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Watchers of New-York

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Summary: Faith starts a brance of the Watchers' Council in New-York with some of the oddest group of individuals.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-CenteredDmitriFR131836052,11711 Jan 0511 Jan 05No
Disclaimer: Dawn, Giles, Faith belong to Joss Whedon; Mystique, Destiny, Rogue - to Marvel comics.

Chapter 1 – an unexpected visit

Rupert Giles was a busy man, and that was an understatement. He was also a man con-cerned and confused, and that would hit the matter right on the head, for he had multiple concerns.

However, his primary concern was Faith. The second-oldest Slayer was often a cause for concern, fair enough, but lately it had taken distinctly weird proportions.

It all started, he supposed, when she and Robin had broken-up. He was aware of that – Hell, everyone was aware when that happened, for both of them were pretty loud back then.
Of course, Giles reacted quickly, sending Robin and Andrew away to Indochina with a team of Slayers to fight a nest of lake-dwelling demons, but the process had started, it seemed.
Unfortunately, that didn’t become obvious until later, when Dawn got kidnapped (yes, again), by a gang of kobolds. The small humanoids were well-armed and fully entrenched underground, and the others were thus floundering at Dawn’s rescuing attempt.

Except for Faith.

Giles had always known that Faith’s biography had quite a few “black holes” in it, like how did she get from Boston to Sunnydale, and what did she do during that time?

Been a part-time apprentice to a rather powerful shaman, it seemed, for one thing.

Busy actually reading the Slayers’ handbook for another.

To make a long story short, Faith had managed to train a pair of really big centipedes while apparently “recovering” from her break-up, and now she sent them underground, where they had killed the kobold gang as easily as ferrets kill rats and with equal vicious efficiency.

Needless to say, the revelation of that little tid-bit was received with mixed emotions. These centipedes were large and monstrous, almost bordering on huge, but Faith com-manded them with ease through her link with them.

It was at that time that Giles made another “Solomon’s decision” – he sent Faith to N.Y.C., declaring that she needed a break. Faith complied.

Unfortunately, now some complications had arisen. Faith had called from New-York, claiming that she’s going to start a cell there, and that left Giles at a loss. He couldn’t very well refuse Faith on the grounds of lacking any sort of palpable excuse, yet he couldn’t just let her do what she wanted without any guidance. And he couldn’t just send anyone to Watch over her, either.
So, what to do?

“Giles?” Dawn’s voice came from the secretarial office. “There’s a lady who says it’s urgent that she sees you.”

”I am busy-“

“She’s really upset, Giles. I think she’s going to cry if you refuse her.”

Great. As if life wasn’t complicated enough.

“Let her in,” Giles sighed.

A few moments later, Raven Darkholme walked in.

There was a pause, finally broken by Raven. “Hello, Ripper,” she finally said in a soft, almost pleading voice

That did it. “Raven, hi!” Giles said in his almost-Ripper voice. “What a surprise! What do you need this time that Ethan cannot get you?”

“Ripper, please. It’s my little girl. She’ll be doomed, if Magneto will get her hands on her too. And I don’t want to ask Xavier for help.”

There was a pause, as Giles blinked. “Wait a second. You got a girl. Is she a human or a mutant?”

“An energy vampire, but can pass for a mutant. Could pass for a human, but Irene tells me that it’s not for long.”

“Well, if Irene says…” Giles slowly said, then looked Raven straight in the eye. “So what do you want from me and mine, Mystique?”

The woman sighed. “A haven? I’ll do anything to save her, please! I already lost a son because of Magneto; I don’t want to lose her too.”

Giles paused. It had been decided quite a while ago, that the Council will keep out of the affairs of the mutant-kind; they even talked with Riley and Sam and made it pretty much unanimous, setting only a few exceptional situations aside.

But damn it, this was Raven Darkholme, he and her had a history…

Giles’ thoughts suddenly trailed-off in a new direction, and he looked back at his ex-girlfriend with a new look.

“Raven,” he said, “I’ve got an idea.”

“I am listening.”

…Half an hour later, Giles smiled. The problem of Faith and her contact with the Council was solved, and they finally had a new Watcher.

“Giles?” Dawn’s voice came through the interlink again. “There’s another lady outside with a girl, and they got a lot of stuff with them. The lady says that her name is Destiny and that we are expecting them. We are?”

Giles froze and wished that Raven was here. “Yes,” he wearily said. “We are. They are our new members, it seemed. Oh, and please send lady Destiny to me. She and I need to- talk.”

He turned-off the switch and sighed. He suddenly had a new respect for a new-deceased Quentin Travers.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Watchers of New-York" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jan 05.

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