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Forgotten But Not Forsaken

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Summary: To protect them, Albus Dumbledore would do the unthinkable . . .

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1: Making Something Out Of Something

Title: Forgotten But Not Forsaken

Part: 1: Making Something Out Of Something

Author: Jmaria

Rating: Pg-13

Disclaimer: So not mine. Joss and JK’s brainchildren, me? I’m just a puppet master for the moment.

Spoilers: Through AtS 3, BtVS 6 (before Tara dies and Xander leaves Anya at the alter) and has some aspects of OotP, though in my story most of OotP did not happen.

Summary: To protect them, Albus Dumbledore would do the unthinkable . . .

A/N: This is based on the Inverse It: Little Scoobies Challenge found at the end of this part and at CCS. I’m not sure who made it, because I can’t get on-line from my computer, where it’s book marked. So this is just me covering my booty. Also, it gave a list of who to include. . . well I added eleven more to that, because you just can’t have some of them in it.


Forgotten But Not Forsaken

1. Making Something Out Of Something


Harry stared up at the headmaster. It - it couldn’t be what he thought the old man was proposing. There were odd words in that sentence, like getting off the scent, and for the best use, use confusion. The sentiments wouldn’t be odd normally, he was quite used to odd things popping out of the older man’s mouth. But Harry and half of his year mates and friends were all in the hospital wing. Sirius was yelling at him. But his eyes felt so very heavy. . .

*~* Sunnydale, California *~*

Dawn rolled over and screamed. A pair of eyes were watching her. She hadn’t been expecting that this early in the morning. Some days, it seemed like the house was crawling with demons and kids. She glared at the little boy who was staring at her.

“Dawn, have you seen - oh, there he is. Get over here, you little monkey.” Buffy laughed playfully as she grabbed a handful of little boy. He giggled as she tickled him. She smiled at her little sister. “Time to get up, sleepy-head. Everyone else has been up for hours!”

“Buffy, it’s nine. And I don’t have school. I’m not getting up till noon if I don’t have to!” the fifteen year old pouted, watching the little boy through narrowed eyes.

“Dawn, don’t make faces at him. He’s only three. He -”

“He’s special. I know, I know! So, why isn’t he spending time with his father?”

“Because he likes bugging his older sister instead. Now, get up. C’mon, Ronny, Dawnie’s being a big old brat!” Buffy pulled the giggling three year old.

Dawn sighed. Her day was totally ruined now that Ronald Rupert Giles Summers had woken her up prematurely on a day she’d pegged for sleeping in. Sneaky little dweeb.

“Dawnie?” A tiny voice popped in from the door. There stood little Ronny, his big brown eyes looking up at her.

“What Ronny?”

“Tara said pancakes!” A grin brightened up his face as he toddled over to her. “With coco!” He wrapped a hand around her wrist, tugging his big sister to follow him.

“Oh, all right. Wait, with hot chocolate or chocolate chips?” He shrugged his little shoulders, tugging harder on her arm. “Quit it, Ron!”


Tara finished making the last batch of pancakes, smiling at the crowded table. Xander and Anya were busy fussing with their pair, and Willow was putting the bib on the baby. Buffy had plopped down with Ron on her lap when the little red-head raced out of the dining room.

“What’s with Ron? He need to use it?” Xander asked Buffy as she craned her neck to follow the little boy’s path.

“No, well, at least I don’t think so. He was just up in - Ooh, chocolate chip pancakes. You’re gonna spoil us, Tara!” Buffy said grinning up at the blond witch.

“Oh, well, it is Luna’s birthday, and a girl only turns two once in her life!” Tara giggled, running a hand through her daughter’s hair. Willow smiled up at her girlfriend.

“But, see Luna’s not old enough to really need the chocolate intake, does she?” Xander piped up.

“Xander, be quiet. I want chocolate, and so does the little one.” Anya smacked her husband on the arm. The little baby in her arms narrowed his eyes at his father.

