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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314439,18112 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Welcome Wagon

The old lady spent her day watching two young girls move boxes into the house across the street. They started out by taking down the for rent sign in the yard, and continuously worked all day. As she sipped at her evening coffee she wondered who was in the truck that was pulling into the empty driveway. Three men and one woman stood on the front porch for a moment then circled around the house. Jack led the housewarming committee to the backyard, only to stop in his tracks when he was able to see what his new team member was doing. The young girl who had demonstrated book knowledge was in a graceful yet deadly hand to hand combat with an unfamiliar girl. Unsure of if the stranger was friend or foe SG-1 spread out ready to defend if needed. The fight continued until Dawn was pinned to a tree. A clear cry of uncle resulted in the victor stepping back to thank Dawn for the practice.

“Dawn, we have visitors.” The strawberry blond turned to face SG-1 as Dawn stepped even with her.

“This is SG-1. I’ll be working with them. Guys this is Jenn.”

Jenn interrupted before her last name could be announced. “Nice to meet you.”

“Ditto. We came by to see the place kid.”

“Sure, but it’s kinda empty right now.” Dawn held the back door open, mumbling something about slayers with no last name. Smirking Jenn held Dawn from going inside for a minute as her expression turned serious.

“My spider sense is picking up something faint from all of them, but it’s about to go nuts on big and silent.”

“I know, he’s not human and not demon. They’re all good guys.” Rejoining her guests Dawn made a grand gesture to encompass the house. “Feel free to explore, but stay out of Jenn’s room. Her room has the dagger stuck in the door.”

Jenn went into her room closing the door after her, as everyone else spit up to look at the house. Dawn’s cell phone started to ring before she could lead a tour, so she went into the living room to answer it. The house had two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Small but a good size for two people. Telling his self that he was only making sure Dawn was safe in her new home Jack snooped in her cabinets. Mostly canned goods in the small kitchen. Dawn’s bedroom held a sleeping bag on an air mattress, with her duffle bag open nest to it. The only furniture in the whole place was three folding camp chairs in the living room and a couple of wooden pallets that the TV and VCR combo unit was on. Jack lingered at the living room door eavesdropping on Dawn’s end of the conversation.

“We don’t have a phone installed yet. Yes, it’s a good neighborhood. No, actually the same amount of furniture we started with in Cleveland. We have three camp chairs so we can allow one guest to sit down. No, Buffy don’t send me money. We’re going to garage sales and thrift stores this weekend. I’m going with her tonight to get a feel for the area. Thanks Buff. Love you too. Bye.”

Hearing Dawn close her phone, Jack entered the room. “Looks good kid. Sure you wanna stay here tonight?”

“Yeah, Thanks anyway Jack.”

“This has great potential.”

“Once you have everything situated you could have an open house.”

“Indeed. Perhaps you could host a Bar-B-Cue.”

Teal’c, Sam, and Daniel voiced their opinions of the house when as they wondered into the living room. “Thanks and I will sometime Teal’c.”

“You guys ready to head out?” Jack pulling out his car keys was a signal for SG-1 to make a retreat to his truck. Good byes and see you tomorrows were exchanged as they left Dawn in her house.

As Carter was paying the pizza delivery guy and Jack was getting the drinks, Teal’c and Daniel were clearing off the coffee table and finding something to use as napkins. Once everyone was situated with food Jack asked the question of the week. “What do we know about Dawn Summers?”

“She understood a language that I’ve never heard before.”

“Has a sister named Buffy, and her mom died a few years ago.”

“DawnSummer’s family and friends have stated that our continued existence depends on her safety.”

“She has mentioned slayers a few times and declared that we’re not the initiative.”

“I think the group she’s with is short on money. She defiantly does not like waiting in line to use the restroom.”

“There’s no furniture in her house.”

“So we know for sure that she’s a smart poor girl from a protective family.”

“Yes Jack.”

“Correct O’Neill.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Carter try to find out about this initiative and Daniel see what you can get regarding slayers.”

They finished the pizza in silent thought, then headed to their own homes, or the base. Seeing his friends out Jack grabbed the phone and phone book on the return trip to the living room. “Hello Potter’s Furniture, how late are you open tonight. That late. Good. Do you offer to deliver?”
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