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An Exiled Scooby

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Summary: Xanders reality is broken, off track from what should happen. Luckily a group of people have arrived from outside space and time to fix it.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredDragonhulkFR1589,23411532,57111 Jan 056 Sep 05Yes

A true Scooby party

Xander closed his eye and hoped with all his heart that he didn't hear what he thought he heard. Buffy didn't just say that they were going back to the Vineyard. She was better than that.

Buffy didn't just ask him to go into a place that he still had nightmares about right after being released from the hospital. She wasn't planning to do the same thing that had gotten people killed. She was better than that.

Buffy had been his hero for seven years. Yes, she had made mistakes in the past, but she had learned from them and had become a better person because of them. Someone who had made and learned from those mistakes wouldn't have said what he thought he heard. She was better than that.

The sound of the doorbell broke Xander's train of thought and stopped Buffy from confirming her statement.

"Any chance that could be a door to door salesman?" asked Kennedy.

"They tend to get eaten in this town, hun," said Willow. "On the plus side though, evil doesn't usually politely ring doorbells."

"Maybe not, but I'm thinking better safe than sorry at the moment," said Buffy as she grabbed a large ax. When Buffy opened the door Xander could just make out a blond man and an Asian woman in strange clothing.

"Hi, we were told that we could find an Alexander Harris here," said the Asian woman.

Xander groaned inwardly. A beautiful woman in strange clothing asking about him could only end badly. Before Xander had a chance to think much else Buffy launched herself out the door screaming for Willow to use her magic to contain them and for the potentials to grab weapons.

Xander was proud to see the potentials react to the training that Buffy had given them. Soon every one was armed and exiting the house to help Buffy, just as she came crashing through the front window.

Xander didn't think as he ran toward Buffy, he was acting on the same instinct he had followed for the last seven years, the instinct that said to protect his friends no matter the price. When he found Buffy she was dazed from the blow but other wise okay. Deciding that the best way to make her focus was to do something familiar Xander fell back on his second strongest instinct, telling a joke, and said, "You know Buff, you didn't have to cause property damage just to make this an official Scooby party of mayhem, but I appreciate the thought."

Xander was rewarded as Buffys eyes snapped into focus and she said, "There are four of them outside, keep an eye out incase any of them try to get in."

Xander was going to make a joke about the eye comment, but the words died in his mouth when he heard Willow scream. Turing around Xander saw that the blond man had somehow sprouted three claws on the back of each hand and turned into some kind of metal.

As soon as he saw Willow on the ground, Xander saw red. He was about to take the man on when Faith made the point mute. In a blur that only a slayer could make Faith tackled the metal man and forced him away from the house to where Dawn and the potentials were fighting a chalk white thing that was continually changing shape.

Hearing a noise coming from his blind spot Xander turned to see Buffy join Robin and Giles in their fight of a large, ugly, black and red demon that seemed to become bigger and uglier as time went on.

Grabbing a small ax and some rope, Xander walked over to where Willow and the Asian woman lay. He may not be able to do much but he could look out for his Willow until she woke up.

Bending down to tie up the woman Xander felt a gust of air from behind him and away from the new openings to the outside. Turning Xander saw two elflike women coming out of a portal.

"Sorry about this, but we have to get you out of here," said the blue elf right before she jumped at, and then into Xander.

Xander could feel the woman trying to push him aside and take over his body. Even thought he struggled as hard as he could this time was like all the others and he was loosing to the invader, and then the work went black.
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