“Me too, Xan! I looove chocolate.” The little boy on his left whispered, tugging hard on his sleeve.

“Here you go, Neville.” Tara smiled at the shy little boy who’d been living with Xander for the last year.

“Thank you, Miss Tara.” Neville Harris quickly dug into the pancakes.

“You’re very welcome. Here Xander.” Tara smiled at the little boy, and watched in amazement as Xander dug into the pancakes the same way his little brother had.

“Xander, you’re drooling and making a very big mess. Even Blaise isn’t making a mess. And he and Luna are the only ones allowed to drool.”

“An, -“

“Ooh, what’s with the big breakfast?” Dawn plopped down in the empty seat next to Ronny’s booster seat.



“No, Luna’s.” Tara smiled brightly.

“Am I late?” Giles burst into the dining room.

“Daddy!” Ron shouted.

“Hey G-man.” Xander called at the same moment.

“Do stop calling me that.” Giles said tiredly, pulling Ron into his arms.

“I can’t call you Daddy?” Ron said loudly. “Ok, G-man.” He clapped his father on the shoulder.

“Let’s sing Happy Birthday now.” Tara said quickly.


Luna Lovegood had watched this woman lean over her and had seen the genuine love in her eyes. She wished she could remember her mother as caring and loving as this Tara woman was. She was already calling her ‘Mama’ in her head, seeing as her verbal skills were rather limited at the moment. Ron, Neville, and Blaise were all in this house. She wondered where the rest of them were. She could only assume they were safely ensconced in a situation similar to their own. They all looked so carefree and happy. But it was a lie.

And Luna wanted nothing more than to believe the lie, if just for the loving look Tara gave her every time her eyes rested on baby Luna.

*~*Hyperion Hotel, Los Angeles, California*~*

Dean Gunn stared up at his big brother with eyes shinning full of pride. Dean wasn’t supposed to be watching them slay demons and do business. Nawh, he was supposed to be keeping an eye on the little kids.

Just cause they were too damn cheap to pay a sitter.

It wasn’t that bad. The kids were cool. There was Hermi Burkle, his brother Charles’ girlfriend’s kid sis who was spending the summer with them. And the triplets, Fred and George Angel, the boss man's sons. They were just babies, but they never ceased to get themselves into endless amounts of trouble now that baby Connor was missing. Not to mention little Harry Wyndam-Pryce, Wes’ son. Or Ginny Lee Chase, the little girl Cordy had decided to take care of after a Gremnoiryl demon tried to eat the young orphan. The worst of all though, was Lorne’s son.

Dean didn’t know Lorne could even have kids. Apparently, his species could. The result? Draco Deathwok, son of Aggie the pretty psychic and Lorne the empath. Or a blond haired little boy with bright red horns sticking out of his temples. The five year old was currently pulling on Ginny’s hair and for some weird reason calling her a weaselgirl.

“Yo, mini-D cut that out. Gin’s got my permission to sock you one if you don’t stop.” Dean called over to him, dragging his gaze away from his big bro killing some nasty demon.

“Who do you think you are, you big dork?”

“I’m in charge, now quit buggin’ Gin.”

“Thanks Dean.” The seven year old blushed, making Draco gag.

“Weaselgirl luves Gunny-boy.”

“We!” Fred gurgled

“We!” George answered back.

Dean waited a second before bursting into a squeal of laughter, joined by Draco, Gin, Hermi, and Harry who found it hysterical that the two littlest boys said wee-wee. Cordelia found them fifteen minutes later, still laughing while Fred and George kept grunting we-we.

“Kids.” Cordy sighed. “C’mon you two little imps. Nap time.” She scooped up Fred and George and carried them to the nursery. “You two imps too.” She called back to the five year olds Harry and Draco.

“Stupid seer.” Draco muttered.

“I heard that.”


“It is done. They are safe.” Minerva McGonagall sighed dejectedly.

“Yes, but for how long?” Albus said sadly.








A/N2: Ok, what do you think? The info is below on the challenge.
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