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Petite Brun

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Summary: an answer to the next level challenge # 3, Asher and Dawn are kidnapped.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: AsherNicolaFR1311,872195,90418 Mar 0318 Mar 03Yes
Title: Petit Brun

Author: Nicola

rating: pg. some kissage

pairing: Dawn/Asher

Disclaimer: I am not Jos or Laurell K. Hamilton. I own nothing. It is all theirs. (Of course, If I did own Anita Blake and Buffy, a lot of things would change. For one, Anita would stop being such a prude, and would sleep with Richard, Jean Claude, Micah, Asher, Nathaniel, hell everyone. Buffy would ave stayed dead, Spike would develop a cleaning fetish, so I could see him shower all the time, he'd get over Buffy and move onto his real soulmate, Willow, and other such musings of mine :)* )

Moonlit Paths' The Next Level Challenge # 3- Dawn and any vampire from any 'verse (AB, BtVS, KtE, FK, etc.). Locked in a cellar together for two days. Neither has fed. Do they get free before Dawn becomes a tasty treat? Or does she end up in her vampire's arms, willingly submitting? Or maybe violently protesting?

Okay, this is slightly AU. Both the Sunnydale and the Anita Blake 'verses are the one in the same. The hellmouth screws vamps up, and makes them have bumpy foreheads, etc., and makes them be all not civilized, so the slayer is allowed to kill them without a warrant. Sunnydale is protected from the knowledge of the rest of the world's familiarity with demons, vamps, etc., but the Scooby Gang knows. In my little world, this is 3 years after the events of season five. Buffy died, and stayed dead. Spike, Willow, and Tara have been caring for Dawn. For Anita Blake, up to Narcissus in Chains, just beware, I haven't actually read all of the books, so a couple facts might be slightly off. Just tell me and I'll fix. ( I have read 7 of the 10)

Thank you to Delphine Pryde for pointing out that my french spelling was slightly off, refering to Dawn as masciline instead of feminine.


"Oh shit."

"Oui, ma petite, that is one way to put it."

"Can you use your vamp strength to get us out?"

"I'm afraid that the vampire council would have thought of that, petite brune."

"So why exactly have they thrown us in here?"

"I believe that they want to.. I believe the term is .. piss off, Jean Claude. The best way to do this is to capture and imprison his second-in-command and one who is a guest in his realm. The fact that you are a very coveted mystical object just makes it even better for them"

"Just fricken great. I am never, ever going with Spike when he goes to visit the family."

It had stated out innocently enough. Spike had wanted to visit some of his family in St. Louis. His great grand-sire, the master, had been sired by a vampire on the vampire council, named Bella Morte. They were to visit the master of St. Louis, and his second-in-command, both also descendants of Bella Morte. They been flown to St. Louis on a private jet, accompanied by a werewolf and a wereleopard. Dawn had been mystified by the vampires' home, which was a circus! Of course she had been even more mystified by the vampires themselves.

*I guess they meant beautiful death completely literally!* she had thought, amazed by the beauty of both Jean-Claude and Asher. That evening, Jean-Claude and Spike had wanted to catch up, as it seemed they had both been at court together for a few decades, so Asher had offered to take Dawn out on the town. They hadn't planned on getting abducted by minions of the mysterious vampire council, or being thrown into this cellar.

"So what do we do now?" she asked.

"We explore."

They looked around the small cellar. There was one door, and it led to a small bathroom, just a toilet and a sink. In the main room, there was a cot, with a few blankets on it, a lumpy old couch, and a table with two chairs at it. They found a few gallons of water underneath the table, but that was it, other than the cellar doors in the ceiling, their mode of entry. Dawn could dimly see the retractable ladder that was folded against the doors.

"So we're screwed."

"To put it succinctly, yes."


**A few hours later**

"I don't suppose our wonderful captors left us any food?"


"Fricktacular. How long can you go without... feeding?"

"Long enough."

"Damn vampires with the damn cryptic BS..." Dawn muttered, not noticing the smile on the golden haired vampire's face.


"I am so bored!" Dawn was sitting on the bed, bored out of her mind.

"Would you like to converse, to pass the time?" Asher pulled the chair he was sitting in over to the bed.

"About what?" asked Dawn, intrigued.

"How about your life in Sunnydale? I've been told the vampires there are barbaric.."

Dawn laughed. "Barbaric is one way to put it." She went on to detail her experiences of the fanged kind over the years.

"Your first kiss was with one of these vamps?"

"Yeah, it was pretty sucky. Most girls end up hating their first kisses, but I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few to kill/stake mine."

He laughed, rich and deep.

"Tell me about you?" she asked suddenly.



"What do you want to know?"

She got very shy. "The scars?" she asked quietly.

He looked at the floor.

"Priests. With holy water. They thought they'd burn the devil out of me, drop by drop."

"I'm sorry." she whispered. "I have scars too, I know that doesn't make it any better..."

