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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314439,18112 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Morning After

“Beer bad, no more beer, shoulda’ learned from Buffy, beer very very bad.” Slowly making her way across the small house, Dawn made her opinion known. Stopping in the kitchen for a glass of water and the aspirin container, she ended up in the living room. Not noticing the two over night guests, who had woken to the sound of the sink faucet, Dawn sat down on the couch and attempted to open the child proof aspirin. Jack and Daniel, unsure of how to start a conversation, watched a hung-over Dawn struggle with the lid of the bottle. Dawn reached under the couch and pulled out a spiked mace. Daniel’s face was of disbelief, while Jack only had enjoyment on his expression, as Dawn held the bottle in one hand and proceeded to smash it open. Successfully creating an opening to the little white pills, she counted out two and swallowed them with some water.

“Feel better kid?” Jack indulgently asked, shifting to sit next to Dawn.

“Ack! Not so loud and what are you doing here? Who is here?” Dawn buried her face in her hands, not wanting to look at a loud and awake Jack.

“Me and Danny are here, Carter is off planet hopping with her dad and Teal’c is with the Jaffa rebellion, remember? We followed you last night to that bar.” Collecting pieces of the demolished pill container and organizing them into a pile, Jack reminded her.

“Why did you follow me?”

“We were worried about you.” Daniel moved his chair closer to the couch.

“What was last night kid?”

“Do you remember when a town in California, called Sunnydale, collapsed into the caves below a few years ago? Last night was the anniversary of the End of Sunnydale.” Dawn shifted pulling up her feet to sit on them.

“Okay, but why the drinking to people lost in battle?”

“Because that’s when we lost Anya and Spike. Every one else has been lost in the same war.” Dawn’s index finger traced the rim of her water glass as she remembered all of her losses over the years.

“Good Morning Dawn. We’re off to run.” Dawn’s two drinking partners cut through the living room toward the front door. Dawn quickly grabbed the mace and flung it at Jenn. To the further astonishment of Jack and Daniel, Jenn simply reached up and plucked it out of mid air.

“That’s what you get for being in such a good mood after all that liquor. What did we drink, anyway?” Dawn's complaints went unnoticed by the girls. Jack understood Dawn being hung-over, but the girls heading out the door gave no sign of the previous night’s actions.

“Some of Herbert’s aged home brew. I used some of it to clean my axe last week.” Jenn and the blonde stepped out into the late morning sun as Dawn groaned. Barely out the door, Jenn whirled around to face Jack.

“Jack, the first person I drank to was Charles Kawalsky.”

“How did she know Kawalsky?” The mention of one of the first men lost to the snakes, got Jack’s feathers to ruffle.

“I don’t know. You’ll have to ask her that. I couldn’t get to Cleveland for the Anniversary so Jenn, Tiff, and I went to Herbert’s instead.”

“I thought we met your sister, Buffy. But last night you indicated that she died. How is that possible?” Trying to fit together the pieces, Daniel asked what about what had puzzled him the night before.

“She did die. She was brought back. Died to save me.” Dawn revealed this tidbit to the intently focused men sitting next to her.

“What war have you lost every one in, kid?” Jack’s arm draped across the forlorn girl’s shoulders, pulling her into a hug.

“The fight against the monsters of the night. The good verses evil war.” Dawn’s personal battle with her hang-over won as she fell asleep leaning on Jack. Daniel found a blanket, as Jack repositioned Dawn on the couch. Allowing Daniel to cover the girl Jack found his keys, and they left the house, in silent contemplation of a war they hadn’t known of. Unaware, until an educating night in a bar and the following morning.
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