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Out of Africa

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Summary: Xander finds something while leaving Africa. Its a repost that has been corrected

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredThewanderFR721,70033514,2978 Jan 0528 Feb 05No

part 2

Sorry it took so long a lot of stuff on my mind.

Rating pg 13

Done for fun, hope you enjoy

Out of Africa 2/?


1 year later.

Wood thought as he sat in his office.

Xander had been gone for at least eight months before he was missed. And he
had stonewalled everyone 'til now. Harris was going to be a topic in
tonight's meeting - a minor topic. He had also managed to get rid of Faith
and send her to the Hellmouth, along with all the Slayers that Xander had
trained. Soon, they would all be gone and only his Slayers would be left.

he thought as the screens started to come online.

From around the world, Scoobies were looking at him. Here, in the seat of
Power. Buffy from Italy. Willow and Kenny from Africa. Giles was in
Scotland now, looking over some of the Council's holdings. And finally,
Faith from Cleveland.

"Ok, people, we're all busy, so let's get this over with," Wood started. He
didn't want anyone else to take control; after all, HE was the Boss.

"I haven't been able to find Xander yet. None of the Tracking spells I know
have worked," Willow complained, first thing out of the box.

thought Wood.

He had substituted the blood from a dead wizard that some of his Slayers had
killed, on his orders.

"I'm still following what little trail we get from the locals, though. He
was supposed to be leaving by plane, but he didn't get on it," Willow

"Well, I might have something," Faith commented. "A few weeks ago, one of
the Slayers that Xander found thought she saw him."

"Well, go get her and find out for sure," Buffy commanded from her seat in

"Can't. She's gone," Faith replied, looking glum. "And we really can't
spare anyone to look for her, either. We've got some freaky shit going on
here in town."

"Like what?"

"Eight slayers gone, with no trace, no anything. Just gone. Some even
cleaned out their apartments."

"Well, have one of the Watchers use the blood samples you have from them to
do a tracking spell," Wood delivered what he thought was an obvious path of

"No go on that, either. We lost some Watchers, too, and when the first one
went missing, all the blood samples we had were gone, too."

"What is going on there?"

"We've got no idea," Faith readily confessed. "Also, most of the demons and
vamps are missing or dead, too."

"What?" Wood asked, actually talking to Faith for the first time.

"Yeah. Really strange about that, too. The bodies we do find have burn
marks on them. We did find one alive, one time, for a little while, at
least, and he said that, it was Gaia doing it. But that Gaia was a man. Go
figure. Red, have you been calling on a man to do your mojo?"

Willow looked confused. Gaia was a woman. Well, she was a Goddess, so, if
she wants to look like a man, she could, she supposed.

"Ok, Faith, we'll be getting you some backup as fast as we can. Just hold


Area 51 same time.

"Riley!" Graham called for his commander. "Look at this."

Riley walked over to the work station where Graham was going over films of
last night's attack on the base.

Someone had gotten all the way into one of the storage buildings, just
before all hell broke loose. No one had been killed; it was just that some
people involved weren't going to walking for a while.

"Is that who I think it is?" Riley asked, looking at the footage.

"I think so."


Also watching the footage from last night.
Another location

A dark-haired man was standing in the middle of a group of young girls, who
were fighting with some uniformed guards as he looked though various boxes,
searching for something.

A bullet of some kind ricocheted off an unseen shield around him. He looked
up at the guard that had fired that shot and pointed his hand at him. The
gem in his palm glowed and the guard was flung through the air, hitting the
ground twenty feet with a thud.

"It's not here," he announced to his followers.

Just then, another guard fired a shot, hitting one of the girls. She spun
to the ground, and the man that looked like Xander Harris looked sharply at
the Guard. His eyes flashed white and another guard went flying.


"What the Hell was that?" Riley said.

"My question exactly. And weren't we told he had only had one eye?" Graham

"Yeah. But I know someone we can ask."

"Who? Buffy?"

"No. Dawn."


"Xander, will she be ok?" Mike asked. He could not stand the thought that
his Slayer was in pain and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Be at ease, Mike," Xander said with deep vibrant voice. He held up his
hand device and pointed it at the girl's wound. A golden light shown down
on it, and wound could be seen to be visibly healing.

"Thank you, Gaia," Mike said, while looking at Xander.

"You are welcome. I can't let my warriors suffer needlessly."

Xander thought, talking to the Voice in his

came the reply.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Out of Africa" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Feb 05.

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