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Out of Africa

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Summary: Xander finds something while leaving Africa. Its a repost that has been corrected

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredThewanderFR721,70033514,2938 Jan 0528 Feb 05No

Out of Africa

Dont own any of this just for fun, Enjoy.

It is a corrected repost.

Africa January 2005

Xander bounced along the desert trail, heading toward a smuggling airport.

He was on his way home.

After two years in Africa, he was done. He had been to every dark spot on the map. Some places they had sent him had never seen an American, much less a white man before.

But he went wherever he was told there was a Slayer. He would find them, train them and then send them to England to the New Watchers.

Unfortunately, he just found out that just about all the girls he had trained and sent to them were dead. Once they got there, they were cut loose, with no backup.

And to add insult to injury, Wood had been blaming him for their deaths, ignoring the fact that these girls were leaving their homes, going to an unknown city they would be lost in, given a stake, and then told to go kill. Some of these girls had never been away from home in their lives before he had met them, and they were sent out, alone, to some of the world’s biggest cities without any support whatsoever.

After he had found out what was happening, he had tried to talk to someone, to anyone who would listen, but it seemed they were all out of the loop.

Faith was in Cleveland, and the girls she got from him were still there. She was taking care of the girls. But the others?

Giles was too busy sitting up the rules and regulations for the new Watchers’ Council, Dawn was in school, and Willow and Kennedy were on yet another honeymoon, another trip to find out the ‘what’ and ‘where’ of nothing important. Buffy was somewhere in Europe going from one party to the next. So it was either keep sending young girl after young girl to their death, or leave.

So he left.

He just hadn’t told anyone yet. He hoped to be back in the States before anyone was any the wiser. Right now, he just wanted out. Later, he would do something about what Wood had done to the girls he had sent to the Watchers. He had been an ass since he and Faith had broken up. It hadn’t done any good that Faith had come to talk to him, and he still didn’t understand anything about that.

She had not said three words to him after Sunny Hell had sunk into the ground, and then, suddenly, there she was on his door step. They had talked and ended up crying on each other’s shoulders.

That was when Wood had broken in. One look at his girlfriend in someone else’s arms, and it was over between them. Faith had not done anything wrong, but good old woody always seemed to flash back to Sunny-D, and how Buffy would let Spike feed off him if he didn’t do what she wanted.

Xander reflected to himself as he drove.

He was cresting a hill when he saw it, buried in the sand and rock along the cliff side.

It was huge, at least the size of his old house. But it was made of some kind of metal. There was a hole blasted into the side of it and it had a worn look, like it had been there for a while. It was pyramid shaped, with swooping wings under it, but those were bent and broken.

Moving closer, he took out a flashlight from the back of the land rover. Looking inside, he could see boxes thrown all around what looked like some kind of storage room. It also had what looked like some kind of Sarcophagus in one corner.

he wondered to himself.

Moving deeper into the room, he was slightly surprised when light came on from hidden sources along the walls.

“Hmm . . . Since when did Pharos have electricity?”, He asked himself aloud. Then he saw a door on the other side of the room. Just as he got there, he heard an electronic sound and a bolt of lighting hit him, sending him to the floor.

An old woman came out from behind some crates, looking sadly down at him.

“If there was another way...” he heard her murmur.

She bent down and kissed Xander. As she did, she felt the Other move from her body into his and with that she felt her life force slipping away.

The Other would have to survive at all costs, she thought as her mind faded into the darkness. She had been trapped here long enough.

As she lay there, slipping into the darkness, Xander’s eye opened and flashed white.

“Soon I will return to my rightful place,” a voice said in Xander’s head. “But first we must rest to finish the bonding.”

With that, Xander slipped into sleep
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