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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,16612 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
CoA Winner

Blood and Secrets

“What dimension and how long were you there for?”

Not needing to look, Dawn recognized the voice and didn’t turn away from painting something on the door to Teal’c quarters. “I’m not crazy. I’m working in a mountain, not hiding in a cave on Pylea.”

“Do I want to know what your painting?”

“Probably not. How are you doing, Willow?”

“Pretty good. We need some of your blood for a spell.” Willow stepped up to get a closer look at the painting.

As Dawn refilled her brush with paint she looked at Willow to ask, “Who you sending where?”

“Big grumpy shrimp eating demon to the world with no shrimp.” A smirk answered the natural inquiry.

“Let me finish this and you can bleed me.”

“Okay, now I do want to know what your painting.”

“It’s the punch line of the first joke that Teal’c told me.” Dawn touched up the armor of the horse guard.

“Okay crazy lady.”

“Come on the Doc has sharp knives and scalpels.”

“Hey Doc, can we borrow a scalpel?” Dawn loudly asked when she saw that Janet was the only person in the infirmary.

“Why?” Suspicious of the usage of a sharp tool when a suspected prankster wants to borrow it, she asked.

“Uh, creative art project. Yeah, that’s it.”

“Why do I even bother asking?” She held out the scalpel to Dawn, but Willow grabbed it instead.

“Thanks, here hold out your arm and hold this.” Willow shoved a mortar and pestle into Dawn’s free hand.

Janet stood in stunned shock when as Willow placed the knife to Dawn’s skin and drew blood. When the first drops started to collect and drip, she was about to protest but Dawn’s complaint stopped her train of thought.

“Next time bleed Buffy. It’s her turn. Right Will? How much do you need?” Complaining and acting as if getting bled was an every day occurrence Dawn and Willow through Janet for a loop.

“Couple more drops, it’s a big demon. There you go. You’re done.” Willow crushed the blood into the dried herbs in the mortar, as Dawn turned to Janet asking where the bandages are kept.

“Bye Willow. Give the oogoly-boogoly a kick for me, please.”

“Sure thing Dawnie, take care.” Not having seen the amazing disappearing Willow yet, Janet was stunned at what had just occurred in her corner of the universe.

“What just happened here?” Professionally applying gauze to Dawn’s wound, she demanded answers.

“They needed a portal to get rid of a demon, so Willow came to get the one ingredient only I can provide. We usually hold this choice off for a last resort.” Dawn patiently explained to the physician used to the unusual.

“From now on if you absolutely have to do this again, I want you to do it in front of me, so that I can help if needed. But only as a last resort.” Placing the tape to secure the gauze she allowed Dawn to leave. Alone in the room she reviewed what just happened to come up short at the thought of, “Wait a minute, demons?”

“Hey Carter, you find out anything about the Initiative?” Jack leaned a hip against Carter’s desk as he ate an apple.

“Top secret, about as well hidden as the stargate. I think I may have raised some red flags with my questions. I haven’t had much chance to look into it because SG-12 found the warehouse of stuff on PX4-397.” The e-mail inbox icon’s blinking signaled a new message. After reading the contents Carter summed up the news it delivered. “It looks like we’ll be able to find out more in around an hour. Apparently the agent who can brief us is in the area with some free time.”

General Hammond sat at the head of the table with Jack, Daniel, Sam, and Teal’c along the sides. A man in solid black clothing stood at the foot of the table with a visitors badge clipped to his shirt collar. “Sirs, Ma’am. I’m here to tell you what I can about the Initiative. First I want to know why did you start looking into the Initiative?”

“We were described as ‘not the Initiative’ and we wanted to know who or what we were being compared to.” Jack tried to be nonchalant, doodling on his notepad.

“The Initiative was a military experiment gone wrong. Experiments that turned on the creators. An insane scientist led the operation. A group of five civilians saved the lives of everyone who got out and they stopped the experiment from killing the general population.” The man in back’s explanation was stated mater of fact.

“How do you know this?” Hammond leaned forward in his seat, knowing that the whole story was much longer and more gruesome then what was presented.

“I was one of the few to get out alive. That is all I am allowed to tell you.” The man’s eyes were seeing his memories for a moment and what SG-1 and Hammond saw reflected sent home the fact that what ever happened was something that would haunt the man his whole life.

A few minutes later Jack was escorting the nameless informant to the guard post that would take him the rest of the way to the surface. Dawn, head down reading a text, hurried down the hall until she collided with Jack. “Hi Jack. Have you seen Dani.. Riley? What are you doing here?”

“Hey Dawn, good to see you. I came here to tell them about the Initiative. I’m guessing that you had something to do with them asking.”

Dawn shifted the book she was carrying to hug Riley. “I bet they overheard me talking to Giles. What did you tell them?”

“Military experiment gone wrong, civilians to save the day. Vague, simple, and to the point.” He met Dawn’s piercing stare to reassure her that he didn’t point this part of the military toward the slayers.

“Great, do you have time for lunch?”

“Yeah, I stopped here on my way to Cleveland. I have some Asian herbs for willow. How is every one?” Black clad arm around Dawn’s shoulder, Jack followed them to the cafeteria a few steps behind. Stunned by the nameless man’s change in demeanor and apparent friendship with Dawn, Jack wanted to learn more. Over pie and dessert of course.


Oh, wow this is on top fic. Wow. Thanks for reading. I was so excited when I found out, that when I went to tell my housemate my thick fuzzy socks slid on our wood floor and I slipped in the hall. She got a very good laugh. Wow. Thanks again.
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