xander, sometimes nether. They finally stop, locked together, blades threatening to break. Xander's cloak is tattered and covered in places by blood. Forest's armor is covered small cuts and scratches, purple blood dripping.

"We have so much in common..." says Forest

"...shame to have to kill you." finishes Xander.

Forest releases his thorn sword from his mouth, but Xander bits down hard on the blade and breathes out poison miasma which is shouki..

As there blades shatter, Forest flips back a few meter and glows green. A storm of leaves swirl around him, then freezes floating in midair. The leaves glow first forming a bubble of light then spines to represent arms, legs, tail, and two horns on it's head. There must be a hundred tiny evil-looking sprites

"Leaf shikigami." (leaf familiar spirits) says Xander with a smirk

Xander forms sphere of light in his palm, which becomes yellow an black ball. From small ball, defying physical laws, comes a cloud of a hundred red-eyed demonic wasps

"Saimyoushou" (Insects of Hell) says Forest with an equal smirk.

The battle is quick and destructive. Every demonic wasp killed erupts into a spray of poison that kills the leaf shikigami. Every shikigami killed explodes in pulse of energy that kills the demon wasp. From a distance, it appears to be a display of white and purple fireworks. In seconds, the last wasp and shikigami collide and detonate into a purple flare.

Forest form an aura of green-tinted ethereal white, while Xander form an purple-tainted aura of darkness. They both gather there aura and release them as fireball attacks. The two spheres of Youki collide and battle against each other. The intensity of forces produces produce pulsating shockwaves. The fragments of the road begin to float into the air and shatter. Finally the sphere meld into one, then explode violently, sending Forest and Xander flying in opposite directions.

"This could go on forever" says Forest

"or Not, Peebo-Ho!"

Peebochu having been freed by Dawn's throwing blades stands next to Forest's right ankle. With the Peebo cry of victory, the toy-size AI bomb releases a massive electrical attack. Forest collapses to his knees smoking.

"You worthless tin..."

Xander cuts him off by morphing both arms into those of the Demon Summon and firing a massive lightning blast. This time Forest can barely move, it's body covered in char and smoke pouring from his mouth and cracks. Xander fires yet another massive double blast which reduces the plant demon to scattered piles of smoldering ashes.

"Got you." says Xander.

"With Help!" says Peebochu.

Suddenly, a fierce cold wind begins to blow and swirl. Thick glowing green goo sprays from cracks under the ashes of Forest. With a roar, a new Forest bursts from the asphalt and Earth. The new forest resembles the old except it's taller, more athletic, and has green translucent thorns on the forearms, forelegs, shoulders, and head.

"What the hell!?"

"When I die my core becomes a seed that sinks into the Earth, seconds later I rise again in a new stronger body." says Forest, "I'm very impressed. It's been over 400 years since last I died.”

Forest suddenly erupts into an massive aura of energy, the cold wind now blowing like a hurricane. Xander fires another Youki fireball, but Forest’s own fireball easily tears threw his.

“We were equal, Mr. Harris.” says Forest, “Now I am Superior. This was the reason I collected my targets instead of killing them straight off. I was looking for an ‘upgrade’.”

“Why didn’t you just blow yourself up?” asks Xander trying to think of something.

“The magic is specific. I need to be killed in face-to-face combat by another of near equal power.”

Xander form another bone sword, but Forest forms a large thorn sword that glows an evil green.

How can I kill him? He’s just like me. No. Just like Naraku. How did Inuyasha defeat Naraku’s Incarnations. The Wind Scar. Inuyasha had that demon sword..

Suddenly, Xander gets an Idea and focuses his power into his sword, while releasing his dense shouki. Forest, overconfident, does the same. Xander closes his eyes and listens. A scrapping sound, the sound the two demonic winds colliding, forming the wind scar. Just as Forest is about to attack, Xander leaps forward and slashes the wind, cutting threw the wind scar and releasing the immense energy. A massive wave of power hits the shocked Forest blasting him to pieces.

As the winds clear, four deep trenches are cut in the Earth and Forest has been blasted into a hundred billion tiny fragments.

The core/seed is caught by Xander’s tentacle before it can reach the ground. Xander paused holding the tiny orb burning with raw power. Then he crushes the seed, spraying green fluid and absorbing it’s energies. Xander clutches his head briefly in pain, as Forest’s screaming demon soul is absorbed into his body and destroyed. Forest’s Youryouku, Skill, and Knowledge become Xander’s. The knowledge included the name of person who hired the Order of Teraka.


Naraku's Castle

Deep within Naraku’s Castle, the Twelve Incarnations watch as the finally piece of there master’s new form is added.

The Incarnations chant forming bindings of power.

Shirayuri’s Mirror has released Glory’s body in the inert male form of Ben, while Glory weakening mind remains trapped within the silvered surface. Ben’s body glows a fiery red with streams of energy flowing in Naraku’s glowing form. The light from Naraku’s new form is so bright, the features can’t be scene.

Naraku once sought to absorb the false celestial, Kaguya, Princess of the Moon, to gain immortality, but failed.

Now, he absorbs the immortal body of Hell Goddess Glorificus. Glory was only mortal bonded to Ben’s weak human form and she only lost control because of her weak mind’s lack of focus. In another timeline, enough pain would have forced Glory to revert to Ben and would have been a easy kill. Now, Glory essence separate from Ben regains it’s immortality, a power which becomes Naraku’s.

As the last the essence leaves Ben, he’s instantly killed and dissolved by the Naraku’s dense shouki. The room shakes as Naraku finally reaches his full maturation.

Above ground.

The Hellmouth destabilized by Halloween mystical pulse has been reaching approaching critical for tree days. Now, super charged by Naraku’s awakening, it detonates into a massive hemisphere of violent dark energy. The dome of power begins to sink and with it all of Sunnydale into a massive sinkhole!

The recovering SG-1 team, Hogwarts kids, and Scoobies watch as house by house collapses into the glowing hole. They watch with growing terror, the fear boosted by the monstrous Jyaki (demonic aura) that now fills the town to beyond saturation.

“Let’s get the hell out of here!” yells Buffy

“How!? All the vehicles are demolished” yells Jack

Xander feeling a massive boost from the Jyaki, spread his arms.

“Xander, what are...”


Outside Sunnydale Limits


“ doing??” says a very confused Willow

“All the best bad guys can escape disasters with ease.” says Xander, “We have problems.”

As the last of Sunnydale collapses, a dome-shaped barrier of demonic energy forms sealing the immense crater from the outside world. Water and air rush in at unnatural speed, forming an immense lake within minutes.

At the bottom of the lake rests Naraku’s bone dry Castle and it’s immortal Master.

End of Chapter 07
Sunnydale is History! Age of Naraku begins.

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