He looked up at her, questioningly. she raised her shirt, showing the two slices across her stomach. Then she turned her wrists over and pushed up the sets of bracelets covering the thick lines of white scar tissue.

"What happened?"

"The wrists were me, I wanted to know if I was real, it was right after I found out I was the key. The stomach was- this man, he was trying to open portals with me..." tears were running down her face. Asher moved from the chair to the cot, and wrapped his arms around the weeping eighteen year-old. "It worked, and the portals opened. The only way to close them was for me to die."

Asher had questions in his eyes. Obviously if the only way to close the portal was for her to die, then why was she sitting here, alive, weeping into his chest.

"My sister, the slayer. I was made from her, so we had the same blood. She jumped. She died, to save me." Dawn sat there, letting out the sorrow and grief she had held in for 3 long years.

Asher just held the girl close, comforting her with his touch. She soon fell asleep. He tucked her in to the bed, then lay himself on the floor, between the entrance and the girl, knowing that if someone came during the day, he would be powerless to stop them.


Dawn woke up. She could tell it was day first because of the small amount of light coming from the doors in the ceiling, and second because of the dead-to-the-world vampire on the ground. Spike had explained that most vampires were completely dead during the daylight hours. Even if he was dead, he didn't look very comfortable on the stone floor. After a bit of trouble, she managed to lift Asher onto the cot. She then got onto the cot herself, spooning the golden-haired vampire. she quickly fell asleep.

**That evening**

Asher wolk to unfamiliar surroundings. He panicked for a moment before he remembered where he was, and what had happened. He didn't remember being on the bed with a warm body spooning his. A warm body pumping with blood, just close to the surface. He jumped out of the bed, and before Dawn could even open her eyes, he was cowering in the corner across the room.

"What is it?" she asked groggily. She stretched, and he could hear her stomach growl from where he was crouched.

"I fear we both have the same affliction, petite brune."

"You're hungry."

"Oui. As are you."

She walked over to the table. "Drinking water will help me a little."

"Alas, a solution for me is not that simple."

"Do you, want to..."


"I mean, I probably don't taste good..."

"Oh, ma petite, it is nothing like that! I could not violate you, William would murder me.."

"And you think Jean Claude wouldn't kill me if I could save you and I didn't?"

But Asher would not hear anymore. He kept himself as far from Dawn as possible until the bloodlust had calmed.

Soon, he was able to sit next by her again.

"I have been wondering, Petite brun, why you moved me last night?"

"The ground seemed cold and uncomfortable. I'm sorry if I offended you.."

"You didn't offend, I just wondered why you would want to get close to something as grotesque as me-"

"Grotesque! You think you're grotesque? Why?"

He indicated his scars.

"You think you are gross because of your scars?"

"Not think, know. I have been told for more than a century how monstrous I am, how beautiful I was.."

"Well, I didn't see you before but I think you're damn beautiful now"

"Ma brune?"

"I don't know why you don't see it, well there's the whole mirror thing, but still. You are one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen, scars and all, and yet you think of yourself as a monster."

"You think my scars are beautiful?"

"I do. Now I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. Why don't we go to bed?"

Asher looked at her incredulously.

"Are all vampires perverted? Go to bed, as in go to sleep! Nothing but sleep."

Asher nodded, and followed the brunette onto the cot. They cuddled into each other and fell asleep.

**The next night**

Dawn woke up to her stomach growling. The vampire next to her was awake, she could hear him talking to himself. He was shaking, and clenching his fists together.

"Asher?" she asked, worry in her voice.

"Ma brune, please, do not touch me."

"you haven't eaten in two days. You need to drink-"

"You also have not eaten in two days, and you are fine."

"I'm not a vampire. When you don't eat, you go insane."

"I will hold out, I cannot-"

"You can. And you will. Seriously. I will make sure there are no repercussions with Spike." She sat up, pulled him up, and practically forced his face into her neck.

He licked her neck, making her tremble slightly.

"Are you sure about this Petite Brune?"

"Yesss." she hissed as he licked her throat again. He bit into her, and she gasped. It was absolute pleasure. She had had sex, but this was so much better, more orgasmic. He sensually sucked some of her life-force out, stopping pretty quickly.

"I will not take more, as I do not know how long we will be here, and cannot have you too weak."

He looked at her.


"You liked?"

"Just a little."

He licked the blood off his lips. She leaned forward impulsively and kissed him.

"Ma petite?"

"No words." she silenced him with another kiss, deepening it, attempting not to slice her tongue on his fangs.

Just then, Two figures jumped down into the cellar.

"Dawnie!" "Asher!"

The two pulled from their embrace, but kept hold of the other's hands.



"We spend two days looking all over St. Louis for the two of you, and you're here snogging?"


petite brune- I looked up the words little and brunette in an online translator, and this is what I got. Sorry if it's wrong.

The End

You have reached the end of "Petite Brun". This story is complete.

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